Hi frnds laa here after a long time i think soo…hmm here is a ts of us ok ok…its also a story mahi and rakshu as maha was busy with another fs and ff…i m writing this on her behalf…ok no more aruvais lets start,,,,

Intro :


Sanskar maheshwari : a hot clg boy. 22 yrs old on his finall year of engineering in mahjar institute…a super duper singer.loves music wants to be a play back singer..he believes in love but not in love at firstsight….

Swara bose : a cute beauty of 20 yrs old. Doing 2nd yr of her arts in rakshbeer arts clg which is near to sanskar’s clg..an awesome guitarist and a singer too…belives in love, love at firstsight , one sided love everything…for swara love is everything…her family is in goa now she is staying in hostel…


A big auditorium is shown…a boy is seen standing at the center holding a guitar in his hands…he was looking dashing and hott why not he is the hearthorb of the city…crowd was going mad seeing him.all are shouting his name.

Crowd : sankyy…..sanky……

He bcm more crazy by hearing their shoutings….soon he starts to play the guitar and sings the song “”galliyan – ek villan””…………………….

After the song all gave huge round of aplouse and starts to shout his name his again…sanskar just bends to accept their praising and gets down from the stage…soon he goes to his frnds all gave a hifi to him….

Nik – hey buddy semma yaar…u only win this intercollage competition…

Sah – yeah bro u sang very well…u only win man see na i ll garantee it..

Sanskar just passes a smile to them and takes a sip of his coke.nikil sees somegirl and taped sanky’s shoulder.

San : what yaar….

Nik : buddy see na…that girl if u see her than u ll also belive in love at first sight…

Sanskar without turning

San – aree i said na i dont blv in love at firstsight and all…so plz leave it and come performance is gonna start…

Nikhil shook their head in disbelief and goes with him…theumy goes near the stage.soon the lights went of a spot light falls on a girl at the center stage.sanky meamerised sering her eyes, her lips ,her nose…infact he was lost in her beauty…soon he starts to play her guitar while singing a song “”hasi bangaye – HAK””…throughout her singing he was only staring at her and her song….performance gotover..she goes from there but sanky’s eyes was following her only…nikil taps his shoulder sanky came to senses…

Nik : buddy i said na…before he could complete sanky said

San : i fall in love with her at the first sight.

Sah : now whats ur plan bro

San : wanna date with her..

Nikhil : whattt.

San : yess i wanna know about her so i wanna date with her.

Nikhil : ohhh.

Soon judges came to the stage and was about to announce the winners of the competition…cuntdown starts

All : 4…..3…..2…..1

Judge : and the winner is SANSKAR MAHESHWARI finall yr engineering and the runnerup is SWARA BOSE 2nd yr arts…

Both swasan happily went to the stage and collect their prizes…after that all went from there all competition getsover..all starts to leave from there by their respective clg buses…

sannikhil was standing in the parking area..swara n her friends r standing there near their bus and was talking something…sanskar was continuesly staring her like he is gonna eat her as a dinner…swara feels a strong gaze on her.she turns to find sanky was staring her.she makes some excuses and goes towards sanky….

Nik : aree bhai she is coming here only…yaar sahil escape what if she slaped him…

Sah : haan bhai chal….

Both ran from there swara came to sanky and smiles at him n forwarded her hands….

Sw : hi sanskar i m swara,swara bose n congrats for ur victory n u r having an such a awesome voice…

Sanskar shakes her hands…

San : but I LOVE U

Swara jerks his hands…

Swa : whattt.

San : i said i love u…

Swa : what rubbish…have u gone mad

San : i wanna date with u…

Swa : really u r mad i m scolding u but u r asking me for a date…

San : haan i wanna date with u bcz i love u…

Swa : u r such an idiot…

Sanskar smiles.

Swa : go to hell…

San : wanna go with u babe…

Swa : arghhhhh maa…

San : no no i cant ur maa with us….

Swa : arghhhhh…

Swara stamps her foot and leaves to bus..she claimbs the first step…

San : swaraaaa…..

Swara turns and sees him…

San : i love u…saying so he gave a flying kiss to her…swara shook her head in disbelief n goes in the bus…sanky smiles at her…nikhil came to him…

Nik : buddy whats this.

Sah : kya kardhiya tune

San : whattt…i just propose her…

Nikhil : u r unbelivable yaar…

San : ok chal letz leave…

Trio leaves in one bike…

In bus…

Swara was sitting in the window seat she was smiling herself her frnd tapped her shoulder…

Aru ( aaradhya ) : swara what happen ur face is glowing this much…

Sw : vo…aaru today sanky na he proposed me..

Aaru : what the same sanky ur dream boy ???

Sw : haan aaru but it was too funny u know…

She said everything to aaru

Aaru : hmm so u intensionally avoided him…

Sw : yeah yaar u know na how many girls are drolling over him.but i want him to be with me only…so it is needed..

Aaru : anyways…do play overdo…than he may go to another girl…

Swa : dare…i wont let that happen he is mine only….

Aaru smiles at her….


Hey guys hope u enjoyed it do tell me how is it through ur cmnts…and ya i gonna write this in tei too but with maha’s id…i just wanna inform it..bye

By malaaa

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