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Love u ….swasan episode 4


Hey guys I am really happy with ur response ….many of u r confused about the pairs …….its swasan and raglak only ….upcoming u will realize it …
So let’s get started ..
@maheshwari mansion ..
Everything is arranged beautifully …with flowers and petals all over …its really grand …there is mixture of colors ….like rainbow ..
Dp : are the boys ready tell them to come down …
Ap : haan ..
The bride’s arrive with their family …..
Rishi : hey …Dp ..
Dp : hey ..
They hug ..
Shekhar comes ..

Dp goes and hugs him ….
All the trio hug …
Rp joins them ….
All the women hugs …..
Ap : arrey Swara looking very beautiful ..
Swara is rearing red heavy Saree with crystals and with diamond crystal necklace and earings …made her hair free with red roses pinned back ..
Ap applies kaala teeka …
Ragini comes …
Ragini is wearing gold Saree with gold yellow flowers and with gold yellow necklace and earings ….made her like bridal style
Ap : looking awesome dear

Ap applies kaala teeka …..
Sanlak comes …..
Sanskar is wearing red and white sherwani
Laksh is wearing gold and yellow sherwani ..
(Opposite colors )
Meeta : oh oh my son in law is looking handsome ….and his bro is cuteness overloaded …
Sanlak takes blessings from meeta …
Meeta : smile forever …
Sharmishta : yeh kya hai ….ur fiance is wearing opposite colour dress
Its like Swara and sanskar , Laksh and ragini ..
Sanskar is surprised ……
Laksh is shocked ….with surprise ..
Swara and ragini comes …
Sanlak gets memerised …and opposite also attracts them …
They make them stand in pairs ….
Laksh : so Swara r u happy with this marriage
Swara : haan …my parents wish …

Laksh : same here …u can be however u want ..make it like ur own house
Swara : thanks …and ya u r really kind ..
Laksh : by the way u look beautiful today …
Swara blushes
Swara : thanks …
And they get into their doctor cases
Ragsan …
Sanskar : so ..
Ragini : so Mr maheshwari ..u agreed with this marriage ..
Sanskar : haan ….and one more thing I don’t want u to do work after marriage …
Ragini was shocked as her career is like god ..she can’t leave it
Ragini : what ?? I cannot leave my job..

Sanskar (angry): y …listen miss ragini I want a girl who looks after the house and my mom ..not the one who looks after her job
Ragini : which world r u in Mr sanskar ..I mean in this society all women work ..its their dignity ..see even Swara works her husband does not have any problem …then y u
Sanskar : that’s his problem ..but I am not like him …hope u understand ..and if I say no ..means no …
Ragini gets tears …but controls it …
Ap : now come and exchange rings …
Swara forwards her hand …Laksh stares at her and puts it ..but it falls …..
Everyone is shocked …
Dp gets angry and looks at Laksh …
Laksh gets scared and searches for ring ..
Everyone searches
Sanskar takes it and gives to Laksh …..
Laksh makes her wear ..
Laksh forwards his hand ..
Swara tries to wear his ring ..but it doesn’t go in his finger ….
Everyone gets tensed …..
Meeta : I think its small …wait ..she gives her ring ..
Swara makes him wear it …
All clap ….

Ragini with tears forwards her hand ..
Sanskar makes her wear …….
Ragini with shaking makes him wear
All clap
Shekhar : so u r officially engaged now ..
Rishi ,Dp and shekhar hug ….
Swara hugs varun …..
Varun with tears : so my sis became big ..
Swara also with tears : haan u ….
Avinesh comes ..
Varun : hey avi
Swara : hi bro ..
Avi hugs Swara ..
Avi : looking like angel doll ..
Swara : thanks bro ..
Avi : one sec I am kidnapping ur brother to talk something …
Swara laughs : OK OK …

Varun and avi leaves …
Swara stands still drinking juice ….
Laksh comes and informs
Laksh : Swara I have a emergency I will come back soon
Swara : sure
Laksh leaves …
Someone pats
Swara turns ….
Sanskar : so u r Swara ..the famous doc in Paris …
Swara : haan ….she smiles ..
Sanskar gets memerised
Sanskar : already their is case who runs to hospital even in midnight …now one more added …
Swara laughs ..
Swara : don’t worry I won’t ….first of all I will leave my job for 1 year so I can take care of aunty in the house ….then only
Sanskar is speechless hearing the sentence he wish ….he an marry her …
Swara : so ..I should call I jiju right ..
Sanskar : no need for formalities u can call me sanky
Swara : OK sanky …..

They laugh …
Some guest comes ..
They see swasan ..
Guest : wow u r like made for each other …may god bless u
Swasan are shocked ..
Swara : no no u misunderstood us …he is not my husband …my husband went to work ….
Sanky : yes ….my wife is there ….pointing towards ragini ….
Guest : oh sorry the even she looks good with u
Swasan see each other …
Laksh comes …
Laksh : so my bro gave company to u ..

Swara : haan ..ur bro is really good …..
Laksh : I know ..
Sanlak hug ….
Sanky : OK u carry on bye Swara ..
Swara : bye ….
Laksh : shall we go …
All the four sit …
Ragini and Swara introduce themselves and talk …they become good friends …
Kapoor family leaves ..
Swara : bye Laksh ..
Laksh : bye Swara …
Sanskar : bye Swara
Swara : bye sanky ….
Kapoor leaves ……
Shekhar : so even we will leave now …
Dp : OK …
Ap blessed ragini …
Sanskar : bye ragini
Ragini : hmm ….bye ….
She leaves …
They also leaves …
Pari : omg two bhabhis are awesome …yaar I enjoyed their company …
Ap : after all whose bahu’s they are …..
Ap : so from tomorrow shopping shopping …..
Pari : yayyyy and bro’s will be the bag holders …
Sanlak : no way …we have work ..
Ap : so ..bad ..I hate u both (she makes pout face )
Sanky : when will u stop emotional blackmailing us mom ….
Laksh : OK done …we will join u …

Ap smiles
Pari : so tommorow all will come …yippee happy day
@kapoor mansion …
Swara changes into pyjama …
Varun : so is had a blast ..
Swara : haan but I am really sleepy now ….and by the u r gonna come tomorrow as bag holder ….I am happy
Varun : who said I am coming …I am top business man …how can I come
Swara : I say ,means u should come OK …after I go to another house ..u will only enjoy here right ..
Varun has tears and is about to cry …..
Varun : who said I will enjoy …I will miss u like hell …I love Swara ,..,.,.,.my baby …he hugs her very tightly …
Swara also cries … …..I will miss u too ….
Varun : so come sleep now tomorrow we need to go right ….
Swara : hmmm yaaa…..
Swara sleeps on varun’s lap ..

Varun caresses her hair …
She sleeps peacefully ……………….

Precap : shopping masti ….

How was it guys ..hope u like it and plz comment ….

Credit to: Dolly

  1. Nice

  2. Overall it was good bit really didn’t like the way Sanskar behaved with Ragini.. Anyways it is swasan so it seems to be more twist nd turns r ahead.

    Keep posting.

  3. Superb episode. Awesome. How bad Sanskar is to tell Ragini to leave her job. I have one request – Just as you showed Swara and Sanskar meet, show Ragini and Laksh too.

  4. Plss upload next one soon loved the episode

  5. nice plot, add raglak also in your title I thought it swasan ff, waiting to know the raglak bond

  6. There’s no chance of swalak or ragsan here and everyone knows that dear..cause your ff’s tittle is love u swasan..btw..nice episode…

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