Episode 1

Gadodia mansion

A girl is stting in the floor near to her bed resting her head in bed crying misserably.she was fully dressed in a bridal attire but her face was not like a bride it was full pale and hairs were messey due to crying..then a old man nearly 60 came to her room and sit in the bed beside her.then the girl rested her head in the oldman lap and starts to cry loudly..oldman put his hand on the girl’s head and tries to pacify her…

Old man : beta swara please dont cry

Sw – how should i be quite dada. Y all this are happening to me..what mistake i did..this the fate that no one loves me..and dont be with me..

Da : beta please dont say like that..leave all that..all are happened we cant change anything..but beta now can save me..

Swara looks up at him

Da : haan beta if this marriage didnt happen na..then i ll die..

Sw : but dada he ran away then who will marry me..no one will accept me bcz i m a bad oman..i m a sin..

Da ; beta please..and he will marry u..

Sw :

Da : sanskar..ur friend he will accept u..he will understand u..even his parents also convinced him for this marriage…please beta accept this marriage please marry him…warna…

Sw : but dada i love someone else..then how can i marry sanskar.

He folds his hands swara’s tears stoped..she stood up and wiped her tears..

Sw : dada i ll marry sanskar..

Then swara goes to mandap where sanskar was already sitting in the mandap as groom..swara sits beside him as a lifeless body.then take seven prehars sanskar makes swara wears mangalsutra and fills her maang by sindoor..their marriage got finished..after marriage maheshwari family leaves to their house.

At night in maheshwari mansion..sanskar room..

The room was fully decorated swara sitting in his bed with a veil in her head.sanskar came in closes the door and went near swara .sits beside her.he removes her veil. He smiles at her she also smiles seeing him.sanskar places his hands on her palm he looks into her eyes for seeking permission she again smiles at him then sanskar cups her face and leans closes to her. He captures her lips it was a passionate kiss…soon sanskar swara pushes sanskar and slaps him hard..sanskar was looking at her in shock while keeping his hand on his cheek.then someone calls sanskar and came out from his dreams..yes he was dreaming all this he was still in the door step..he sees swara she was sitting properly in his bed..

Sanskar pov

Omg what was that…i know sanky u love her eventhough she loves someone..but now today she is ur wife…she is in trauma u need to give her time to adjust with u…i know swara i can do anything for u my love…i ll give u ur time

Again his thoughts was disturbed by swara’s calling sanskar went near the bed..

Sw : sanskar i know u also not happy with this marriage..this is just a name sake marriage we ll divorce soon..dont worry i m ur friend and will be friend forever…

Sanskar was shattered by her words..then he sits near swara and takes her hand in his and cups her one cheek..

Sa : swara we can talk about this later..its already late..u sleep here..

He getsup and starts to take blanket and pillow but swara caught his wrist..

Sw : sanskar u r my friend..i have a trust on u..u can sleep here with me…

Sanskar smiles at her and make a pillow wall between them and lay on the right side. Soon swara dozed off but sanskar was still awake he was admiring her…then he closes his eyes and tries to sleep but suddenly he feels some weight on him he open his eyes to found swara was cuddling with him like a baby…he searches for the pillow but it was on the corner of the room..he tries to wake her up but after remincing morning dramas he let her sleep like this and he also soon dozed off..

In the morning sanskar wakes up first and gets up without disturbing swara and took her in his arms and lay her in the left side of the bed. Covers her with blanket and made the pillow wall as before to avoid awkwardness…then he takes a towel from cupboard and went to washroom….


Precap : based on ur comments…

Hey guys…i m lavanya maha’s bestiee actually she wont come to tu till 25 bcz of our xams..but this is our story i m writing this in the behalf of her..comment if u like it..bye..

Mala ( maha lavanya )


  1. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Semma !!! Semmma Kallakitaa Thangachissss !!!! waaaa Mahaaaa !!! Love it dear.. !!! Lavanyaaa my new sis.. !!! u r doing an awesome work dear.. all r liking it.. continue soon n rock this FF … !! I know u n Maha will do it.. !!! superb… !!!
    N best of luck for exams to both of u.. !!!
    Thnk u… ;-*

  2. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Hmmm, interesting concept dear.. Plz continue..All the best for your exams guys…
    Take care
    Keep smiling๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. Mahavir



    no di it was actually her story only but due to xams she cant write so she will tell me the story and i ll write it..and this idea is completely hers only i m just writing it…and thanku di. and ya next 2 parts are posted.

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    • Laaa


      |Registered Member

      hey akshu ma…thank u and ya next 6 parts are posted…read it if u can…and yaa nan mahi kita solidren..bye dear love u too…

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