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Swara diresctly went to her room and starts crying aftersometime…

Swara pov :

Swara why are u crying…this is the thing what u want…now u r free from this realationship..u can search sahil also…u can live ur life with him….and sanskar he will live with his love…i can remember that one day he said he is in love with someone…yes swara this is correct just one week after that sanskar will go to US and u can search sahil from pune…

Swara standsup and wipes her tears and starts to pack her stuffs….

In bar…

Sanskar was drinking since he left frm mm…he was now fully drunken but now also he didt stop..after 9 waiter came to him..

Wa : sir…

Sa : go take one more peck…

Wa : sir this is closing time…here is ur bill sir..

Sanskar snatches the bill from him..

Sa : haan i ll give first give me another…

Wa : sir all are out of stock…

Sa : gimme…

Wa : sir u r already crossed the level…sir now leave please..

Sanskar held his collar and starts to beat him..another staffs and manager came there and throw out sanskar…
Sanskar drives his car from there…he stops his car in a forest area…he came out from the car with a brandy bottle in his hands…he starts to walk in the road he cant walk properly…

San : why swara…why are u doing all this…u know na i m in love with someone…then y cant u find that its u damn it…sahil is ur past…i m ur present…why cant u understand…today i lost my image infront of everyone in the court that too only for u…bcz i love u swara…i love u….

Saying so he fell on his knees and starts to cry…then he felt a hands in his shoulder..sanskar turns..

San : wispers ) laksh…

Laksh makes sanskar stand properly…

La : what is this sanskar…i m seeing u after 6 years but u..where from comes theses habits…

The bottle fell down from sanskar hand and he hugs laksh and starts to cry..
Laksh caressing his back

La : sanskar what happen…

Sa : laksh u know na i m in love.

La : haan i know u love swara.but u both are married now then what is the problem…

Sw : haan…but how do you know i m married to swara..bcz u didnt came to our marriage also and u also know about swara’s engement..then how..

La : haan sanskar wo…wo..i went to mm today maa told me…

San : hmmm ok…laksh u know i love her…

La : then whats up..

San : laksh wo…swara now also sahil only…she want divorce from me..i also give her..

La : but how judge can give u divorce..

San : i lied to them.

La : what did u say…

San : haan laksh i said i cant beome father…

Laksh slaps sanskar hardly..

La : are u nuts..how can u say like that..

San : then what can i do..i love her..this is her happiness..

La : then what about u..

San :

La : sanskar listen sahil is her past now u are the present..u need to give a chance to ur relationship..first go..go and propose her then we can see what we can do…go first

Saying so laksh pours water in sanskar..and made him sit in the car.sanskar starts the car he see laksh through mirror he was bidding bye to sanskar with a sad smile…

At mm .in swasan room

Swara was packing her stuffs..sanskar enters the room and see this..

San : swara what are u doing..

Sw : i m doing packing..

San : i know that but where u going..

Sw : i m going to pune..

San : but

Sw : we ll get the papers in 1 week then u will go to US and i m going to pune for searching sahil..

San : whatt..

Sw : haan sanskar i m going to search sahil…and will live my life with him..

San was controlling his tears..

San : ok all the best…i m… i m going to sleep

Swara nods and sanskar went to his side. Lies on bed and closes his eyes..

Sanskar pov :

I m sorry laksh…i came here to propose her only but she is telling she is going to search sahil…go swara go wherever u wanna go..i ll be there for u..bcz i love u..

At morning..

Ap informs that laksh parents invite swasan for lunch..swasan agrees at noon both went to kapoor mansion..
Ramtha and ragini welcomes then they talks for sometime then all went to dining table for lunch..sanskar search for laksh…

San : ragini where is laksh…

Ramtha and ragini was became teary eyed…then swara clutches sanskars hands. Sanskar was surprised by this and turns to her she signs him to see somewhere…then sanskar was freeze at his place to see the garlands in laksh photo…

Rag : sanskar laksh died two years before

San : but…wo i m really sorry ragini

Then after that swasan left frm there..

At mm in swasan room

Sanskar was sitting in the bed..

Sanskar pov

How can this happen bcz yeserday only see laksh then…is that is my dream

La : no sanskar its real i m infront of u only..

Laksh spirit appears infront of sanskar…

La : sanskar i know u r in delima…i m ur friend..i ll be there for u..anytime anywhere..u first confess ur feelings to swara…

Saying so laksh disappears from there…

San : but how can i say this to swara…

Sw : which thing sanskar…

San : haan wo…wo…we are going to pune for 4 days…for honeymoon..

Sw : what honeymoon…that too pune..but how can we go…we r going to get divorce..

San : but our family dont know this swara..we need to do this for our family sake..

Sw : hmm ok.

San : wo actually maasi ma is there in pune we need to go there…

Sw :

San : get ready…we are leaving tonight…

Swara nods..sanskar start his packings…

At night swasan goes to pune by flight…

In flight

Swara while sleeping resting her head in sanskar shoulder..sanskar stares at her..

Sanskar pov

Swara i ll be the happiest person if u be this with me forever. Swara y are u doing like this when will u realise my feelings swara…

Laksh frm backseat..

La : she will soon realise it sanskar i ll make her realise..

San : in lower tone laksh u here..

La : i said na buddy i ll always there for u at anytime n anywhere…

Sanskar smiles and continues his staring on swara…

La : sanskar

San : hmm…

La : will u going to stare her like this forever or….

San : shhhh…

Swara wakesup laksh disappears..

Sw : what happen sanskar…tum kisse baat karrahi ho..

San : woo…nothing i m just hitting mosquitoes…

Sw : mosquitoes…in flight…

San : u sleep swara i ll manage

Swara shook her head in disbelief and starts to sleep again…then laksh appears infront of sanskar…sanskar glares at him and laksh smiles at him..

Then at morning swasan reached pune…


Precap : swasan in pune….

Hey guys…laa again here..guys whats happen comments are decreasing..please its our request…please do comments..bye


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