I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-12)

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Ragsan entered,mr malhotra invited them nd goes to his wife nd introduced them as mr nd mrs sanskar maheswari…mrs malhotra said to sanskar ur wife is so beautiful…nd she said u both r looking made for eachother…sanskar smiled nd he lightly hits ragini shoulders with his shoulder nd he winks at ragini without knowledge mr nd mrs malhotra…they talked for sometime after a while mr nd mrs malhotr excuses themselves…sanskar asks ragini for a dance,as usual ragini said no…sanskar drags her for dance…some of couples r dancing but lights spoots only our adorable couple ragsan only…some romantic tune plays….sanskar pulls ragini closer by holding her hand…they r looking into
eachother eyes.they have eyelock…then snskar slowly puts his hand around her
waist nd other hand entwirled with ragini’s hand..ndpulls even more closer…..ragini puts her hand on his shoulder while looking into his eyes…then sanskar twirls her nd pulls her now her back was touching his front..they wr dancing by moving slowly…sanskar moved his face near her neck ,ragini feels it nd closed her eyes ..sanskar lifts her in that position nd spins her nd slowly makes her down nd again he twirls her nd pulls her now her front hits his front,they wr very close to eachother they both r lost (im poor in writing dance steps sorry if it ws bad)…they get sense when they hears clapping sound…they part aways…ragini was lost her thoughts ,she thinks what had happend recent…sanskar asks r u thinking about me…ragini says ha..sanskar smiled then ragini realized what she said ,she bites her tounge nd says no ,y should i think about u…sanskar said dnt lie…ragini said i didnt lie…jst then mr malholtra calls sanskar he went whie saying i will be back in 2min….ragini feels thirsty so she goes to drinks counter nd asks to waiter give apple juice for her…but mistakenly,he gave alcohol instead of apple juice …ragini drinks it nd feels diff taste but she ignores it..she likes it nd asks another one ..now waiter gives her apple juice..ragini sips nd splits nd says to waiter not this one ,give what gave u before…waiter understands by her behavior. he gave her
alcohol …waiter says sorry mam vo..ragini cuts him nd said are i asked juice u said sry,plz give one more glass..waiter says but mam …ragini says no buts nd vuts give or else i will complain about u to ur boss…waiter gave her…she was drinking…sanskar sees her while talking to mr malhotra nd he was shocked…he quickly excuses himself nd goes to ragini…sanskar takes d glass frm her hand nd says y did u drunk..ragini pouts nd said are i drank apple juice only ,give my glass….sanskar smells that drink nd said no it was not a apple juice it was alcohol…ragini said no u r lying,i want this apple juice…sanskar said no nd he keeps that glass aside nd takes her to outside.ragini asks y did u took me here leave me i want apple juice…sanskar said i will give at home…ragini said no i want now only…sanskar asks her to keep quite…nd he takes her to parking area ,ragini asks leave her…sanskar doesnt…ragini escaped nd runs to road (lonely road) followed by sanskar…sanskar holds her tightly nd drags her…ragini shouts bachao bachao he was
kidnapping me ,sanskar sbocked nd asked her to stp shouting like this…but ragini
doesnt stop she continuously shouting bachao bachao….2police wr passing thro
ugh that way nd sees this nd comes there….
Police:hey man what r u doing with her..
ragini:he was trying to kidnapping me
Sanskar:ragini u stop…nd he says to police
she is my wife…

Police looks at ragini
ragini:no he was lying(she said with cute pouting face)
sanskar:she was angry on me thats y she said like this,she is my wife..
Police :then show me proof
ragini:no needs of poofs nd all ,arrest him
Sanskar takes his mbl nd shows one photo
which was laksh clicked at that puja..(sanskar takes it frm laksh)…
police asks then y she was behaving like this…sanskar said i told na she was lil bit
angry on me…police smiles nd leaves…ragini asks y r u going..arrest
him…sanskar lifts her in his arms nd makes
her sit in car….while ragini again starts shouting bachao….sanskar placed his lips on
her lips to stop her…he moves apart nd asks do u want to shout again..ragini become
silent nd cutely nodded no…sanskar drives to home….they reached home…sanskar
looks at ragini who was already falls asleep…he smiles nd takes her into their
room nd makes lie on bed nd he was about
to leave he sees ragini holding his hand tightly(in sleep)..sanskar smiles he too lie
besides her..nd he looks at her angelic face nd kissed her forehead nd says sorry i
married u by blackmailing ..but i have that
option only for make u as mine….i want to marry ur sis for my revenge…when i saw u
first time i fell for u,i forget my revenge and all that time i decided u r mine..but u have
alreasy bad impression on me..i dont know
what to do..i took the chance nd married u like that…if ur family got to know that they wrnt agree this marrage nd they will
definitely take u frm me thats y i put that
condition as u cant told it to anyone…i know
i did wrong …but i promised i will make all
fine…i love u ..i really love u…he lighy pecks her lips nd dozzed off….

ragini was on sanskar chest,sanskar wakes up nd sees their position nd smiled ….ragini
slowly opens her eyes nd looks at sanskar who was besides her nd smiling at her…ragini then sees her position she shocked nd quickly gets up on him…nd says
y r u here,what had hapened lastnight,we wr at party hena ,when we came
home…sanskar says dnt u remembered anything ….ragini nodded as no…sanskar says u drunk lastnight….ragini says me?dnt lie…sanskar says i didnt lie its true…u drank
alcohol instead of juice…she remembers she asks apple juice nd after that she doesnt
remembered anything…she says ha..its all bcz of that waiter…nd she looks at sanskar nd asks y r u sleeping here…sanskar says u only didnt let me go….ragini says me?what i did…sanskar shows her hand whuch is still holdind sanskar hand…ragini leaves his hand nd says i didnt hold it
intentionally…sanskar smiles.. ragini was about to get up frm bed ,sanskar pulls her …she was on bed nd sanskar comes over her,which is shocked by ragini….snskar moves close to her ear nd asks what if i had
done anything with u last night…ragini looks into his eyes nd says i know u cant do like
that sanskar asks so u trusted me…ragini diesnt answered as she also confused y she trusted him…she pushed him nd went to washroom…sanskar was happy atleast she have trust on him…in washroom ragini was lost in thoughts…..


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Wowwwww!!!!! Yeyyy m sooo happpy to read dis!!!it ws mindblowngggg….he loves her soooooooo much .!!!hope soon rags also realise her feelngs for him…party scene ws awesome n police vala scene ws helarious 😀 …wen she holded his finger ws really cute..n loved it wen sanky kissed her ;)..waitng eagerly for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉

  2. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Ragsan were so cute and adorable
    Hope soon Sanky makes everything fine and Ragini too realizes her feelings
    Waiting for the next one………………

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