Love u zindagi (Raglak) – Part 6

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After the function got over ragini moved towards her room as she entered she started removing all her jewelleries and started throwing them here and their she was dame angry she herself didn’t know why was she 
She moved towards washroom and started throwing lots of water on her face trying to forget whatever happened in down but that’s was what that was troubling her most she was tried she closed her eyes in frustration and remembered 

“ragini she’s my fiancé kavya” laksh’s words echoed in her ears 
“why why am I angry why I am feeling sad knowing that laksh moved on I also wanted this only na then I should be happy that he forgave me for what ever I did and he has moved on he has moved on” 

she broke down resting her head on washroom wall she cried her heart out she on shower her tears mixed with water she was completely broken 

She never imagined that she would meet him like that , she would realise that she still loves him and when she felt their could be something she got to know that he has moved on all these years she was away their was not a single day that she didn’t think of him she though it was her guilt that didn’t let her move she was guilty that in her obsession she hurt her own sister she hurted everyone
The night passed but two hearts were in deep sorrow and sadness one was crying because of separation and other didn’t know the reason of pain that it had 

some where they were angry on this destiny that why it happened with them only they were close but still far away 

one didn’t realise and other was crying in pain of separation 
ragini’s one sided love hurted her more because it didn’t only make her feel of not being loved but also of all her dead deeds but also of her childhood that how she always carved for love , when laksh entered her life she got a new hope but it was soon snatched from her.

Aman felt ragini’s unesayness when laksh was around her he didn’t knew the reason he could feel karan’s anger and how jeevika tried to control him

 he had many questions and all those got answered when he heard karan’s and jeevika conversation though he didn’t understand compeletly but was sure that laksh was her past and she still loved him 

he felt angry sad that his ragini loved some one else but right know the most important thing for him was to console her because he saw her going in anger hearing of kavya

He was banging her room door from past many minutes
He feared what if she takes some wrong step 

“ragini open the door”

“aman just leave me alone” ragini said after a long silence

Aman could feel pain in her voice he banged and opened the door and found ragini no where the wash room door was open he without wasting a minute entered in his heart cried seeing her condition he kneeled in front of her and hugged her she had stopped crying because she knew their was no reason to cry on know

Aman could trace the tears marks on her face some tears escaped his eyes he picked her up in bridal style and carried her to bed and laid her and covered her with bed sheet 
She was aware about what was happening around her she closed her eyes

Aman didn’t wanna leave her alone he slept on couch near by

Laksh was punching his boxing bag so hard his hairs were messed sweat on his forehead he was shirtless he was looking hot his tone body was shining in his sweat he stopped and joined his forehead with the bag and closed his eyes remembering past

“swara how could u say like that” said laksh all family members were persent in hall

“laksh no need to act I know its u only”
“swara come out of ur dream world I have said thousands times I have moved on I don’t love u”

“laksh how can u be so obsessed when she said she loves sanskar then why” sujitha said


“laksh I didn’t accept this from u” rp said

“what’s wrong with u all I said I didn’t do anything like that”

“all proofs are against u”
“how could u harm ur brother”
“I didn’t” screamed laksh

“laksh” said dp in weak voice who was on stretcher being taken to OT
All family members were around him

“nothing will happen to u dad” laksh said whose eyes were moist 
He opened his eyes and punched the bag hard this time that the bag fell down

The next day
It was morning
Aman woke up and found ragini sleeping peacefully how he wished that the smile that was on her lips in sleep stays on her face forever 
He freshed up and came back and found her still sleeping he didn’t know what to do should he wake her or not 
“let me sleep” she mumered
He smiled
“ragini” he called again ragini woke up and found aman standing in front of her 
“what are u doing here and what’s time oh god its 10 am and u duffer couldn’t u wake me up early” saying she rushed in washroom
It took some minutes for him to understand what she said 
She acted normal didn’t she remember what happened yesterday

Ragini knew what happened she wanted to avoid his questions when she heard his voice everything flashed in her mind she knew this idiot would ask her thousands of questions 

After along hour she came out she though aman would go away she peeped and found him no where and moved out and was sacred when aman scared her

“u duffer how dare u” saying she chased him

Aman understood that she wanted to avoid him when she was trying to act normal she to wanted to be normal with her he didn’t wish to know anything against her wish and more than anything for him her happiness mattered more
They stopped when both were tried
“waise why did u take so lond” he asked
“my wish any problem”
“yeash because I am feeling dame hungry”
“what u didn’t have u BF”

“no my jaan”
“but why monkey”
“u see I didn’t feel to have without u my GF” he said and she slightly hitted his shoulders 
They moved down to have Brunch (guess see the time)

They were fighting over paratha and acting worst than kid
Laksh who just came their saw their bonding and felt dame angry
Percap: marriage and fun
Guess how was the chapter 
And sorry for this emotional stupid drama but what to do it was important to ragam bonding and some part of laksh’s past is out 
And raglak friendship it would start soon as they both need to start everything new
Lets see how bold new ragini changes laksh and how laksh understands her and falls for her 
So I hope u people enjoyed plsz give u valuable comments 

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