San : haan swara i m ur dream only….

Swa : smiles n starts to carsses his cheeks….

San : ok juliet tell me did u like me….

Swa : haan this much….saying so she spreads her hands in air….

San : laughs at her act…then do u love me……

Swa : thinks something n entwinkled her hands in his neck…I LOVE U MORE THAN MYSELF…..

Sanskar overwhelmed by her answer….sanskar slowly leans closer to her n captures her lips :-*……….

Soon both parted away n swara realises that he is not her dreams…but the only thing she can do is blushing…they were sharing an intense eyelock….suddenly they hears a knock on the door….swara makes him stand….

Swa : see romeo aaru came….

Sanskar pulls her closer by her waist…her hands was on his chest…

San : oh ms.juliet dont worry…i m here na…..

Saying so he nuzzles his face on her neck….swara pushes him towards the window….

Swa : goooo…..

Sanskar smiles n gives her a flying kiss n leaves from there…swara close the window n blushes….again she hears a knock…she went n opens the door…aaru questions her but somehow swara convinces her n closes the door….today both swasan sleeps with a bright smile plastering on their lips…….

Morning sanskar picksup swara from the hostel both went for a day out…..sanskar took swara to his clg n proposes her infront of all girls in the clg….

San ( whispers in swara’s ears ): now u wont be angry on me na…..

Swara nods n after that both roam around almost whole city….days passed sanskar was completed his graduation…but a well known company offered him a job in US first sanskar didnt agree but somehow swara convince him n sents him to US meanwhile in india families came to know about shradhya’s love…so they fixed their marriage but sans was being in abroad sees the marriage through skype n tells them about his love n about swara…all agrees with pleasure….its been a year since sanskar went to abroad here swara also completes her study…in this time sanskar got an offer as a manager of company in india…sanskar happily agrees n he thought to give a surprise to swara so he hids about it…sanskar was coming to india by flight but at the delhi airport the flight crashed….everyone in the flight was dead including sanskar….

maheshwari’s n swara anyhow came to know about sanskar’s dead….swara was not at all accepting the truth that sanskar is NO MORE…swara bcm mentaly not stable she imagines that sanskar is with her….n talking with her….but sanskar is with her only….his soul is with her always…her sanskar is with her always….aaru was taking care of swara…. as ap pleaded her parents to let her bahu stay with them….

Now the only person swara knows is SANSKAR…..n the only sentence she knows is I LOVE U SANSKAR…..she was living with his thoughts her sanskar’s thoughts…………..

After six months swara’s condition was bcm worst…she was being sturbonn n letting aaru also to came near her….she was continuesly saying “SANSKAR PLZZZ TAKE ME WITH U…I WANNA BE WITH U…WANNA HUG….WANNA KISS U….”finally swara cant face anymore she cuts her veins…ends her life no….it was not a ending actually it was begining of her life with her sanskar in the heaven…..

°°°°°°°°°°°THE END°°°°°°°°°°

Sry guys bcz i know this is the worst part which i have written in my life but what to do maha is out of town n she told me to cmplete the stry somehow….so here i have ended it….plzzzz forgive us really really sorry….

Good bye…..


  1. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    If u want to end u could have ended with happy ending…. Sorry to say but i didn’t like this at all…. I opened this ss with very much interest but now i am regretting it…. Every story need not to have a happy ending but this story definitely doesn’t deserve a sad ending….

    • SHAN


      |Registered Member

      Sorry if my words hurt u…. But i am hurt i expected something else in ur part…. But i got something else…. Ok leave it

      • SHAN


        |Registered Member

        Yup arshu even i expected a lot from this ss…. Its such a cute love story…. The starting was superb…. But ending is drastic…..

  2. Laaa



    akka i m really really sry bcz i m also regretting for this ending but maha is out of town she said me to end it somehow i dont have any idea how to end it so wrote this but i promise maha will give epilogue for this i think ava endinga kuda maathalam bcz avale phonela semmaya thititaa…sry akka i promise u ll get a nice ending soon…..

    • SHAN


      |Registered Member

      Ilati niye avata ketrukalam ending epdi eludanu….. Enaku puriyuthu ela storyum happy a mudiyanumnu illa ana inda ss la tragedy a eduvumey illa aparam en sad ending????adan enala accept panika mudila…..nan romba expect panen inda ss a…. Ipdi sattunu mudipenu nenaikala aduvum ivlo sad a…..disappoint ayiten….

  3. Srusti


    |Registered Member

    I didn’t liked this part y u do this to my swasan but I am understands ur problem dear by confusion to get story finished u did this right? but promise me dear next plzzzzz give a happy ending sorry dear if my words hurt u badly but what to say I was a become a mad lover of this ff since from begging I liked it a lot sanskar antics to propose swara but ending made me sad and I am happy because my swasan or together in heaven

  4. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Sorry to say bt I didn’t liked it…
    U spoiled d beautiful story by dis ending…
    Wat was dat 😕😕😕
    I hd so much expctns from dis stories bt u ruined it… u shud ve cmpltd it in ts only na y u extnded it… sorry if i hurt u bt by reading dis m hurt yr… nvr expctd dis

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.