Love u zindagi (Raglak) – Part 5


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So lets go
‘good evening ladies and gentlemen thank u all for joining us in our happiness but don’t u feel the function is quite boring so ek dance toh bantha hai boss so I request all couples to plsz join us” 
The lights went dim 
“laksh lets go” kavya asked laksh at that time he got a phone call laksh asked sanskar to go with kavya sanskar agreed all couples were dancing romantically on dance floor the atmosphere was filled with love ragini came back she found all couples dancing she smiled at karan jeevika who were lost in love and aman who dancing with dadi 
All these years though she was away from her family she never missed them and all that was because of this new family she stated being happy living life and all because of them dadi never allowed her for anything she was bound by rules with her from childhood she always wished to roam with friends enjoy but she could never do that
Haan aa…………
Today was something really different she was feeling restless she felt some one’s presence around her but was unable to figure out anything 
She turned around and found nothing and she felt she saw sanskar but ignored thinking as her illusion 
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Laksh had finished his call and came back he looked around and found sankav dancing he felt some unknown feeling he felt some one close to his heart 
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

He looked around and found her ragini didn’t see him but he saw her smiling he was unable to believe that what ever he saw was true ragini was she was here but then she turned 
Both their eyes met they were eye locked with each other they were continuously staring each other
Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Ragini felt he was here but she was ignoring that feeling he was really present their 
He had changed a lot that little bread made him looks more mature and old the he looks more muscular than before he was looking handsome and hot in black three piece suit she was spell bound was unable to move her eyes from him she was lost in those dark black eyes she kept on staring him it was more than two years that she saw him she felt she has moved on forgot him but know reality struck to her she had never moved on though she had changed but her heart was still beating for him the feeling that she had suppressed all this time popped out she wanted to run and hug him say him how much she missed him 
Jab se hai jaana tumhein
Teri ore chalne lage (x2)

She knowingly started moving towards him she felt no body’s presence around her 
He too took some steps towards her they reached in middle of floor all couples were dancing around them lost in beauty of love and happiness
Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye
Maante thhe Khuda
Aur haan wahi ban gaye
He was blankly staring at her with no emotion he didn’t feel much but wanted to ask forgivness once it was some where his mistake to that guilt he was having didn’t let him move in his life she changed a lot she looked more beautiful the blue color lengha that she was wearing reminded him of that old ragini who was innocent and pure soul then how things changed for him for her their life took turn he fell for swara and all those incidents came up in his mind her betrayal her evil side everything he felt sorry for her nothing much because he was emotionless know 
Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan 
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

by mistake ragini got hitted by a couple she was about to fall laksh held her on nick time she looked towards him met his eyes he made her stand aman saw her and pulled her and laksh was called by kavya they were dancing separately with different partners but still they had eyelock when couples got interchanged they came together
Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Hum the dhoondhte jisey wo kami ban gaye
Tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan 
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

O.. aa…

They didn’t know what was that feeling ragini was trying hard to control her emotions but he felt some strange feelings of her he wanted to read her eyes and understand her pain and she wanted to hid her pain and love she tried to cat normal but both failed miserably he pulled her close unknowingly and she was shocked by his sudden act they danced romantically and came to reality by clapping sound 
Ragini was not able to control her emotions any more her heart pained that forced smile was fading she excused herself and left from their 
Laksh followed her she moved outside the venue her tears found their way and she wiped them 
She stood in gallery and took deep breath closing her eyes
Laksh saw her he was not sure to approach her or not ragini opened her eyes and saw a shadow she thought its aman
“I am tried from running I thought I have moved on but no I was wrong whatever I did in past was a sin that guilt is killing me ” she said 
Laksh felt angry sorry he had a mixed emotion he controlled himself
“then stop running from past” she felt a familiar voice turned and found laksh he moved towards her
“everyone forgave u long back ragini”
“and u”he smiled
“I was never angry because some where I was too responsible I should be sorry”
“let me complete” he held her hand
“u know after u left I felt a part of me was missing I never understood what it was I am sorry for hurting u for never understanding u I am sorry ragini plsz don’t leave me I love u” she was shocked by this sudden confession should she feel happy or sad or what he hugged her and she hugged back busting into bitter cry he wiped her tears and kissed her forehead
“ragini” called aman
Reality struck to her what ever she was thinking was her dream she was standing at same place laksh was standing at opposite side they never danced he didn’t confess his love all was her imagination 
aman pulled ragini laksh was seeing her through corner of his eyes he felt angry for some unknown reason sanskar saw both of them
“she was ragini na” he asked and laksh nodded
“but what’she doing here and where was she all time” sanskar asked and laksh too had same question
The ceremony started ragini could feel his gaze on her
“ms.devil are u okay” aman asked
She smiled lightly

“mr.duffer better concentrate on engagement than me” she said attitude
“oh hello don’t think much about urself and my still that much bad days didn’t come that I stare at u”
“as if I would ever accept also”
“stop u both” karan dadi said galring both of them they became quite then looked towards each other chuckled remembering dadi’s angry face
Laksh felt jealous for sure but was not knowing what it was sanskar was confused he could see that anger in laksh eyes but was not understanding was it because of love or anger seeing her and remembering all past
“are u ok bro” asked sanskar placing his hand on his shoulder he just nodded 
Ragini didn’t know wheter to approach him or not but she wanted forgives for her sins she moved towards them 
“hi” she said maintaining her smile
“hi” he said back he didn’t accept her approach but was not understanding how to talk what to talk
“how are u” both asked same question at a time 
Sanskar joined them both thanked him thousands time
“how are u sanskar”she asked
“fine and what about u, u just became mr.india all these years” said sanskar seeing the tension in environment and trying to cheer
“ha bhai where were u ragini” laksh asked
“I was in chicgo” “how’s swara”
“she fine and soon going to become mommi” he said dramatically
“wow congratulation” she said hugging him “would be papa”
“congratulations to u too would be mausi” 
Both laughed laksh felt happy seeing her laugh

Ragsan were good friends from all times and it was only sanskar who knew where ragini was and he helped her too but both didn’t wanted to reveal it sanskar held himself responsible for her misery so he helped her to go US and met her twice but she had no idea about swara’s pregency and even sanskar didn’t know that he would meet her like this he just knew where she was not more where was leaving and her and all
Sanskar saw kavya approaching them he knew these two needed to sort out some things and isusses he excused himself and took kavya aside
Both didn’t know what to speak
“I am sorry laksh” he gave a questioning look
“for what ever I did in past”
“past is past ragini so its better we forget that and move on”
“ur right but what ever I did was unforgivable because of me u got sperated from ur love”
“may be it was never my love or was not in my fate”he smiled
“I am guilty for what I did”
“guilt won’t change past but it would never let u leave present so I was never angry on u”
“thank u”
“no thanks and sorry btw friends”
She smiled
Precap: some masti and raglak new phase of life love and freidnship
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  7. excellent superb amazing mind blowing plzzzz be regular don’t be late and plzz yaar give lakshya jeleousy please and plzz write more bcoz now raglak ff is very less and raglak fan missing them badly so plzz give them treat by giving me raglak ff plzzz

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