Love u ….swasan episode 20

Hey guys I am back ….I couldn’t believe I am in 20th part’s because of ur continuous support ..plz …continue it …
So here is the part , hope u like it
Its morning
@swasan mansion
Sanky wakes and sees swara sleeping in his arms peacefully …..
Sanky kisses swara forehead ..
Swara slowly opens her eyes …
Swara : good morning prince (sleepy tone)
Sanky : good morning princess …
Swara jerks and sees the time ..
Swara : oh shit …it’s 8 y didnt u wake me prince ..
Sanky : because u were in ur beauty sleep ….Princess …
Swara rushes to washroom ..

Sanky smiles seeing her panicness
Sanky phone rings ..
Sanky : hello
Caller : is this swara mam ….
Sanky : hmm ya ..I am her husband ..
Caller : sir …actually we were trying swara mam phone from morning but no response ….so we called u ..
Sanky : OK what’s the reason ..
Caller : vo sir …a patient is waiting for mam last 1 hr …actually mam said the patient to be admitted today …for the formalities she need’s to be here ..will she come today ..
Sanky : of course …she will ..
Caller : sir inform her about this ..
Sanky : sure ..but what is the patient name ..
Caller : ut. ….Sir our chief is calling sir plz inform mam ..
Sanky : OK
Sanky hangs up ..
Sanky : what’s the patient name something ut …by the way y do I care …
Swara comes out of washroom wiping her hair with towel ..she is wearing pink top and white jeans …
Sanky is just memerised. …

Swara seeing mirror
Swara : r u gonna only look at me or gonna go office Mr prince ..
Sanky : oww…my heart is painting I think I will die soon …
Swara was shocked
Swara rushes to sanky …
Swara (with tears ) : r u alright ….do I need to take u to hospital ….
Sanky was shocked seeing tears ..
Sanky : swara I was just joking …..
Swara hugs him tightly ….
Swara : plz don’t say like that OK ..I can’t live without u ….she cries ….
Sanky hugs her back
Sanky : I am sorry swara …will u forgive me …
Swara : sure prince …now come get ready …
Swara wipes her tears …
Sanky was happy seeing her care …
Sanky in mind : I think ur parents are really blessed to get u as a daughter……
Sanky freshens up and comes wearing black shirt and black jeans with blue blazer ..

Sanky : swara someone called me from hospital to inform that a patient is waiting for u …
Swara : who …
Sanky : someone who is gonna get admitted ..
Swara was shocked ..
Swara in mind : did he know it’s uttara …
Swara (tensed) : u know the patient name ..
Sanky : no she didn’t mention …but y r u tensed ..
Swara gives a relief sign .
Swara : vo actually …..I shouldn’t have made patients to wait for me …u know doctor ..
Sanky : OK …
Hospital comes …
Swara : OK bye sanky ..
Sanky : what bye I am gonna stay in hospital with u ..
Swara tensed : what *!!
Sanky : y r scared …I should not come ..
Swara : vo ..y r putting unnecessary holidays …u should go and work …
Sanky : today is Saturday so …holiday …I am not going anywhere …today ..
Swara : but .
Sanky : no but nothing come with me ..
Both go inside ..
Swasan enter into swara cabin ..

Swara puts on her coat
Swara : OK sanky u stay here I will treat the person and come ..
Sanky : OK ..but wait ..
Swara : now what sanky ..
Sanky : actually I want to meet the person …I mean the patient ..
Swara : why ..
Sanky : I want to know her name ..
Swara in mind : how can I say it’s ur sister sanky …
Swara : tara ..
Sanky : no no her name starts with u …
Swara murmurs : what the he’ll where will I get that name .
Sanky : what r u saying swara ..
Swara : vo …uma …her name is uma …

