I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-10)


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sanskar was in roon,raglak wr in hall,laksh was teasing ragini by showing one pic in his mbl(when ragsan wr feeding laddu he captured )..ragini snatches frm mbl nd runs frn there while laksh chases her,ragini runs whole house,nd she runs to rm,where sanskar was standing near bed nd cheking some file,while running she hits him ,sanskar leg hitted bed nd he falls down,ragini ws shocked,she says sorry,sanskar was screaming with pain on his leg,ragini was continuously saying sorry,sanskar says are first help me to get up,she helps him,laksh came took his mbl nd runs,ragini makes him sit on bed,sanskar says i knw u hates me,but i didnt knw u hates me this much …ragini says it ws an accident,i didnt do it intentionally…sanskar says k do something it was paining,ragini went to down nd brings ice cubes,ragini holds his leg nd slowly rubs his legs with ice ,while sanskar was staring her lovingly,ragini asks is pain reduced,sanskar says no, rub for sometime…ragini nodded as she was responsible for this…

sanskar smiled at her…uttara cme nd calls them for dinner,ragini says i will bring food for u,he nodded,she went after a while comes with food,nd placed infront of sanskar,nd about to leave sanskar holds her hand nd asks her to feed him,ragini says ur leg got sprain,not ur hand,sanskar says i knew but it is d punishment for what u did,ragini says no,sanskar says k i think u want another punishment right,he pulls her close,ragini understands nd says i ll feed u,sanskar smiles nd says good,ragini was feeding him,when his lips touches her fingers,she shivers a bit,she feeds last byte of food,he holds her hand makes her eat nd he slowly sucking her each finger romantically,ragini closed her eyes,sanskar starts to kiss her hand,suddenly ragini gets sense,nd pulls her hand,she asks sanskar what r u doing(with stammering voice)…sanskar says what i was doing,i m jst enjoying my food,nd he says today food ws very tasty,i wish to have this typof food daily,ragini takes d plate, leaves frm there angrily ……
After some time she came to room nd sees sanskar was working in laptop on bed…sanskar sees ragini nd about to getup,ragini says u sleep there,i will sleep on sofa,sanskar says no need..ragini says i told u na sleep there…saying she sleeps on sofa.


sanskar wakes up nd sits on bed,ragini came,sanskar says i want to fresh,ragini says then go,sanskar says how can i,i cant able to walk,ragini asks still,sanskar says ha help me,ragini holds him by his waist,sanskar too holds her waist as support,ragini take him to washroom removes her hands frm him,but sanskar tighted his grip on her ,ragini asks him to leave her,sanskar says no,he moves close to her,ragini steps back,sanskar steps forward ndpulls her on him,he opens shower,both r looking into ea each other eyes,both became wet, he leans to her lips,ragini noticed that his leg was fine,she pushes him nd says cheater,sanskar asks wjat i did,ragini asks u did it intentionally, ur leg was fine but u acted infront of me right,sanskar says dnt get angry sweetheart,i jst want to know that how much u cares for me,u know what u also started loving me,ragini says love,my foot,i hate u,she comes out frm washroom,nd murmurs what does he thinks of himself,he fooled me,he irritetes me nd he talked abt love,then she realized she was wet,she locked d washroom door frm outside,nd she was changing her saree,otherside sanskar was trying to open d door,he shouts frm inside,sweatheart open d dr,ragini doesn’t respond ,

sanskar asks asks r u there,ragini keepssilent,sanskar says k i wl brk d door,ragini says no,i only locked it,sanskar asks y did u locked it,open,ragini says wait for sometime,i was changing my saree,sanskar says then open na ,i will also help u,ragini says shutup,sanskar says what is d need to lock,im ur husband,plz open once,we ll get dresd together,ragini gt irritated,she wears saree,nd opens d door angrily,sanskar comes with towel,she closed her eyes,sanskar asks y r u behaving like that im a stranger,u have right to see me like this,ragini makes a face like disgusting,nd leaves frm d room,sanskar says when will u understand my feelings sweetheart….

Epi ends..

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    Wen ragini parents cometo knew abot sanskar
    And cute sansky

  2. amazing nice best episode till now next part soon

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  5. haha love teasing love ragini

  6. Hahahah…..she will never understand sanky if you will always tease her ????????….
    Awesome episode……..loved it loved it loved it…….

  7. Aww… So cute I m enjoying sanskar’s nautyness

  8. AMkideewani


  9. Super episode. Ragsan scenes are super…waiting next part..

  10. Nice epi….ragsan scenes are so cute…waiting for next epi….

  11. Keerthu


  12. Super…

  13. Silent_writer

    Awwww shooo sweeettt

  14. Asra

    awesome. ..ragsan scenes are fabulous. …

  15. Sherin

    so cute….awesome…

  16. Ragz_teju


  17. Malika

    Wow. Sanskar awwwww love ragini. Their scene are a little romantic and lovely. Haha……. Feeling pity for sanskar. Poor man didn’t get her wife love. Haha….. Update soon.

  18. ragsan scenes r nice

  19. Hahahaha very nice

  20. Sreevijayan

    Whn my ragini wil start lovng sanky? Dey r d best..loved it dear…..

  21. Super awesome

  22. A.xx

    loved it dear.xx

  23. Akshata

    awesome, i have a same question when will ragini understand his feelings?

  24. Awesome

  25. i like sanskar teasing ragini in this ff really awesome

  26. Hemalattha

    really awesome

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