I love u u are my life (Part 1)


This is my ff not first as i write story of two broken heart hope u like this ff

Its bright morning and happiness all around a flat is shown as we move in flat a room is shown and in room a girl is sitting near window her hairs are playing with air and she is playing guitar a very good tune coming from it as it will suprress all pain suddenly some one open the door and slowly come inside and slowly go towards that girl
girl: dad i know its u
yeah he is shekar dad of that girl
shekar: thats not fair sona you always identify me
yes the girl is sona our swara
swara: dad i am blind from eyes but i can sense you as i love u dad
shekar: no shona you are not blind i am your eyes na beta
and sits near her and hold swara hand
swara: but dad its my punishment bcz of me mom
and she is about to complete but shekar put his hand on her mouth
shekar: sona its not your fault how many times i tell u
swara: now dad please dont cry na i will not tell like this i cant see tear in your eyes
shekar : only on one condition
swara: ok
shekar: then come lets go out u will fell fresh
swara: ok
swara put her guitar and stand up
swara: dad my stick
shekar: i am here for my sona hold my hand
shekar hold swara hand
swara:love u dad

and they go out and go in a restaurent and eat then they go out as they are crossing road swara is about to fall due to leg twist and shekar hold her but from another side a car is coming full fast shekar make swara stand and turn and shocked to see car coming which is just near them shekar push swara a side and swara falls on side of road and car hit shekar and shekar fell on road in pool of blood and swara hear the sound and shout dad
swara crying: dad why are you not giving answer dad please say something
their people gather
swara start searching for her dad on road
swara: dad please some one help please and with her hand searching her dad and crying
swara: please dont you all have humanity please help me
but no one come suddenly a boy come and hold swara hand and make her stand
boy: come i will take youe dad to hospital
swara: thank u so much
boy: that you will tell me later
and take shekar in arms
boy: hey you hold my hand
and make her hold his hand and take near car and put shakher on back seat and make swara sit back and swara take shekar head on her lap and boy drove car towards hospital
so guys tell whome i choose opposite to swara sanskar or lakash please give your suggestion i will apply it on basis of more votes as i have decided the story but confuse whome to take opposite to swara


Credit to: Queen

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