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Hey guys ..I am back ….thanks for the energy booster (comments)….
Hope u like it
So here is the story ,
@swasan mansion ..
It’s really big with garden , swimming pool and parking …
@mansion ..
Swara comes down wearing red tip with black over coat and black jeans …made a French braid …
Swara : ma again u r in kitchen ..
Meeta : I hate to just sit …so I thought for a change ..
Swara : u can convince me but what about u r son …
Meeta : u just don’t say him …OK ..
Sanky : no one needs to say I only saw it …

Swara turns ..
Sanky is wearing blue shirt black blazer and black jeans .
Swara : see ma. .he only came it’s between u two ..
Sanky : ma ..I don’t want u to make urself stress …Plz at least for my sake …
Meeta (with happy tears) : am I that blessed that I got a son like u …
Sanky : no I am the luckiest person to get a mother like u …
They both hug …
Swara (fake anger) : hello ….no one needs me now …right ??
Meeta : u also join ..
Swara also comes running towards them …and trio hug …
Sanky : OK it’s late let’s leave now …
Swara : OK .
Sanky : ma bye take care ….
Swara : bye ma ..
Meeta : bye take care ..
Swasan take blessings from Meeta and leaves in car ….
Sanky drops swara in hospital leaves to his office …

@hospital ..
Swara is the head doctor and a surgeon ..and the most important doctor …she has got many …awards ..and all …
Nurse : mam ..this operation was a successful one again ..
Swara prays to God …
Swara : hope everything goes like this smooth ..
Nurse : yes mam ..
Swara : u may leave now …
Nurse leaves ..
Swara was seeing her pending files ..and was in deep thoughts …
The telephone rings ..
Swara : hello Mrs swara sanskar maheshwari here ..
Receptionist : mam there is a patient ….can I d
Send them in ..
Swara : sure ..
The patient comes ..
Swara was shocked …..

Swara stand’s up …
It’s avinesh and uttara …
Swara gives them a angry look …
Avi : u r the doctor who we had been waiting for 1 month …
Uttara (with tears ) : bhabhi
Swara (calms herself ) : how may I help u ….plz take a seat ..
Avi smirks ..
Swara gives a terror look
Avi : vo ..actually ..she is having some pregnant issues …which couldn’t be sorted out ..
Swara in mind : uttara pregnant ….omg ….I am so happy ..God may u bless them with happiness and love ..
Swara : oh I see …did u bring her file ..
Uttara : here ..
Swara checks the file ..
Uttara was just staring swara with love and care ..
Avi was stating her with a wide smile in his face .the victory smile..
Swara : it’s common …no issues ..but the thing she is young to have her baby …so I think it may risk her life ..but I could help her with regular treatment ..of 3 months ….a complete care ..
Uttara happy in heart : sure …we r ready ..
Avi : yes …
Swara : I think she will have to be admitted in hospital so that we take a complete care …and u can come and meet her …

Avi : sure Swara ..I mean doctor ..
Swara : now u may leave ……..
Uttara was really happy sewing swara but doesn’t show it ..
Same happens with swara ….
Avutt leaves …
Swara : oh my God ….it’s really a happy news …I should tell sanky …
She takes her phone ..but she keeps it down
Swara : what if

Precap : will sanky get to know about uttara pregnant

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. You rocked again di . Superb waiting for Nxt . Plz update soon will you be my forever and forever mine.

  2. Nice one but again I missed swasan scenes not done don’t become cvs ?sorry if hurt just kidding but seriously want some swasan scenes but epi was good especially swasanera bond I loved it

  3. dr don’t make swara hide anything from sanky bcz their relationship is made with trust so don’t make break their trust.. i really love the bonding btween meeta-sanky-swara

  4. Awesome yaar…

  5. Don’t make hide anything from Sanky.. their relation is based trust..

  6. Its super dear… Waiting for next

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