Love u zindagi (Raglak) – Part 12

Swara sankar and laksh were in Kolkata a bit earlier than ragini
She was travelling on different time
Swara was dame happy for getting her sister
Ragini reached Kolkata
She moved out of the airport this was the place where she was born she was grown where she fell in love with laksh and which always reminds her of her pain
She walked out breathing the fresh air
She found her name board and went ahead
Soon she reached badi
She was clueless about how are all going to react how will she face them lot of questions and she was not having any answer
She was standing out not knowing wheter to go forward or not
She wanted some one to be her side but for present no one was their
She stepped forward but stopped
“ragini” she heard swara’s voice
Who was smiling brightly seeing her
She ran to her and hugged her tight
“come lets go in” she said breaking the hug
Ragini didn’t know how to react
Swara understood her plight
“I have informed them about your arrival come lets go” she said holding her hand she smiled bit for her sister and walked in with her followed by sanskar
When she entred the place she found everything was same
All people present their were shocked seeing her
They started speaking among themselves
“ma baba see who is here” swara called everyone
All gathered soon and were looking towards her as if she was an alien actually not their fault her appearance was difference she was looking more beautiful bold than before she was wearing a long kurti which had some floral design it was shoulder cut a indo western out fit
Sumi came forward and touched her cheeks
“how are you beta” she asked
Ragini didn’t like her touch it was something for which she had carved but what ever happened in past made her hate this
“I am fine aun……. ma” she said with great difficulty she didn’t wanted to call her ma but seeing swara’s happiness she did so
Shekar just smiled towards her and dadi gave a stern look
Swara asked her to get fresh
She started moving towards her
The house was same as before with some changes she didn’t want to be their
This was the place where she spent her childhood which was miserable
Her eyes turned moisty seeing her mother’s portrait she remembered what she had promised her mom that she will be strong and fight for her rights no matter how hard it would be
All were sitting on dinning having food
“so when will you be returning” asked dadi
“not so sooner nor later and don’t worry I won’t be staying at this place even if stay longer” said ragini in bold tone
“swara I am done and I need to leave I have some work” saying she stood up and walked out
She didn’t even had touched the food
“dadi what was that” asked swara in bit angry tone
“I don’t like her staying here”
“if its so then I’ll take her with me to MM”
“no need of that and why u wanna take her their she would just create problems for u”
“enough I don’t wanna hear any word against her”
“hey see she is the same girl na who tried to kill her sister”
“where was she all this years”
All people were speaking such words
She was walking on street she was feeling grumpy
It was more than 12 hours that she ate anything
She looked for some shop and found a pakora wala
She moved towards the stall and asked him for some pakora
She forwarded him money
“madam I don’t have change”
“its ok u can keep them”
“but madam”
“areh bhaiya first let me concentrate on these then we will discuss ok”
She sat on near by bench and was enjoying the pakora
Laksh who’s car passed by their saw her sitting on bench and eating pakora
She was eating along some kids and all were laughing and enjoying
He had never seen her such shade he smiled seeing her happy face
Ragini had arranged her self a room in hotel she was no longer interested to stay at badi
She came back took her laguuage and started walking
No one was least bothered
She stopped and took her mom’s portrait and started walking out
“where are u taking that”
“my wish its my mom’s pic”
“u can’t take it so”shekar spoke
“why are u so bothered when she was alive u didn’t care so why know this fake care” she walked out
The next day was godhbhari rasam
Ragini was at MM
All were not comfortable around her but ap was happy she always treated ragini as her daughter though she was angry but she forgave her a mother can never be angry with her child
Ragini was too happy seeing her care she always found her mother in ap
Kavya didn’t like ragini’s presence and the way she mended her relations with all so soon raged her more she didn’t even think that all will be so soon normal with her
All were talking with her
“areh she is ragini na” she heard some of ladies speaking she smirked
“dad don’t worry I won’t let ragini do anything bad” she acted as if speaking to her father on phone
“dad I know u are worried but what can we do this ragini has done magic on all that everyone forgave her but no one knows with what intentions she has come back”
She cutted the call and made a sad face
“beta what happened” asked one of mm’s neighbour
“nothing aunty” she said
“beta don’t worry all will be fine”
“I know aunty and thank u for ur care”
“areh what kind of girl you are” spoke one of lady angrily with ragini
“what happened mrs.singh” asked ragini who was confused
“were u not happy destroying your own life that you are back to destroy others don’t you feel shamed”
“she tried to kill her sister and see still know she is standing here shamelessly”
Laksh who heard all this clenched his fist angrily he was about to speak ap held his hand
He looked towards her in shock she nodded no
“its her fight she need to fight”she said “but ma”
“your mother would have feeled shamed seeing your deeds so only she died soon”
“enough” she screamed
And all looked towards her
“who gave u rights to speak about my mom ha and about my deeds then I am guilty for what I did in past but that doesn’t mean I lock myself in room and cry I am sorry for what I did but that don’t mean I would listen to all and what did u speak I am standing here shamelessly then for kind info I never wanted to be here but my sister wanted me here so I am for her happiness and I don’t care what others thing and this is my last warning dare to speak any wrong word against my mother”

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  1. Ragini understand that she was wrong..and guilty about it but lakshya he was also wrong yar ladki se engagement kro phir tod do ye khkr k uski behan se pyar krta h n then apne bhai ke liye phir usse engagement krke use jhuti ummide di n then phir tod dena n worst was he was getting married to hr sister in front of ragu how much he has hurt her nobody have any idea about it.he is not aware of it.

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