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love u (twiraj ff) prologue


he guys i am new here i love twiraj pair so i am gonna write a ff based on their love story

twinkle taneja:most beautiful girl in the whole of amritsar,drama queen,heir to the taneja industries very rich
yuvraj luthra:most handsome boy in the whole amritsar,very rich,full of attitude,heir to the luthra industries,very rich
leela taneja:twinkle’s mother
anitha luthra:yuvraj’s mother
chinky:twimkle’s friend

kunj:yuvi’s friend
raman:leela’s brother
pinni:raman’s wife
mahi:raman’s and pinni’s daughter
pranav:yuvraj’s cousin brother
additional characters of the story will be added as the story progresses

a big house is shown a beautiful girl in her shorts and pink tank top wakes up as there is a loud music sound.It was her favourite song ready for it by taylor swift.she wakes up and goes out to the balcony yes as u all guessed it is twinkle taneja.on the other hand a boy wakes up in his black t-shirt due to the loud music from twinkles room.He to comes to his balcony yes he is yuvi.

yuvi:subha subha tumhare torture(early morning your torture)
twinkle:aei u mind ur tongue ok
yuvi:look at you face it lookks like some aunty
twinkle:u think yourselfs to be some great model

both of them fight their family members come to the balcony by hearing their noises

Leela:twinkle subha subha yuvi puttar ke saath kyo lad rahe ho
anitha;yuvi subha subha kyo meri laadli beti twinkle ke saath lad rahe ho
twinkle and yuvi together:he started i…she started it…
everyone laugh twinkle and yuvi sigh nd go
pls read nd comment nd pls don’t hesitate to say comment me the area of improvements

  1. Lovey_kz

    who is hero?? kunj or uv

  2. Lovey_kz

    who is hero?? kunj or uv btw epi is aqsm

  3. Fenil

    Awesome start.
    TwiRaj FF finally.

    1. Aamu

      U r a twiraj fan?

      1. Fenil

        TEI Fan Aamu.
        Love TwiNj
        Like TWiRaj !! I wanted to read TwiRaj one story !!

      2. Aamu

        Till today only 3 ff of twiraj are posted on TU😛

  4. Aamu

    Hey dear..
    Thats awesome start…
    Seems interesting..✌
    Will be waiting for it to start….😘

  5. Presha

    TwiRaj FF??

  6. Marrie

    I love twiraj
    Post soon 😊

  7. Awesome start dear
    Post soon dear
    luv u

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