Love u zindagi (Raglak) – Part 2


Hi guess how are u all I am very excited I don’t know how u all are feeling but I am too excited I couldn’t believe the wonderful response that u people gave thanks thousands of time love u all stay blessed
Coming to the story
Scenes start Kolkata it was early morning at mm
Ap was doing pooja sujitha uttra rp were their
Sanskar too joined them
After pooja ap gave everyone prasad

“sanskar where is swara” ap asked
“ma she’s in room resting she was feeling little low” he said
Later all ladies got busy in preparing breakfast and then all were at dinning hall sanskar was helping swara to get down stairs all were silently having break fast ap looked towards laksh empty chair and got teary everyone was sad seeing her like this
“jiji” suitha placed her hand on ap’s shoulders
“I am fine sujitha just missing my son” she said making stern face “because of some people today he’s not here” swara head was down a lone tear escaped from her eyes remembering past

Scenes start with san Francisco

It was country side area we can see everything cool and beautiful greenery every where and nice race track two people are standing at the end of road one is boy and other is girl and some of their friends
“where are they” the girl next to him acts irritated
“by know they must be here”
“karan they came” one of their friends screamed all had glued their eyes in that direction
Two bikes were coming in full speed
“today u’ll lose dear” one of the biker say
“we’ll see” another biker say
“who’ll win” was the great questions among all their friends
Both the bikers were having tough competition it was difficult to guess whose gone win one of the bike slowed all were watching what was happening
Just in fraction of second the bike which slowed went on full speed and crossed the winning line

All their friends started celebrating
The biker who won the race opens her helmet
Her hairs fly she was wearing a black race suit she was looking hot and beautiful then slowly the camera shows her beautiful large black eyes then her nose and then her lips which was smiling
A boy runs and comes and hugs her
Another biker removes his helmet he smiled at them
“bhai relax” the girl say
“today u saved my respect ragu I love u” the boy says

“oye karan don’t be so happy it was me who let her win so thank me” the another boy says in a bit attitude
“oh really” a voice comes from back she is a girl she moves towards that boy
“jeev I think ur bhai didn’t only lost the race but also lost his mind” karan says
“oh shut up karan its all carp started by u, u only started this stupid race and pulled my dear brother in it”jeevika said side hugging that boy he winked at ragkar
Ragini and karan looked towards each other
“this is too much” karan said making puppy face
Scenes shift to Australia
A man is seen scolding his employees he’s wearing formal black three pice suit he has a bit bread and looking extremely hot and handsome
Later the employee come out of his cabin he takes a sigh of relief
Later the man moves out of office

“he is so handsome yaar” one of female staff says
“ha he’s so much attitude and anger he’s just looks killer yaar” her friends compliment
“areh stop saying so if laksh heard na he’ll fire u like he did with some other staff” one of their colleague said
Laksh moved to car and drove it fast he had changed a lot he was no more the same naughty laksh but was rude business man
Scenes shift back to san Francisco
All were sitting and gossping
A staff member came to take sign on some deal paper of ragini
Ragini took the pen and she was about to write ragini laksh maheswari she stopped karan observed her behaviour change she hurriedly signed those papers and left from their karan came follwing her
Ragini are u fine” he asked placing his hand on her shoulder she turned her eye were moist

“yes bhai” she said slowly
“why don’t u move on ragini” he aske
“I am trying to bhai but I am unable to get out of it” she said a tear escaped from her eyes she continued
“what would have happened bhai if u didn’t help me bhai if u wouldn’t have saved my life that day I wouldn’t have been here if gave me new life I would always greatful to u ” she said
“ragini how many times I said not to say like that”he side hugged her she relaxed
“and aman says right u look chudial when u cry” he said to cheer her she slightly hit his shoulders
“that aman is too much a full time monkey” she huffed and he laughed she too joined
“are u ok”
She nodded

Later at night
Ragini was staring moon
She was lost in deep thoughts
The sky looks so beautiful full of stars and moon the centre peace of attraction it gives peace to mind but what about heart some wounds are deep as sea as the deepness increases the light of hope vanishes people says time heal every wound but the wounds on heart never gets heals they get deeper and deeper two years passed but I am unable to forget past unable to forget him I have moved on in my life but still I feel alone i am happy living the life as I wished but still why this pain why this grief why I feel a part of my heart is sad though I know he has moved on his life he’s happy but still I feel he’s sad he has some sorrow with him

