Love u zindagi (Raglak) – Part 8

Hello everyone how are u all sorry for delay but I was finding some difficulty in continuing plot some confusion but its I have decided hope u people enjoy and sorry if u find this chapter boring
Marriage functions had started but sanskar had to return back as swara was feeling low and kavya too left with him as she had some work 
Laksh was alone staying their 
Ragini aman karan and jeevika were going for shopping
Laksh was sitting in cafe he was feeling sad after seeing ragini had changed something in him he didn’t know what it was some times its necessary that some questions are left without answering because time answer’s them and creates better understanding when we talk about relations trust plays a vital role both are not connected but are complimentary to each other
Laksh understood that if he know tries to find answer’s to his question it would just create more complication and ragini was some untold chapter of his life he never took initiative to understand her but still he knew well about her he understood her emotions and feelings more than anyone else could 
Ragini was confused in herself she was know a total mess who was confused and struck btw her own emotions feelings she loved laksh that was biggest truth of her life she had many options but which she should choose this was question but for know she had decided that she’ll ignore all this and concentrate on karjeev marriage because they were important members in her life who helped her come out of her past who helped to build strong so for them she would be happy
And aman he understood this well 
ragini aman and all went for shopping they enjoyed their whole day laksh was busy in his works 
at night 
laksh was sitting in garden ragini saw him she came down but stopped
Should I approach or not no yes no yes ok’ll I go wait why she took some steps but stopped thinking should she or not oh god this girl is mad
Laksh turned
“hi ragini” he said she smiled at him and moved towards him
“what are u doing here”

ahh u know na bhai cheated me and left me alone here and I am getting bored so trying to entertain myself” he said and she chuckled
“but this is age old things to entertain urself” she said 
 “I know but what to do” “hi lets go for some ice cream” he suggested she was feeling awkward to agree he saw this and felt bad but she agreed 
“not bad idea”
They both walked to ice cream pallor which was inside the hotel 
They took seats
“so how was the day”
“boring boring boring”he said and she chuckled
“ha u feel office work as always boring only”
“what’s interesting in that by the way”
“u know what”
“u are impossible” and she chuckled
He made faces
“u have not changed laksh” she said and he saw towards her 
Ragini felt some unknown pain seeing in his eyes something was hurting him and laksh was trying to forget all that but ragini’s words made everything come in front of him again 
“laksh are u ok”she asked placing her hand on his 
“ha lets complete ice cream before it melts” both were silently eating laksh’s mind was travelling back to all those and she could guess something weird 
They both started walking back 
And reached the hotel rooms
“good night laksh”
“good night” saying both left in opposite directions 
Some times things are so confusing if we don’t have clarity we can do nothing same went with them 
The next day
Kavya returned back
Karan jeevika aman ragini and laksh were having BF karan and aman facial expression changed when ragini called laksh to join them for BF laksh was feeling to uncomfortable founding their gaze 
Ragini it
“do he looks like an alien” ragini asked and all got confused but karan aman and laksh got her point
“no why” karan said
“I know u people are hungry eat food don’t see him like u’ll eat him” ragini warned 
Laksh smiled at her and said thanks through eyes and she assured

Kavya came their and back hugged laksh raglak were shocked and angry
(u know why)

Aman could clearly see the pain oh her face when laksh stood and kavya hugged him tight saying she missed him and laksh being helpless was just letting what ever was happening because he himself didn’t know how to react and what to

“laksh I need to talk something important” she said dragging him with her ragini just smiled at them trying to be normal

“I don’t understand why the hell u called him” karan roared as they left

“karan leave na” jeevika was trying to cool him

“what leave” he screamed and left
Aman and jeevika gave a helpless look

“a small advise” jeevika said


“call security for laksh otherwise u over possessive brother will him for sure” jeevika said she was trying to lighten the mode ragjeev chuckled 

“karan is not wrong jeev” aman said and left 
Karan was with designer choosing clothes for evening function

“what’s all this nothing is good” karan said throwing some kurta’s away ragini could sense his anger

“that marron will suit u” she suggested 
Karan turned to her and ignored

“bhai is my choice not nice”

“no if it was u wouldn’t have tried to be stupid by hurting urself ” he said indirectly indicating about laksh

“bhai plsz why can’t we be normal with him”

“normal u are speaking just see towards urself how much u were hurt by seeing him with that kavya”

“seriously jeevika says right u are becoming over possessive”

“what ever u can think but if u care for me u won’t talk to him”

“ok what will happen by that”

“I don’t know but u’ll do as I say u understand that better”
he said folding his hands and turning otherwise

“bhai u ask me to be strong not to run from my past and know u are only advising me not to talk to him”

“that was different”

“how can u explain”

“ragu u understand one thing I won’t let u hurt yourself”

Ragini got teary seeing how much he cares for her and her feelings
She hugged him

“ok I promise I’ll do as u say but tell me one thing do u trust me”


“then believe me I am least bothered about him and his presence doesn’t affect me u are the one who asked me to be strong know when I am trying to I promise I won’t back off I have moved on” she said

“ok I understand but”

“but vut nothing plsz forget all that”
“areh when I am acting cool what’s ur problem”

“ok meri ma”

They selected some dresses

At the other side
Kavya took laksh with her 
Her dad was also present their

“uncle u here”

“ha actually I need something from u”
“what uncle”

“I have talked to AP ji about it and she had no problem if u wanna confirm call and ask her”

“i trust u and if ma has agreed I have no objective but what u need”
“I want u to transfer a property of urs on kavya’s name”

He was looking confused at them
“see laksh soon u both are going to get married and seriously if u ask I don’t trust u its about my daughter’s future so by doing this u are proving that u would be loyal towards her” mr.malhotra said
“laksh I think u won’t have any problem with this na”

The word marriage sacred him he can’t deny that he’s going to get married to kavya because AP wanted 

He nodded and singed those papers

Precap: cutiepie………………..

Raglak friendship and outing

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