Sanky : oh OK …u go now ..
Swara gives a relief signs and leaves ….
Sanky sits in sofa and sees his phone .
@ward ..
Uttara : u came bhabhi …I mean doctor …
Swara in mind : u call me bhabhi only .
Swara : ya ….so we will start today only …OK where is ur husband ..
Avi : I am here swara …I mean doctor .
Swara give’s angry look ..
Swara : fill this formalities ….and she will be our responsiblity …
Avi : OK …..
Swara checks uttara …..
Avi stares swara ..
Uttara notices this …she feels something ….confusing …..
Swara : u need to take really a good care uttara ..
Uttara in mind : I am really happy to hear my name from ur mouth bhabhi …
Uttara nod’s yes …

Swara : did u finish writing ..
Avi : here
While giving Avi touches swara hand ..
Swara gives a angry look ..
Uttara notices this ….but doesn’t react to it as it was mistake ..she thought …
Swara : OK ..then I will meet u after lunch ….
Swara leaves …
Swara goes to next patient ..
@swara cabin ..
Sanky : arey where is this swara ….the most handsome boy is waiting for her and she is doing her job …I will go and drag ..
He opens the door …
He sees varun …
Sanky was shocked
Sanky : omg if swara sees varun she will break down …but y he came here …
Sanky goes out ..
Varun : so u r here ..Mr …
Sanky : u came to meet me …
Varun in mind : ya ..but in gap to meet swara ..
Varun : haan …ur pa said u will be here …I wanted to discuss the plan for investing …
Sanky : OK ….but not now after sometime ..someday u leave ..
Varun : but ..

Sanky : no but nothing …..
Swara comes the opposite direction reading file ..
Sanky gets tensed ..
Before varun could see swara and vice versa …
Sanky drags varun to swara cabin ..
Swara : I saw sanky … its hallucination …
@swara cabin …
Varun : why did u drag me …
Sanky : because because ..we can discuss here …
Varun : r u sure …
Suddenly varun remembers it is swara cabin ..
Sanky : we will discuss after wards …not now ..
Varun : OK then I am going ..
Sanky : no no u stay here …
Varun was confused
Sanky was tensed …
Swara enters the cabin and is shocked to see varun in cabin ….
Varun was happy seeing swara ….
Sanky was tensed …..
Varun (with tears ) : shona….
Swara was in the verge of crying but didn’t show it ..

Swara : I want only my family members to be here ..sanky tell others to leave …
Varun was like stabbing a knife in his heart ..
Varun : shona ..
Swara : don’t u dare to call me shona …OK an I forgot everything all our relationship ……I don’t know who u r ..
Varun breaks down ..he kneels down …
Sanky was numb seeing the conversation
Swara in mind : no no this should not ..Bro wake up …
Varun (cries ) : shona forgive me shona ..plz …I can’t live without seeing ur smiling face …shona …plz ….
Swara : then why the he’ll u tried to kill me ..u didn’t trust me …u didn’t consider ..u were out of control …….u stoop so low …how could u blindly trust that …..blo*dy bit*h …..avinesh. …..
(Swara got to much emotion)
Varun : swara plz punish me if u want but don’t avoid me …shona ….
Swara : do u think I will forgive u so easily ….u ….
Swara faints ……
Sanky : swaraaaaa…
Varun : shona ….

Precap : what happened to swara ? Will sanky cone to know about uttara ? Will uttara realise her mistake and ask forgiveness for trusting avi ?

Stay tunes ..hope u like this part …I think I wrote big one ……
Sorry for wasting ur time ……
Thank u with love

Credit to: Dolly


  1. Dhara

    Superb.. I think truth will soon come out regarding Avinesh.. Plz don’t create any MU b/w SwaSan.. Wo pahele se akele hain..

  2. shani

    This is not at all boooring…and also not that much long…I loved it…don’t seperate swasan…it is also not possible.if they had to have a misunderstanding it should be the momnet when swara got kidnapped becoz swara is telling that she don’t remenber who has kidnapped her..and sh should have doudt sanky @ that moment soo…create a misuderstanding between them this situation is not a good idea I think…’s ur story..I enjoy it ..I love ur story…soo keep writing update next part soon…god bless u dr…( my eng.isnot sooo good sorry for that)

  3. shan

    its very interesting….i think swara s pregnant….pls dnt seperate swasan bcoz trust between swasan s d main thing n ur ff….so pls dnt seperate…..

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