Scenes shift to laksh who was standing near beach watching the sea
Life is a rollercoaster with many ups and downs people say whole world may leave u but family and friends won’t but when time came they too left I have changed a lot a lot some times I think how stupid I was before thinking life Is meant for fun
It has been a year of that incindent but still I am unable to forget for no fault of mine I was disowned by my family without my fault I was throwed out later the misunderstanding got cleared but the wound that they gave was too deep if the thread of relations break it can be joined again but they never again be truthful and pure as before life is practical its not meant for those who think from heart I have learnt it I have moved on left all those past memories left my family I am alone here but happy but still a grief may because I didn’t support her so no one supported me when I needed some one
When I think of her point of view I understand why she did all this I feel guilty that because of me don’t know in which condition today she is hope she’s fine
Scenes shift to ragini

I have learnt to leave life enjoy it I am happy each day I create memories I am happy but still I wish he could be here with me but no worry I am happy with whatever I have its mine and I have made it achieved it with my strength on my own I have learnt this from him that how to leave life when ever I used to fear of new things I used to think how would he react what would he do and I get strength and I go with it, go with my heart

Scenes shift to laksh
Their’s no feelings no emotions left in me I am no more that old laksh I do what benfits me not for others or their happiness enough I had scarified myself not more I do what brings me profit I don’t care for anyone’s comfort or feelings
Scenes shift to ragini
I have learnt to adjust not scarifies things I have learnt how to ask for my own rights make people comfortable according to ur needs and understand their feelings make new friends socialise
Scenes shift to laksh
I have lost everything know I don’t feel anything is left life has always snatched every happiness from me from childhood till know first I lost my dadu whom I loved most then swara and know dad I hate u zindagi

Scenes shift to ragini
What ever happens happens for some reason I love u zindagi u gave me chance to live my life on my terms thank u so much god for sending him in my life some where he’s the reason for me being here living life as I wished
So much time has passed but still I pray for his well being hope where ever he is, is happy doing what he wished to
Intro of characters
Ragini laksh Maheswari: 24 years old a beautiful chubby bold intelligent girl time has changed her she was never quite or traditional just didn’t know how to express her feelings she has learned that over time its been 2 years that she left Kolkata at present she’s in san Francisco a fashion designer working in AK fashions have made many friends she has turned bold bubbly always smile and makes others laugh one motive of her life spread happiness and be happy
She has a ocean of pain and sorrow in her but never lets anyone know about it
She has started a ngo name “umang” that helps poor children to give them education her one third of salary go for that she is part of many such activities and works
laksh durga parsad maheswari: 25 year old handsome hot dashing man that night after ragini left everything changed he has turned emotionless the boy who used to be always happy chirping has changed to a rude arrogant business men who doesn’t care for anyone their is some sort of deep sorrow in him his heart aches for her for some unknown reason he’s in Australia from past one and half year
rest of the characters are same maheswari and gadodia family

swara is 7 months pregnant
karan desai(karan tacker) : son of gujirathi business man handles his dad business treats ragini as his sister he knows about her past best friend of her she shares each thing with him I’ll address karan parents as mr and mrs desai
jeevika khurana (krystal ): fianace of karan soon they are going to get married ragini’s friend meena’s parents as mr and mrs patel
aman khurana(ravi dube): owner of AK fashions cousin brother of jeevika best friend of karan loves to irritate ragini a flirt has many gf’s a funny and loveable person secret admirer of ragini has some sort of feelings for her but doesn’t wanna admit fears to loose her friendship jeevika knows about his love

so guess how was it what has happened that has changed laksh will he ever be to love life again how will he fall for ragini what’s in their fate will they ever meet what about aman will he ever confess that he love ragini what will be ragini’s reaction is swara responsible for laksh’s state what had happened what will happen when raglak come cross each other how will maheswari and gadodia react………………… many questions na are u excited………………. plsz comment about how was it u comments are important…………………

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  23. […] Hello everyone how are u all thank u for wonderful comments I am glad that u liked my ff sorry for delay and not replying ur comments individually Sindhu di it is continuation of serial story where ragini’s truth was out after which she was thrown out and how she changed many things happened after she left about which u’ll get to know as story proceed in part one I have explained it Thank u all once again and love u all Links of previous part […]

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