Love u ….swasan episode 24

hey guys i am back …hope u all like it and keep supporting …
so here is the story,
AT NIGHT ..its 12 am
sanky wakes swara
swara sleepy ; prince let me sleep ..i am very tired ,,
sanky ; princess come on wake up …everyone is waiting for u ….
swara sleepy ; who the hell is waiting ..
sanky carries swara to hall
swara rubs her eyes and is shocked to see many people
everyone ; happy birthday swara ……
swara was really happy but she misses her parents on the occasion
sanky ; bring the cake guys
it was really a big cake with swara and sanskar pic …
swara hugs sanky with tears ..
sanky opens a box //it has diamond necklace

swara was happy seeing it
sanky makes her wear it ..
everyone claps ..even maheshwari were present ….
swara goes to ap and dp and takes blessings
ap ; keep smiling dear
dp ; may u be blessed with all the happiness in the world
swara hugs them with tears ..
swara ; thanks ma and papa
laksh ; happy birthday friend
swara ; thanks laksh
uttara ; happy birthday bhabhi
swara hugs uttara
sanky ; princess wait something is missing …to add more sweet we have
some enter the house
swara turns and was shocked …
(of course its kapoor family )
swara was with tears ….
varun opens his hand
swara runs to them and hugs varun tightly
varun cries ; shona
swara cries ; bro ….
rishi keeps his hand on swara head ..
swara hugs rishi tightly ..
rishi ; swara i am sorry dear ..i am really sorry ….
swara ; even i am sorry …

meeta comes from behind …….
meeta ; suprise swara ..
swara hugs meeta
meeta and rishi together hugs swara ..varun joins them ……
swara ; dad mom how u r together
rishi ; thats because of my son in law

after swara slept ..
sanky went to kapoor mansion
and shows the video to varun and rishi
sanky ; uncle i know now u will trust swara ..
rishi ; i did the greatest sin by not trusting u and swara ..
he cries
varun ; i am not a good brother i was not there at times when swara needed me
sanky ; its her birthday today i want u all to come and join us ..
varun ; i will not spare that avinesh
sanky ; ya we will show this to police tomorrow after the party ….but gadodia
rishi ; it is ok they will need time to become normal …..
varun ; but ma ..
sanky ; ma
meeta enters
rishi and varun were happy seeing meeta
meeta ; atlast u both trust my daughter
rishi ; our daughter …..

meeta smiles
rishi ; i was shocked when u did the sudden act ..i thought i will never meet u again …but our son in law ..i am really proud of him …he is a god gift
vaun ; thats true my sister is really lucky to get …
sanky ; no i am lucky to get to ur sister as wife ..
varun and sanky hug …
rishi and meeta joins them
swara runs to sanky and hugs him ………..
swara ; sanky thank u …prince i love u

sanky ; i love u too princess happy birthday
everyone clap …
kapoor and maheshwaris mingle ….
swasan wish the night stays forever ………
the next morning
everyone goes to gadodia mansion and shows the video
shekhar ; avinesh ,,……
he slaps avinesh hard ..
ragini ; brother we trusted u ..but u chii i hate u call u brother …
mishti ; this is how i grew up u ………u r not my son
she also slaps avinesh
uttara ; i trusted u against my brother …but i am wrong …this child is mine not urs ………..i hate u she also slaps him

avinesh rectifies his mistake and feels guilty
everyone assemble in living room …
dp ; we need to give this video to police and arrest that brat
uttara ; haan dad i dont want a husband like him ..i hate him ..i dont want my child to be affected by his habits and astivities …
shekhar ; we will arrange for divorce ..and i will think my son has died
avinesh was shocked and starts to cry
sanky was about to call the police ..
swara who was quiet seeing it opened

swaa ; again u all r doing the same mistake …..y everyone is focused on breaking relations …relations are not meant for breaking …but we are …..
shekhar uncle u r doing the same mistake which dp uncle did ….first everyone learn to trust ur childrens even though they do its the responsibility of parents to rectify it ..but here everything is upside down …everyone needs a second chance … realise their mistake ,,..some unlucky dont get it ..but u all dont do that mistake….its an request ..
this is an family matter y do u want a third person to get involved family matter it is to be fought between the family ..if avinesh go to jail …do u think uttara can live peacefully ..
what about the child which is grow with the name that his father is a prisioner …will this society accept ,…so plz …relations are very important once u break it u can never get that back..
everyone were stunned with the sppech
avinesh bends to his knees

avi ; i am really sorry everyone .i was cruel i was selfish …i didnt know relations are this much important ..i know sanky how it would have felt …when everyone opposed ..but u r lucky ….swara supported u inspite of everyone …..i am really sorry uttara ..i didnt mean it …i thought i was in love with swara but it was just an infatuation …i really love u …uttara ..
ma papa i know i embaressed u ..but i didnt have any other options plz forgive me ….
swara i am really sorry ..u were like my sister was my sister and will be my sister ..
everyone was touched with the words ……………
====================7months leap=================
everything is normal now …avinesh is truely changed ……
uttara has given birth to a boy baby whose name is rohit
swara is pregnant and its her 7th month and sanky is been caring for her too much always behind her
raglak got married …they were the couple who were made for each other
everyone were really happy .
now the house was only filled wih happiness happy and joy
precap ; last episode

hi guys …the story finally came to an end now ..its been long time of this journey
i dont like dragging it …
hope u understand …

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