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So here is the story,
Sanky : swara swara wake up ..
Sanky carries swara and lays her on the sofa ..
Varun comes and sprinkles water on her face …
Swara slowly wakes up
She opens her eyes and stares Varun …
Varun was with tears …
Swara avoids eye contact with Varun …
Sanky understands this ..
Sanky : Varun I will meet u later ….u may leave now..
Varun nods and leaves …
Sanky : swara ..r u alright ….
Swara : hmm …ya …I am alright Sanky ..
Sanky : do I need to call doctor …

Swara : no no need ….
Sanky with tears hugs her tightly
Sanky : u scared me princess ..I said no need to take stress ….but u ….never listen me ..
Swara hugs him back
Swara : I am prince …from now I will listen to u …promise ..
Sanky smiles and season have a cute eyelock ..
Ap prays to God ..
Ap : why in our family these many problems …I know my son didn’t do it …but I couldn’t raise voice against them ….as the proofs were against them ……I want to meet my son daughter in law ……both …plz ..give me the power to tackle these problems ….plz …..give us peace … live a peaceful family …

Girl from behind : it will happen soon ma don’t worry ….
Ap turns …
It’s uttara
Ap : uttara r u dear ..
She hugs her (uttara is in her sasural house aka gadodia house)
Uttara : I am fine ma …
Ap : where is avinesh
Uttara : vo …he went for some important meeting ma …
Ap : oh …OK come let’s have lunch together …
Uttara : ma ..I want to say something ..
Ap : what r u alright …any problem …(tensed)
Uttara (happily) : no mom …u r gonna become grandma ..
Ap was truly happy ..
Ap : seriously ..oh my God ..I am gonna become grandma …
She hugs uttara ..
Uttara : haan ma …..
Ap goes to God statue and prays ….
Ap : u have given me the most happiest news …after many days ..uttara ….may u be blessed …
Uttara : ha an ma …and one more is also there ..

Ap : what is that .
Uttara narrates her meeting with swara ..
Ap was overwhelmed …
Ap with happy tears : oh my I am really happy…
U have given me two two good news …..
But did u sanskar. …
Uttara : no ma …..but I am gonna be there for 3 months ..and I will see him for sure …
Ap : may u see him ……
She again prays to God …..
Uttara : ma y don’t u come and meet in hospital so that even u can swara bhabhi and bhai
Ap : that’s really indeed a good idea …
Uttara : OK then ..I am going now ..
Ap : y so fast …
Uttara : my mother in law will be waiting for me without eating so ..
Ap : but what about real mom ..
Uttara : some other day ..OK bye .
Ap : bye ..take care ….OK don’t stress ..dear ..

Uttara : OK …bye ..
Uttara leaves ..
Ap is really happy ….
@gadodia mansion …
Ragini is shown reading book ….
Laksh calls her ..
Ragini : hello Laksh ..
Laksh : hi sweetheart ….nowadays no calling huh ??
Ragini : Laksh u no na no time only …Accha by the way I want to tell a good news ..
Laksh : what good news …..
Wait r u pregnant before marriage …but I didn’t do anything …ragini seriously …
Ragini : buddHu ….I am not pregnant ….but …
Laksh : but …u r pregnant …oh ragini how u can do with me like that before marriage ..
He starts crying like baby ..
Ragini : I think u r not gonna listen me so bye ..
Laksh wipes : sorry sorry now tell ..
Ragini : at last ….
Laksh : come on tell me ..
Ragini : uttara is pregnant …
Laksh was jumping and shouts : what !! Seriously …..oh my God ..I am gonna become chacha …….oh my ……
Ragini : that’s what ….even I am really happy knowing it …..

Laksh : wait I am coming home now only .
Ragini : no need …..if u come also waste ..
Laksh : y
Ragini : bhai and uttara gone to hospital for check up ..
Laksh : OK then evening I will come OK …meri ma …
Ragini smiles : OK sweetheart ….
Laksh : OK now give me ..
Ragini : what ..
Laksh : as if u don’t know ..
Ragini : laksh before marriage …
Laksh : I don’t know when we will get married …so plz give
Ragini gets sad hearing it ..
Laksh understands it …
Laksh : ragini don’t worry we will soon get married ..and I think more than me someone is hurried to get married . (Teasingly )
Ragini : oh oh …don’t take it wrong ..OK bye do ur work ..Mr maheshwari ..
Laksh : then give me …
Ragini kisses her phone ..
Laksh : thanks sweetheart bye ..
Ragini : bye .
Ragini hangs up
@kapoor mansion

The smile …..the laughter ……the sparkle …….
Everything vanished after swara left …..along with meeta …….
The only thing the kapoor mansion sees is sorrow ….dull……….
Rishi was standing in balcony ….
Rishi is completely changed after the incident …that changed his life …….
Rishi : swara …I am really sorry …..I wish I would have trusted u ……no …..I couldn’t trust u the situation was like that ….I never thought this day would come in our life …..
Meeta the only women u saw in my life …left me in a nano second …I don’t know how to lead the life without u …
It’s better to die …..
Because of me u r punishing varun too ….
He is innocent ….he really is in the need of u meeta …..
Plz God change these days …….
Boy from behind : soon he will change dad …
Rishi turns and sees varun …
Rishi : but how …

Varun : we were focused on our rival company ss industries …
Rishi : they r our rival how it is linked with our family matter ..
Varun : dad they r the main members dad ..
Rishi : what do u mean
Varun : ss means sanskar and swara ……..
Rishi was hell shocked ….
Varun : huh dad it is sanky company dad ..
He narrates the incidents with sanskar in office and swara in hospital …
Rishi was happy and also sad ..
Rishi : I don’t know how to react …but I am really happy is swara and sanskar varun ..
Varun (with happy tears ) : u wouldn’t believe …she looks like and adult ….and sanky he cares for her soo much dad ……
They look made for each other …dad …..
Rishi : varun I want to meet them varun take me there ..
Varun : but dad still swara is angry on us ….she didn’t talk to me properly ……
Rishi gets sad …
Varun : don’t worry dad ..soon these days will change and we will get our swara back …
Rishi : I wish it happens ..
Varun : every minute after the incident is making me guilty by trusting avinesh over swara ….
But ….who did it …..
Papa u know avinesh can’t do like that …but …even sanky ….
Rishi smiles : time will teach us …..whether we regret or they regret …
We need to

Precap : y is everyone feeling the same ??
Will time teach them ??

Stay tuned …
How was it guys ..hope u all like it …
Some are asking about forever mine …
I am working on it guys takes time correct the mistake’s in it ..soon I will try to update asap ..
I am currently busy with this ff and colourful love life ….
But I will try to update them …
And ya even meri aashique …..

Credit to: Dolly

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      And ya thanks for the comment

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