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Hey guys I am really happy responses ..plz do comment and keep reading ….love u all …i am not gonna do into for all the character as it will take much time ..hope u dont mind … let’s get started …
@shova industries
Rishi : all the details have been submitted right …
Varun : haan dad ….what about shekhar uncle …whether he is gonna join in the meeting with us …
Rishi : that’s a dought ..hope he will and OK send this details to Dp and rp …OK..
Varun : OK dad …..
@kapoor mansion
Meeta (mom) is talking to Swara on phone
Meeta : how r u dear ..long time u didn’t call me don’t u miss ur mom …
Swara : sorry mom hectic schedule …what can I do …
Meeta : ohh OK the way when r u coming India ..
Swara : why should I come mom…I am settled in Paris …
Meeta : actually u at least come to meet ur family …
Swara : family or sasural …
Meeta : er ….hmm…how did u find it
Swara : u never called me to India ,.,.only I come whenever I needed …
Meeta : u r also at the age right …even I am a mom .I want to see u getting married
Swara : I understand ..but I need time mom ..I want to study more ..I can’t be in the clutches of husbands hand …plz
Meeta : but

Swara : mom first u do bro’s marriage then mine ….by the when is sangeeth mehandhi ….
Meeta : vo..bride’s family have to choose ..
Swara : I saw bhabhi on engagement ….she is younger than me ..I mean she is studying in collage mom …how come rp uncle accepted …
Meeta : that’s parents ..OK so come India next month at least for u bhai marriage OK ..
Swara : haan mom I will be there don’t worry …bye
Meeta : bye …
Sanskar : have u gave the samples to Mr Adharsh
Pa : yes sir must have reached by now ….
Sanskar : OK u may go now ..
Pa : thank u Sir …he leaves …
Sanskar gets phone …
Sanskar : haan sis tell what ….
Parineetha : dear bro u only come home and see what happened ..
Sanskar : is everything OK …..
Parineetha : come fast ..
Sanskar leaves ..
@ maheshwari mansion
Sanskar : what happened sis ….

Parineetha : me and mom has selected a girl for u ……
Ap : yes …they give HiFi ….
Sanskar : for this only u called urgent ….mom I have loads of work over there ….
Ap : but this is only our work right ,.,.not only for u even we called Laksh ….ha ha ha ..
Laksh comes running ,.,.he is having white coat and stethoscope
Laksh : what happened everything alright mom ….sis….
Ap and pari laugh seeing his condition …
Laksh : mom why r u laughing …I left a important surgery to come here….wait bro what r u doing here ….
Sanky gives looks to him ..
Laksh : pari tell fast ….
Pari : still u don’t understand …we tricked u to come …
Laksh shows fake anger …his phone rings .Nurse : the patient has shifted to another hospital ….
Laksh : what y ..
Nurse : because u left in middle ….
Laksh : OK I will talk later …
He cuts the call
Laksh : mom see …
Ap : its OK I have seen two girls ..for u two ..
Laksh : what ..again u started I said I am not interested in these works …..
Dp : who is yelling at elders …

Everyone shuts their mouth as soon they hear the voice and stands like a statue ….
Dp : Laksh u r always crossing ur limit and sanskar u r following ….it ..
No one is dare to argue with him …
Ap : its my fault ..
Dp : so ..they can yell at u ….
Ap shuts
Dp : we r gonna meet the girls next week only we have photos …u show them …I want u to marry them only….don’t even dare to say no to this marriage understood …
Sanlak : haan dad ..
Dp leave ..
Ap : he is always like that only …..
Pari : $ee this my two future bhabi’s photos …
Sanskar takes the photo …its ragini’s ….
Laksh takes the photo ….its swara,’s …
Laksh : wait Swara kapoor r u serious ….

Pari : why u know her …
Laksh : buddu she is the famous cardiologist in Paris …..
Pari : even u r doctor she is also doctor super match …she looks cute right …..
Laksh : hmmm ..I will say later bhai show ur wife photo ..
Sanskar : its Kolkata fashion designer …seriously mom I said I want a girl who is housewife ..not to go to work ….
Ap : but its ur father’s wish ….its OK adjust name ..
Sanskar : no mom I want a housewife who can take care of u …
Ap : adjust na..
Sanskar : why always father’s decision .
Pari : I love her a lot because even I am future designer …ragini gadodia she is my inspiration her designs are just superb…
Sanskar : OK OK I am leaving ..and lucky they got good choice for u ..doc ….to ….doc …ha ha ha
Laksh : bhai ….
They both run ..
Ap : thinks : I wish they r like this till the end ………together forever ….
Pari : so mom oir plan is successes when Swara bhabhi will come India ..we will have engagement …that’s just 1week ahead ..
Ap : haan ..even I am happy …about it ..
@ragini fashion house (industry )
Ragini : I have styled this just send it to them the customer …
Staff : yes mam …..
She leaves
Ragini phone rings …

Ragini : hey bro what’s up ..
Avinesh : check ur email …
Ragini : y
Avinesh : just do what I say ..
Ragini checks
Ragini : sanskar maheshwari ….
Avinesh : haan ..
Ragini : why have u sent the pic to me ..
Avinesh : for ur alliance sis …then what ..
Ragini : again u all started ….
Avinesh : plzz this time don’t reject OK plzz ,…,.,..
Ragini : bhai …..
Avinesh : OK u come home we all will talk ….and come with a ‘yes’ as answer OK …we r waiting ..
He cuts the call
Ragini : hmm …better OK ..
She leaves ….
@kapoor industries ..
Rishi : so what my son in law said .
Dp : he said yes ..what my daughter in law said …
Rishi : she is somewhat convinced ..she will come tomorrow don’t worry ..
Dp : haan OK …even I have talked with shekhar he also showed green signal …
We will have two marriage together OK …
Rishi : I am fine with it …OK
They shake hands ….

Precap : Swara in India ……engagement preparation ……..

How was it guys ..I am doing everything a bit fast solo that I can show much focus on their marriage ..hope u all understand

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. I think u said pairs differently or i read it wrongly is it ragsan or raglak

  2. Its a ff of swasan rt???

  3. U said it will be swasan na btw i loved todays epi

  4. is this swasan or rags an. I just love swasan……….. to the core plz swasan plz……

  5. u hav to keep swara’s mom as a nitu. u knw what I really felt me reading abt kapoor khandan when u wrote son in law then I remembered abt houseful 2.. hahaha. tnx for this and yeah this is offcourse a swasan ff..

  6. It’s swasan ff na?

  7. Hey this is a different ff yr…epi 1 is totally different in that epi sanlakrag are collage students so it can be possible that now sanky works in office?

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