love u till my last my last breathe (episode 4) by mehak

Hello!Everyone.SO SORRY for late update…i am back with my next next episode of my ff “luv u till my last breathe”.Thank U SO MUCH FOR LOVE AND SUPPORT.
Rathore mansion…..
Mr.rathore-sharma have get information about that girl?
sharma-yes sir.
sharma gives files to mr.rathore.

mr.rathore starts reading file.In file-
Name-anika singh oberoi w/o mr.shivaay singh oberoi.
He reads all information about anika.After reading he gets fume and he throw file.he decides to go OM.
After reaching OM.
Mr.rathore-anika where r u ?
All members come in hall .

Anika-uncle aap yah kaise?(uncle u here why?)
shivaay-u know him anika?
anika-no shivaay .i just meet him near sahil school(she tells whole incident to shivaay).
tej-oh my god u r here at oberoi mansion angad(mr.rathore) but why?
mr.rathore-i come here to take my daughter back.
shivaay-your daughter?who is your daughter here mr.rathore?
mr.rathore-anika is my daughter.

whole family gets 440 volt shock.
tej-what rubbish ?how can u say that anika is your daughter?
shivaay-yes?bade papa is right how can u say that she is your daughter?
mr.rathore-shivaay and tej u just shut up ok?this is my and my daughter’s matter u have no right to talk between ? and u people r talking about proof i have ?anika have bracelet in her hand that bracelet is given by me in her childhood.this given by me because anika have fear of darkness.

shivaay and anika look each other in shock becoz nobody knows except shivaay and sahil that anika have fear of darkness.
anika-yes?yes i have this bracelet but this is not enough proof to prove that i m your daughter?
mr.rathore,the last option is only DNA prove that anika is my daughter.
mr.rathore call doctor.Doctor comes to oberoi mansion .he take blood samples of anika and mr.rathore.
mr.rathore-i want reports as soon as possible. i will come after one hour.
after one come back to OM.

he is about to gives report to mr.rathore but shivaay takes before him.
he reads reports and he gets shock
anika-what happened shivaay?why r u shocked?
shivaay-anika u r daughter of mr.rathore i mean u r anika singh rathore.
anika goes near mr.rathore.
anika-why u done with this me huh?why u leave me ?bcoz of u i leave life like orphan.why tell me?i hate u

mr.rathore-don’t say like that dear.let me tell u why we get seprated?

precap-sorry guys for short update…so sorry

what is the reason behind anika and mr.rathore seperation.will be reaveled in next episode…
plz ignore grammatical mistakes.plz ignore grammatical mistakes .again sorry for very very short update update next episode soon..


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