Love u ….swasan episode 23


hey guys ..i am really happy to see u r responses here is the ff ….hope u like sanky suprise. ..
so here is the story ,
swara claps ..
sanky turns and is he’ll shocked seeing ………
them ……

it’s maheshwaris
dp ,ap ,uttara,laksh …..
sanky eyes was filled with happy tears …
dp comes and hugs sanky ….tightly …..
sanky hugs back …crying …
dp : i sorry for not trusting u ….i am really sorry ..i know u will not forgive me ..but …
sanky : y r u asking for forgiveness dad …i love u …….
ap comes and hugs him .
ap : sanskar. …

sanky : may
ap ; i am really beta ….i should have spoke against ur dad ..but i was helpless ….forgive me
sanky ; it’s ok mom …..u r elder mom ..u don’t need to ask for forgiveness …mom ..
uttara runs and comes ..
swara with happy tears : uttara aram se
sanky didn’t notice swara saying ..
uttara hugs sanky ..
uttara : bhai ..u were always correct …i should have been ur side …..that ..avi …i won’t ….leave him …..

sanky : it’s ok uttara ….u r my sis ….everyone can make mistake in their life ..just they need a second chance to rectify …..
uttara : u r correct bro ….always …
they break the hug ..
laksh : sanky will u forgive me ……
he bends down ..
sanky makes laksh stand
sanky : laksh u r my brother ……u don’t need to ask sorry to me …..u r always my small brother ….
they both hug ….
after sometime they break the hug ..
sanky turns to swara ..

swara was with happy tears ..
while guest claps …..
sanky runs and hugs swara ….
sanky crying : my angel my princess …..thank u for stepping into my life .u made my life …….
swara hugs him back …with happiness
swara : because u deserve it sanky …
sanky ; that’s because u r with me …
they break the hug ..
sanky : but how u convinced them swara ..
fb starts
swara in morning was thinking what suprise to give sanky
suddenly she thought that hi’s family would be the most big gift …
so she thought to collect information about the kidnapping ..
she went to den …where she was kept ..
she found a phone ….

it’s swara phone ..which she thought was lost ..
she takes it and checks her phone ..
she sews the video of avinesh and sanky everything was recorded in video with audio…
swara :oh shit. .i should have found it at first then this problem would have not come
she takes the phone and makes many copies of the video ..
then she went to mm ..

there she showed the video to everyone .avinesh wasn’t there .
everyone was shocked .and realised their mistake ….and that is how this suprise began *!
fb ends
sanky hugs swara again …
ap : we are really blessed to have u as the daughter in law ..sorry daughter of our house
dp : indeed swara ..when everyone was against him …even me …but u supported hi’m ..
uttara : is m her own sister but i didn’t realise the mistake …..i trusted some other person instead of my own brother …
laksh : swara u r really the saviour of our family …thanks a lot ..
swara : don’t be thank u …it’s indeed my duty ..i think as a wife a.i succeed and now i want to succeed as a daughter in law …….
ap and dp : u have already succeeded ..swara ..
both hug swara ..
sanky eyes was filled with tears …
swasan room ..

swara was in her night dress
and was about to sleep ..
sanky : did u inform this to ur parents ..
swara : no sanky ..i first wanted papa to forgive u ……
sanky : but ur family …
swara : it’s ok sanky ..we will say them tomorrow ..what’s the hurry ..
sanky : swara how can u take it lightly ….
swara : i know …even i have hurtled them with harsh words sanky ..this is my punisment …
sanky : swara ..
swara starts crying ..
sanky hugs swara ….
swara falls asleep ..
precap : sanky suprise to swara …..
hope u like it …

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. Woow… u updated the next part today itself…thank u ..thank u dolly…keep writingupdate the next part also soon…we are waiting…

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