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@airport ..
Swara comes wearing a pink sleeveless top with white over coat and white jeans making a high pony tail …with a trolley luggage in her hand …(only one )
Swara : at last after 3years I am stepping in India …aww the smell of India is welcoming me ….
She goes out …
Varun was waiting ..

Varun didn’t notice her ..he easy busy searching something in phone clinging to his car …
Swara comes running and hugs him very tightly ……
Swara : bro I missed u so much …..
Varun : Swara …me too ….hugging her back very tightly …
They break the hug ..
Swara : oh oh u became so handsome what is the matter
Varun : nothing ..he blushes ..
Swara : bhabhi’s magic ..I know
She laughs ..
Varun : stop teasing first tell how are u ….u didn’t even call ….
Swara : vo I was busy with an hectic schedule ….now I will be here for 1year maybe …I have a client and patient here ….a very serious case ..
Varun : they called u because because u r the champ in medical field ….he pulls her both cheeks.
Swara smiles ..
Varun : OK come sit in car …
He keeps her luggage in the back seat …
Varun : oh shit one sec ..I will be back ..
Swara : OK bro …
Varun leaves
Swara is in car peeping out threw window ,.,.,.,
The nature becomes cloudy and starts to drizzle ….
She enjoys seeing it …..
(Varun was talking with sanskar ..about their business details ..that’s y he went )
Varun was talking in phone with his pa …

Sanskar was standing ….he noticed Swara …playing with the drizzle …(sapna jahan plays )
Sanskar smiles seeing it and gets memerised ……..
Varun comes ..
Varun : sir ur file will come tommorow ..
Sanskar : I know u will do it ….my champ OK bye ….
Varun : thank u sir
(Varun is 25 ….sanskar is 26)
Sanskar sees varun going to girl …and leaving in car ….
@kapoor mansion ….
Meeta : keep the flower vase over there OK ..
Servant : yes mam….
Meeta : see the photo frame is not proper …
Meeta and some servants are decorating the room …its been 3years ….the room is full white and pink and lots of photo frames with sofa ,a big vanity ,a very big bookcase and a big bed …
Someone from behind blind fold her ..
Meeta : who is this …
Swara comes front ..
Swara : hi ma …
Meeta : swaraaaa ……she hugs her very tightly there is tears of happiness …..
Meeta : how r u dear …how long will u take to see ur mom …3years too Much …she has full tears ..

Swara wipes her tears ..
Swara : mom I came an ..I will be here 1 year I have a case that’s y …so we will do full masti ..
Meeta : yes of course ….again hugs her ..
Varun : oh oh till yesterday I was hugging everyone forgot me …
Swara : come join ….
They share a family hug ..
Meeta : OK dear freshen up and come we will have dinner ..and dad will also come OK ..
Swara : OK mom ….
They leave ….
Swara looks around the room her childhood memories rises …
She goes and lays on the bed ..the feel to be back some ……is wordless …can’t describe can be felt only when we r in that situation…
She changes into simple shirt and skirt ..
She goes down
@living room ..
Swara and varun were sitting in sofa …Swara showing pics in her phone and varun commenting it ….

Swara : see this is my favorite restaurant …
Varun : hmmm …good choice sis …
Swara : how is this my selfie …
Varun : ha ha ha very funny …
Swara : funny huh ..she tickles him ….
Varun : Swara stop yaar ,..,.,,…..
Varun takes Sofa’s pillow and fights ..
Swara also takes and fights ..they both stand in the sofa and fight …..jumping ….
Rishi comes ..
Rishi : Swara my daughter ,…,.,
As soon as Swara hears the voice she gets down and runs ..
She hugs him very tightly ..
Rishi pats her head ..
Rishi : how r u dear ..
Swara : fine dad u ….
Rishi : so u too started again ….
Swara : dad he is the one who started it ….
Varun : seriously me no ….

Swara : don’t lie …
Meeta : even I am taking Swara side ….
Varun : what’s this till yesterday I was there now ,,.,,…,
Rishi : Buddy come her …
(rishi calls varun buddy ..a father son bond )
They share a family hug ….
Rishi : OK u go continue I will come getting freshen up ..
They again start running around the house ..
Rishi : the businesse man till yesterday again became a child …pointing towards varun ..
Meeta : that’s because of Swara …I wish they be like this together forever ….
@gadodia mansion
Avinesh : soo sis how was ur husband pic ..
Ragini : bro …mom see him teasing me ..
Sharmishta : y r u always behind her avi
Avinesh : that’s because she is my sis …she will be with me only few more days or months …so I wanted to make everything memorable for been..
All get emotional ..
Ragini with tears hugs avinesh …
Avinesh hugs her back …..
Avinesh : come on don’t cry …sis ..(but he is in verge of crying )
Ragini smiles …
Ragini : so when is ur marriage …

Avinesh : I already got engaged …why bother ….and same house u r gonna get married ..
Ragini : haan pari bhabhi house …
Avinesh : haan so no worry ….
Sharmishta : if ur both conversation is over will u two come for dinner ..
Ragvi(ragini and avinesh ) : haan mom
@maheshwari mansion
Everyone is in dining table …its really silent ..its an strict order from Dp …
After dinner ..
Laksh on phone
Laksh : even I couldn’t imagine it but ya she is my wife ..I mean going to be
Omi : lucky
Laksh : I name itself have luck …y I can’t I be lucky …
Omi : OK all the best lucky tomorrow right engagement ..
Laksh : haan man ….don’t forget to come ..or else u r gone
Omi : I will be there OK bye …
He cuts the call ..

Laksh in room ..
Laksh : soo miss Swara Laksh maheshwari ..I am waiting ………(he is already a one side lover of Swara )
Sanskar in his room
Sanskar : so the girl which I saw in airport is Swara …nice match for Laksh …
Ragini ..I want to see u ..but I don’t want u to do job after marriage ..because I don’t like it ….
@kapoor mansion
Varun in Swara room …
Varun : so see this is ur husband ..
Swara : brooo ….and ya wait he is Laksh mahehwari right
Varun : u know him ….
Swara : buddhu he is a famous neurologist in Kolkata …he is a world wide famous …
Varun : so yes right ..
Swara : no no ..I want to meet and speak to him then only…..
Varun : tommorrwo is engagement so u will see him don’t worry …
Swara : hmm …OK ..bye bro I am really sleepy …
Varun : OK take good rest …bye he kisses her forehead and leaves ..

Precap : swalak and ragsan engagement ……

How was it guys ,..I know u all r confused with pairs
They are swasan and ragalal only ..there is gonna be a major twist ….
But u will see some swalak and ragsan …keep supporting and comment

Credit to: Dolly

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