Love u ….swasan episode 19


Hey guys I am back with the ff… here is the story hope u all like it ….
Swara : what if sanskar gets sad ..that they didn’t invited him, for his own sis marriage
I will inform him later …
Next patient plz ..
Sanskar : so these files should be delivered to rk groups by tonight ok,
Pa : sure sir ..
Sanskar : ok u may leave now …
Pa : sir there is a client from rk company …
Sanskar : ok send him in …

Pa : ok sir ..
Pa leaves …
Sanskar : this rk company …I won’t leave them (rishi kapoor company )
A man enters the room …
Sanky was shocked seeing him
Sanky : varun …
Varun was also shocked knowing that their enemy company head was sanskar ..
Sanky (firm tone ) : plz take ur seat ..
Varun sits
Varun in mind : Sanky I am really happy seeing u ,,…I want to know about Swara …I really wanted to meet u both and wanted to apologies.
Varun : here the reports for the demonstration ..,
Sanky was checking it ….
Sanky in mind : how r u varun ……don’t u want to meet ur sister ..r u that much cruel …
Sanky:k they r proper ..We have sent it to ur account …..
Varun : ok …
Varun phone rings ..
Sanky sees the dial board it appeared wife …and the photo was of pari
Sanky was double shocked
Varun : excuse me
Varun leaves ….
Sanky : what varun got married that too to park ..I should inform this to Swara ..
Sanky takes the phone ………..but keeps it
Sanky : if Swara comes to know about her own brother marriage happened without informing her …she would break down…….doctor said not to have stress … I will say her later ..
Varun enters …
Varun : sorry

Sanky : it’s ok …
Varun : ok then I my leave now ….just send the files back …
Sanky : ok ..
Varun smiles and leaves..
Sanky : such a b*t*h didn’t even ask about her sis ….
Sanky picks Swara from hospital
Swara : so how was ur day prince ..
Sanky : it was goo ..ur
Swara : very happy …
Sanky : y ..
Swara in mind : I shouldn’t say ..
Swara : vo…….operation was successful
Sanky: I know my wife Is the Best
Swara smiles ..
Swara : wait mom said that she went to her cousin house nd will stay there for 2 days ..
Sanky : oh …did she take her tablets ….her vaccines and which she one …car right ..who is the driver ..
Swara was just blinking ..

Sanky : array answer me ….
Swara : u r a question bank prince ……
Sanky : oh really ..ok now tell me
Swara : why don’t u call he and ask …
Sanky stops the car ..
Sanky calls meeta
Meeta :hello
Sanky : ma y didn’t u inform me ….I would have dropped u ..
Meeta : I am sorry beta …already u have more work ..I don’t want to add more
Sanky : mom works r nothing in front of u ……ok did u take ur medicines
Meeta : ya I took..
Sanky ; vaccines ….

Meeta : yes I took beta
Sanky : eat properly …have medicines at correct time ..already nd call me before bed …ok
Meeta : ok beta
Sanky : ok bye ma take care …if any problm call me ok …bye ma
Meeta : ok bye take care love u
Sanky : love u too ma …
Sanky hangs up
Swara : did u get ur answers
Sanky : yes …let’s head home now
@swasan mansion …
Swara : I am very tired Sanky ….better let’s go out for dinner ..
Sanky : as u wish princess …but not now …..
Sanky comes closer to Swara
Swara : naughty boy move back ….
Sanky : listen u r my wife and I don’t want to take permission ….
He touches her waist ….
Swara : Sanky leave ….me
Sanky holds her waist and tightens her grip …
Swara : Sanky …
He places his lips on her
They kiss passionately for 3 mind and breaks when they need air ..
Swara blushes and runs to room ..
Sanky : cheater
Sanky chases Swara ….
Swara : Sanky don’t come …

Swara goes to washroom and was about to close the door ..
Sanky comes in and locks ..
Swara : no Sanky no ..
Sanky : yes Swara ..yes …its been long time right ..
Swara blushes ..
Sanky opens the shower ..
He lifts Swara chin …
Swara closes her eyes ….
Sanky kisses her whole neck around …
He kisses her she’s her nose her ears …..
Sanky then bites her neck ….
Swara : idiot
Sanky : no prob
Sanky starts to sick her lips hard ….Then harder then hardest……
He kisses her nape …….
He carries her like a bridal attire and comes to bedroom
And places her on the bed …..
They both r fully drenched ..
Sanky removes his shirt ……and removes Swara top ……
And kisses her top layer fully …..
The both gets undressed
And starts to make love …..
They consummate ……..

Pre cap : Swara meets varun and gets sad

Credit to: Dolly

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