Love u ….swasan episode 7


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Swara washes her face …her face is really glowing ….
It’s 8pm night ..
She had her dinner and is sitting in her room …reading magazine ..
She gets calll ..
Swara : ok I will be there in 10 min ..
Swara changes her clothes and takes her stethoscope with her. …
She goes down ..
Swara : ma I have an urgent case I will be back soon..
Meeta: ok dear …be careful ..
Swara leaves in car ..
Varun : where is swara. …

Meeta : she got an urgent case so she went to hospital …
Varun : mom but time is …too late …
Meeta : she said she will comeback ..
Varun : I will change and go to hospital ok ..
Meeta : ok dear ..
Varun leaves …
Swara is busy in surgery. …
Laksh also joins the surgery ..
He sees swara doing with much concentration ….

After the surgery swara comes out
Nurse : it’s successful mam ..
Swara : good …
Dean : super miss swara ..
Swara : thank u sir ….
The dean leaves …
She turns she finds laksh …
Swara : hi laksh r u …
Laksh : hi swara ..I am fine …
Swara : I know about our marriage but at least we can be good friends right …..
Laksh : of course swara ..
They shake hands …
Varun comes ..
Varun : swara..

Swara : bro what r u doing here ..
Varun : I just came to pick up …Oh hi laksh ..
Laksh : hey dude ..everything fine ..
Varun : haan ..
They hug ..
Laksh : ok I need to go home bye swara .
Swara : bye laksh …
Laksh leaves in his car ..
Varun : let’s go ..
Swara : sure.
In car ..
Swara gets message ..
Sanskar: hey swara ..had dinner …
Swara reply : haan sanky u ….
Sanskar : haan finished …u didn’t sleep till now ..
Swara : no sanky I had an case so I came to hospital ..
Sanky : what at this time ….u know what is the time ..
Swara : sorry yaar …

Sanky : I will come and pick u up ..
Swara : no need my bro is there with me ..
Sanky : ok …after u reach message me ok ..
Swara : ok …bye ..
Sanky : bye ….
Sanky thinks : tomorrow I should say her to leave her job permanently ….

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. Nice……now I only swara reaction how WL she react on sanskar’s thought.Hope she will take stand for herself.

  2. Hey dear… Your ff is marvellous but it’s a sincere request please make the episodes longer. Truly ur a blessed writer. Keep writing….. Love ya…

  3. Dolly, dude u r too good. I’m in love with ur ff. Please try and make ur episodes longer. Thank You and sorry if im troubling or hurting you!

  4. nice but plzz make it longer

  5. nice plzz make it longer..

  6. Pls make longer.It’s really nice

  7. Pls make it longer

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