Episode 2

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In afternoon

Sanikhil was sitting in the canteen…sanskar was looking upset….

Nik – sanky kya hua….

Sah – i think romeo is missing his juliet….

San – haan buddy really i wanna see her now….

Nik – than come….

Sanhil – kahan….

Nik – aree its lunch time only come we ll go to swara’s clg…

Sanskar’s face lightenup….he immediately gets up n kisses nikil on his cheeks…..nikil while wipeing his cheeks….

Nik – haan haan come lets go…

Saying so sanikhil left to swara’s clg but watchman didnt allow them to getin…so sanikhil planned something n claimb the backside compound wall…there students were roaming around bcz its lunch time..

.soo sanikhil mingles with them so noone can identify them…they starts to search swaradhya…finally they find them in canteen (:-* buckaads )….they goes near swaradhya…swara was about to take a second bite of her sanwich but before that sanskar snatches it n bite it….swara was shocked while aaru smiles at sanskar….

Aaru – hey handsome….

San while busy in eating the sanwich – hi ms.beautiful….

Swaradhya getsup from there seats while sanikhil sits on the chairs….

Swa – u guys….what r u doing here….

Aaru – haan handsome if anyone seen u than it will be a big prob….

San – dont worry ms.beautiful we r also clg students so no one will identify us…

Aaru smiles while swara gave a death glare….

Swa – ok kaam hogaye na ab jao…leave from here….

San – are aise kaise…u have to come for a date…till than i wont go from here….

Swa – kya have u gone mad…go from here….

San – yes or no…

Swa – No

San – than i wont go….

Swa – go to hell….

Saying so swara drags aaru n starts to leave but they hearing a voice no no actually its a song….

Dekha hai tujhko jabse
Haay main toh hil gaya
Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya (x2)

Sanskar came near swara while doing some dance steps
..he held her hands but swara jerks him n moves frm there…

Mummy se kya Daddy se bhi milaaunga tujhe
Arey jo bhi main kahuntujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat PALAT…

Sanskar signs while follows her
..soon the clg boys also starts to dance with sanikhil….

Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyaan kidhar hai
Yeh tera hero idhar haiToh Palat…

Aaru also starts to dance with them swara goes to aaru n drags her…..

Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai
ki tera dhyan kidhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai

Ho kehta hai mujhse kyun zamaana..

Swara was sitting in a bench sanskar sits on the other side n slides towards her…he hits her….she getsup but sanskar held her wrist….

Arey haan, nahi aasaan haitujhko paana
Aah.. tere nakhre uthaaun sanam
Mujhko teri kasam

Again sanskar starts to dance while swara was walking with aaru….

Taang dun chand ko, teri kurti mein
Arey jo bhi main kahun
tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat

Finally sanskar held her wrist…n sings….

Tera dhyaan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyaan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Toh Palat na…Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai
Ke tera dhyan kidhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai……

All r dancing around swara including aaru….suddenly….

Voice – STOP IT….

San – eva ava…..

Swa whispers – correspondent sir….

Cor – what the hell is this swara…

Swa – sir wo…

San – sir wait i ll clear u i m sanskar,sanskar maheshwari i m an engineering student….

Cor – what engineering student than what r u guys doing here…swara u have to face this come all of u come to my cabin….

Swara hits her head…she was in a verge of crying…sanskar was about touch her but she jerks him….sanky feels bad….

Swa – thank u for everything…now please dont do anything…plzzz

She folds her hands infront of him….n leaves frm there with aaru….sanky starts to cry he also dont know why he was crying seeing swara’s crying…nikhil clutches his shoulder n trio leaves to corres room….


Swasannikhil n aaru was standing infront of corres…

Cor – so what is ur work here mr.maheshwari…who called u here…swara ????

San – no sir actually….

Cor – ooh iska matlab swara called u here….

San – sir plz she doesnt call me…actually i was following her frm the past three days for a date so thats y today also i came here….

Cor – are u not ashamed of this mr.maheshwari…forcing a girl is punishable…i have to speak to ur family give me their number….

Sanskar thinks sometime n gives shravan’s number….
Correspondent tell them to wait outside….

Aaru – jaan see today bcz of u he accepts everything just bcz of u jaan i m sure he is loving u…plz swara accept a date….

Swara looks on sanky who was just gave genuin smile to her…swara smiles back….

Aaru – jaan wait i ll be back….

Aaru goes frm there….

~~~Swara’s pov~~~

I m sorry sanskar….but sure i ll come for a date with u….I LOVE U sanskar……


Swa whispers – I LOVE U sanskar….

San – did u said anything….

Swa – nahi…kuch nahi….

Then shravan comes there n sanshr goes in…after sometime both came out with a pale face…

Nikhil – bhai kya hua.. .

Sanshr starts to laugh loudly n hugs eo….

Shr – yaar guys y r behaving like this…moreover sanskar is frm another clg how can he punish him…he just gave advices….

Shr in lower tone – sanskar kon hai apki ladki….

San – bhai wo….red wali….

Shravan looks up but aaru also came that time he starts to stare aaru….sanskar shook him….

San – bhai she is mine….

Shr – areee pagal…nice she will perfect for u…continue ur job ok…i m leaving….

Saying so shravan leaves from there…his concentration was fully on aaru only….

Sanskar came near swara….she expected him to say his ordinary dialogue…

San – ok bye juli…oops bye swara i m leaving…i wont follow u anymore…but plzzz dont cry….

Swara was shocked by his act…then sanskar starts to leave with nikhil but swara stops him….

Swa – oiiii romeo….

Sanskar turns….

Swa – dont u wanna date with me….

Sanskar was beyond happy he was about run towards her but before that she drags aaru n leaves frm there….sanskar jumps in happines n leaves frm there…..

Precap : swasan date….

Hey guys hope i didnt bored u…bcz u know what nowadays i was not in a mood of writing…but plzzz if it is not upto ur marks than plzzz forgive me…bye


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