Love u zindagi (Raglak) – Part 3


Hello everyone how are u all thank u for wonderful comments I am glad that u liked my ff sorry for delay and not replying ur comments individually
Sindhu di it is continuation of serial story where ragini’s truth was out after which she was thrown out and how she changed many things happened after she left about which u’ll get to know as story proceed in part one I have explained it
Thank u all once again and love u all
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Scenes start at san Francisco
ragini was sitting in her cabin her hairs were tied in messy bun she was making some sketches she kept pen near her lips and was chewing it
aman came inside her cabin and took sit ragini sense his presence
“u are vegetarian na” he asked ragini saw towards him he was immerged in his phone with out looking up
“because I doubt u are eating a poor soul from that time” he said looking towards her ragini gave her u are too much look
“didn’t u find any one else to bore so u came to eat my head” she said being irritated and trying to concentrate on her work
“u see I am very fond of u and I love u”he bluttred out ragini was not shocked by his confession
“just tell me whom u said these words last”
“umm let me think shika no no no elsa no no I am unable to remember” he said cutely ragini threw pen at him he catched it
“shudaar ja other wise no one will marry u”she said
“ and what if I won’t change”he said heading towards her
“u’ll die bachelor” she said and giggled
“I won’t because u are their na to handle me” he said holding her hand she looked towards his eyes which were having genuine feelings she jerked her hand
And started beating him playfully

“ouch pagal ho gayi kaya” he said trying to save himself
That time karan came he saw ragini chasing aman
“come one ragini don’t leave him” he said and cheered her
“oye ur my friend or hers” aman screamed as he hided behind desk
“urs but my brother first” ragini said holding his ears
Karan was laughing
“och leave me u devil” ragini made her hold tight
“sorry sorry angle plsz leave this poor soul I promise I don’t do again” aman pleaded and ragini left him
“what’s this yaar u stopped so soon I was just getting entertained know” karan said sadly ragini chuckled
Scenes shift to Australia
Laksh was in his cabin checking some files

A girl entered his cabin
“laksh why were’nt u picking my call” she yelled at him laksh looked towards her with anger
“how many times have I told u kavya not come in my cabin like that” he shot back
“what’s ur problem I was worried for u so I came too check and from two days u weren’t picking my call” she complained
“so what u should understand that I was busy so I didn’t pick why are u creating scene for that”
“me I am not creating any scene here its u we are going to get married in few months we have to spend our rest of life together and u r least bothered about me about me about my emotions u don’t care to inform me where u are what are u doing”
Laksh closed the file and looked towards her angrily
“yes we are going to get married not yet married so stop behaving as a typical wife u don’t have nay rights to do so”
Kavya was teary
“yeah what rights I have and what I mean to u” saying she left laksh closed his eyes in frustration and sat on chair
What have u done laksh u again hurted her from past a year she is trying to help me but what I am doing but I am guilty that for just ma’s sake I agreed to marry her its been two moths that we are engaged but don’t know why I am not ready to give us a chance give her a chance to come close to me why this is happening to me I don’t know it was dad’s wish that we get married kavya was dad’s friend daughter and he felt she was just perfect for me but I, I am unable to move on dad I miss u hope u were with me today but where am I struck dad I myself don’t know
I don’t wanna marry her I am not just hurting myself but her too she has right to be happy but she can never be with me what should I do I am dame confused he said banging his hand on desk
Sence shift to Chicago
“no bhai I am sorry but I can’t attend ur marriage” ragini said to karan and jeevika
“ragini this is not fair u can’t do this to us” jeevika complained
“jeev try to understand”
“u try to understand na I want my best friend to be with me in my marriage so its decided u are coming”
“plsz jeevika I can’t bhai plsz” ragini said in almost teary eyes
“ragini but why”
“jeevika u go I’ll talk to her plsz” he said and jeevika huffed and went out
“bhai plsz don’t force me u know I can’t say no to u”
“I won’t force u just listen to what is say” ragini nodded “I know why u don’t wanna come because u think marriage will be held in Kolkata but its not true we changed venue”
“bhai” ragini felt that for her they changed her plan
“know don’t think because of u we did this but it was dadi’s wish that I get married in ahemdabad but jeevika’s parents were not ready so as per the latest update marriage will be in ahemdabad on;y but rest of functions will be in delhi know still do u have any problem” he asked ragini nodded in negative
“I know its difficult for u to go back to india because it reminds u of ur past and what u did but ragu u have moved on today or tomorrow u have to face them u can’t run like this for how much time will u run running is not solution u have to face them I know u feel guilty for what u did in past but trust me the much u run from past that much it will haunt u so be strong and face them u are not that old ragini u are my brave lioness ragini who knows to stand for herself” ragini hugged him

