because I love u: twinj os

Hey how are you all..missed you all very much l m back with os hope you all like it

Kunj sarna:married to twinkle.A very big business tycoon in india …very hot and handsome guy..all girls drool over him but he don’t even give attention to them

Twinkle sarna:married to kunj. Very cute beautiful and hot girl…love her life and enjoy to fullest..she was a model but left it after her marriage

Twinkle’s POV
‘Twinkle yaar our life is getting boring let’s do some adventures na’ said my husband who was bored of this busy life…We are married for the sake of our parents but we both don’t have any affairs… We just started our relationship as friends….’kunj let’s start our relationship by dating eo’ I said…’ya that’s the great idea Mrs twinkle kunj sarna oops sorry miss twinkle taneja’ he said

Next day again he was back with his daily routine. I thought he will plan a date for me but no he has totally forget about yesterday discussion… I was very angry with him I mean how can a person can easily forget about yestrrady’s plan and he is behaving normal..leave it.
@evening I was sitting in the balcony with a cup of black coffee..suddenly my phone rang and it was kunj.
K:hello is this miss twinkle taneja?

For sometime I was confused by his talks but then I remembered our plan and smiled
T:ya who is this?
K:myself Mr.kunj sarna naam toh suna hogs?
T(attitude): ya my mom told me that you are India’s biggest business tycoon
K:ya and you are a famous model right?
T:ya…so why did you cal me?
K:actually I wanted to go for a date with you

T:you are very fast forward Mr sarna…
K:kya karoon adaat se majboor…will you come for a date with me?
T:mmm…k but you should not bore me
K:you will enjoy my company its my guarantee…
T:let’s see…k bye..
I got quickly ready and went near kunj..
End of POV

Kunj’s POV
I had booked a whole cafe for us and was waiting for her and there she arrived.. Omg she was looking like an angel..she had wore maroon color jump suit and had left her hair and did minimal make up…
We sat down on chair and I ordered two cappuccino.. We talked about our life and everything… And left to our home.I was happy with her…days passed and we had fallen for eo..


Twinkle’s POV
One day kunj and I went to a pub…he was wearing black T-shirt and black jacket with black jeans and was looking very hot..l was wearing silver color one piece up till knee…my belly was visible and it had deep neck…as we entered pub all girls started tostare at kunj…iI felt very jealous… But this kunj he left me and went near those blo*dy girls…I was getting angry but then I understood that it was his plan to make me jealous so I did a plan

End of POV

Kunj’s POV
I was busy with girls to make twinkle jealous but my plan failed as she was behaving normal…then suddenly I saw a boy approaching towards her and he asked for a dance with her…and she readily agreed.They both were dancing together..I felt jealous went near them and punched that guy..
End of POV

K:how dare you touch her?
G:who are you to beat me?
K:I m her husband did u get that…don’t you dare to come near her…she is mine only mine…
Twinkle was happy hearing those words..she went near kunj but he didn’t talked to her as he was angry

T:if you don’t want to talk to me then its k I will go back to that guy…
She was about to go but he pulled her towards him and smashed his lips on her lips.. They kissed eo passionately.. They broke the kiss..twinkle was blushing..
K:don’t u dare to go near him you are mine only mine
T:oh vo kaise?
K:because I love u
T:I love u too
They both hugged eo tightly….

The End

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  1. Ayesha51

    the os
    was awesome
    fabulous superb
    too sweet
    and cute
    post another
    one like it
    lots of love


  2. Purvi128

    Aww… that was too cute…!!!
    I loved Kunj’s possessiveness..! How he punched that guy..! Nd said she is mine only mine..!
    Nd last scene was just aww..???
    Loved the os..
    Too cute..
    Keep writing!
    With love ?

  3. Awesome

  4. Sohi

    Amazing os

  5. Presha

    Loved it…
    Its cute..
    Love u..

  6. Soumya dii.
    I am so happy to see you back loved it beautiful. I Loved it

  7. Marvelleous. Beautiful.

  8. ??? It was Amaaazzinggg????I Loved it ! A perfect Os and Kunj’s possessiveness hayeeee???chaar chand laga diye????….?

  9. Ramya

    Hi soumyad
    Awesome girl
    Just so lovely
    Loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  10. Beautiful OS.u r a best writter

  11. Twinj

    Hey somuyad
    So gud to see u after so long…Oh god the os was so lovely…reminded me of those old days of twinj…ufff when they started their relationship from dating…although there was no noodle romance scene but it did remind me of that as well n the most unforgottable line twinkle twinkle shining star….it was a pleasure reading it…I so miss twinj….loved it…keep writing…

  12. SidMin23

    Love it kunj is too possessive keep writing

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Aww…soo cute lovely marvelous epi…

  14. hey soumya dii….
    m soooo srrieee dear mere account se login nahi ho rha well srsly too cute…..
    awwww……loved it ………♥
    I was srsly missing u infact recently on som,eone post I cmntd thinking it to b u……hehe 🙂
    lods of love…….♥
    amazing n soooo cute every damn single scene was……♥

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