Love u zindagi (Raglak) – Part 7


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karan comes to them and sees ragini and aman fighting he feels relieved he head to them
“what yaar atleast today take some rest” karan says
“what” aman asks being confused as he didn’t understand what he meant
“duffer he meant atleast today u shouldn’t fight with me”
“what and wait its not me its u jagdalu” aman says and huffs

“u” karan comes in btw
“guess know don’t start again
“I came here to inform u that their’s a meeting with maheswari’s and aman u need to handle it” karan said his tone sounded bit rough because he said that without any intrest
“fine” aman
“but why only this monkey” ragini asked
“because I am owner and MD”aman said raising his collar
“I am CEO so I have equal rights to attend”
“are u crazy” ragini signalled him something
“ragini are u sure” karan asked
“ha bhai don’t worry”
She singed him through eyes that she’s fine
After he left aman ragini headed towards their room to get ready they came and left together
In car
“aman wo” ragini was hesistating to speak
“what happened ragini”
She took a long breath
“don’t tell anything to bhai about yesterday”

“I won’t don’t worry”
“thank u”
“no mention”
“Would u feel comfortable in their I mean still their time u can go back”
“don’t worry I’ll handle myself”
“but why u wanna face him”
“I can’t even run I had enough I am not coward and I didn’t do any mistake for what I did I am guilty but I have come over it”
She says and he smiles
“I am with u”

They soon reached the conference hall
Ragini was presenting
Laksh and sanskar were impressed by ragini her communicating style everything was professional
Laksh was continuously staring her he was happy for her
Laksh prov
I am happy that finally u are trying to be what ur are u are no more that coward shy ragini u are strong enough to fight for urself people say right what ever happens happens for good may be their was ur good of past incident
Ur new side is totally impressive
Ragini felt his gaze but ignored
After the metting all left the hall
Aman and sanskar were discussing something
Ragini was arranging all files back
“u were awesome” laksh complimented

“thanks” she said trying to be normal with him
He didn’t know what to speak
“so any plans for today” he asked
“yeah some shopping and all”she said smiling to him
She could feel his hesitant
“something important”
“nothing” he said she started moving
“ragini” he called
“yes” she turned
“wo can we go out for lunch” he asked
She was shocked by this sudden move of him she didn’t know what to do
She was freezed he waved his hand in front of her
“where are u lost” he asked
“ha” she came to reality
“so yes or no”
“u are indirectly asking for a date with me”
“no not like that”
“then like what”
“hey we are friends na so we can go”
“when we became”

“a long back”
“and many things happened long back too”
“so I though its past and we both forgot about it and moved on”
“yeah but are we still friends”
“ha we are”
“but I don’t consider so”
“ok so u want I should ask u r friend ship”
“smart”she said
“I thought u have changed but thank u for proving me wrong”
“what’s connection their”
“the first time also I had to struggle to gain ur friend ship and know also u are making me work hard” he said and she chuckled
He was lost in her laugh
“ok I’ll make ur work easier friends” she said forwarding her hand
He smiled and shook hands with her

“so I should consider yes” he asked
“for what”
“do u have short term memory” she pouted
He smiled
“this face Is not gone work”
“how rude” she said
“ok are we going yes or no”
“umm let me think”
“know what’s left to think”
“what’ll ur fiancé think if she saw us together that ur roaming with ur ex wife” she said
The word ex wife pierced his heart he felt sad when she said fiancé ragini didn’t wanted to go with him she knew if she gets close to him then this time she would fail to control her emotion she feared of another heart break and she knew what reality was he was engaged and she wanted to move on from him
“she won’t think anything like that” laksh said in stern tone his pain was visible ragini could feel that he felt sad about what she said but that was necessary for both of them
Aman came
“ragini come lets go” he said
Ragini smiled at him
“sorry next time for sure” she said
“I’ll wait” laksh smiled at he and waved
Aman was feeling angry seeing him but was helpess

Precap: some masti

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