I love u u are my life (Part 3)


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suddenly swara moves her head from shoulder
swara: i should tell di about this
swara: can you please call on the no. Which i am telling
boy: yeah sure why not
and swara tell the no. And that boy call it and give it to swara
swara: hello ragu di
ragini::what happen saru why are you crying and whose phone is this tell me saru what happen
swara crying: ragu di dad meet an accident he is in hospital di please you come na
ragu: dont worry saru i am coming their with your jiju tell are you alone
swara: no di someone help me and he is with me di
ragini: ok then give phone to him
swara give phone to that boy
ragini: thank i mr for your help can you stay their until we come
boy: yeah sure why not
and cuts the call

ragini: lakash we have to go kolkata now
lakash:what happen ragini
ragini: dad meet with an accident
lakash: cme lets go now only
and they leave
here docter come and swara and that you stand
docter:he is out of danger now
boy: thank u docter
docter: no thank u u realise me about my proffesion
swara: docter can we meet him
docter: not now after half anf hour you can meet him he resting now
and docter goes and swara in happiness hug that boy

swara: thank u so much u saved my life today
when swra huged him and current passes from his body and he smile seeing her smiling
boy thinks: whats happening to me why i cant see tear in her eyes and why i am happy seeing her happy god knows what is happening to me
swara: oh shit you did this much help of me i forget to ask your name
boy: my name sanskar maheswari yours
swara smiles: this much big name see my name short and simple swara bose
and hearing this both laugh
sanskar: you look cute while smiling
and as swara cant see but she gets happy listening this
swara: thank u for compliment
as she is talking and sanskar is admiring her suddenly nurse come
nurse: your dad come in consiousness you come and meet him
swara gets happy and stand up and go but hits her head on wall
swara: ouch
sanskar: be carefull swara come with me
and he put her hand on her head where she get hit and care it
sanskar make swara hold his hand and take her in


Credit to: Queen

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