Jeevika and aman came
“oh god again this brosismance started” he complained jeevika and karan glared him
“ok I am sorry don’t see me like that”he said making cute face
“ok what have u decided” jeevika asked making stren face
“that I am not going to attend u r marriage” ragini said jeevika was moth open before she could say anything “because I need to attend my bhai’s marriage”
“who the hell is that is he more important to u than me ragini I am warning u, u are just coming to my marriage understand go to hell that ur so called brother i hate him because of him ur saying like that if he comes in front of me na I’ll kill me bad aye didn’t he get any other time to get married” jeevika screamed she didn’t pay much heed to what ragini said ragini laughed aman was controlling his laugh and karan was sacred to see het chandi mata roop
“why are u laughing” she asked angrily
“jeev do u hate karan will u kill him”aman asked
“r u insane why would I do so and I love him I can’t think to harm him” she said cutely
“u only said na u’ll kill the person whose wedding ragini is going to attend”
“ha I said so but” then she relaised what ragini said she smiled with happiness and hugged ragini
“Thank u” she said and broke the hug
“but this is not fair” she said making pout face
“know what happened” karan asked
“she said her bhai’s wedding”
“ohh my baby sis don’t worry ur bhai is their na forget this devil” aman said side hugging her and she punched him in stomach
“don’t u dare to say anything to her”she warned
“was this possessive brother less that this friend also came know who save this poor sould hey bhawgan send some one for me too” he said and all laughed
Scenes shift to austrila
“urgh I don’t know till when I should do this meloy drama I am just pissed by all this” kavya said entering her room a man came in
“what happened to u” he asked and kavya narrated everything
“I am just tried dad by doing all this and still he pays no heed to me” she said “I don’t wanna do this”
“don’t worry beta soon this will end once u get married to him everything would be sorted for this marriage already we did so many things know their’s no chance to back off”
“u are right dad urgh I forgot he would be soon here I should do my acting” she said and smirked
After a while laksh came their
Kavya dad was sitting in hall
“uncle where’s kavya” he asked concerned
“beta she’s in her room” laksh was about to leave
“laksh has anything happened btw u two from the time she came she has locked her self and is not opening her door”
“sorry uncle I hurt her”
“beta I understand u have lots of pressure but plsz don’t hurt her like this”
“I am sorry uncle I promise I won’t do again”
“I hope so” he said and singed laksh to go
Kavya was dancing in her room putting head set when laksh came she didn’t hear any noise she felt banging sound she removed her head set
“oh no laksh is here”she mummered
“kavya open the door” laksh said kavya hardly removed her head set and messed up her room
Putted glycerine in her eyes and opened the door
Laksh was sad looking at her like this he hugged her “I am sorry kavya” he said and she smirked
“its ok laksh” she said in low tone
“I know I hurted u I am really sorry” he said
“laksh plsz forget it can’t we move on leaving past behind” she said calmly
“laksh we need to go delhi to attend mr.khurana’s sister’s marriage” kavya said
“ok I’ll book tickets”
Scenes shift to Chicago
“jeevika hurry up”karan said as he was standing near his car
“coming karan”she said coming out
Karan hugged ragini then jeevika
“come soon” she said and ragini nodded karan and jeevika left
Aman and ragini had some work to finish so they were left back

Precap: raglak face off
Raj malhotra: friend of Dp business man staying in austrila he hated dp and wants revenge he wants kavya to get married to laksh so his dream to get his property get fulfilled he has some motive behind getting kavlak married
Kavya malhotra: daughter of raj a spoilt brat marrying laksh for her father has no much idea about his plans

So guess how was the chapter plsz give u valuable comments

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