Love u ….swasan episode 15

Hey guys I am really happy to see so many comments on this ff …thanks a lot and keep supporting ..
So here is the story
Swara takes sanky along with her …
Making whole family shocked ..
Rishi angry and upset
Varun in the verge of crying
Meeta cries and gets in the car ..
The maheshwaris were shocked -..
The gadodia were like statue ….
There was a complete silence ..

Sanky breaks it by
Sanky : so Swara where can we go for dinner ..
Swara : wherever u wish Prince
Sanky : y is that so
Swara : because u know what I want ..
Sanky smiles ,,…
Swara gives a fake smile …
@kapoor mansion ..
Rishi : how could Swara take such a big decision ….
Varun (with tears) : Swara is telling us that she has grown up
Varun hugs rishi and cries …..
Varun : dad want Shona back ……I can’t be without her …..(he cries )
Rishi pats his head ….
Meeta also cries …..
Rishi : varun u come to my room I want to talk something important …
Varun goes ….
@rishi room
Rishi tells a plan to varun ..(which is muted)
Varun : dad but Swara ..
Rishi : she will come back to us …OK …Varun : OK dad I will tell them to go now only ..
Varun smirks and rishi smiles evilly ….(he is a positive dad for Swara but a negative one for his son in law )
Avinesh was standing behind the door ..
Avinesh : oh my ….these two will make my plan easier …Shona u r only mine
He smiles evilly
Swasan walk together holding each other hand
Sanky makes Swara sit in the chair ..

Swara : thanks prince
Sanky : u r most welcome princess …..
Sanky and Swara order and eat by feeding each other …..
Swasan both look at each other and smiles ..
After eating …
Sanky : so where next .
Swara : u know what is the time now
Sanky : its 9 : 30
Swara : u used to scold me before marriage for being out at this time …
Sanky pulls her closer
Sanky : now I am with u ..Mrs sanskar maheshwari ..
Swara smiles
Swara : OK we will go beach OK
Sanky smiles : OK princess ..
Swasan sits in the beach
No one is there ..
The moon light the breeze the sound of nature ……awww
Sanky holding Swara waist
Swara lies on sanky shoulder ..
Sanky : do u like it ..

Swara : haan Prince ….u know what I used to come with my bro … …we used to enjoy a lot .
Tears comes from her eyes ..
Sanky cups her face ..
Sanky : don’t worry I am here for u …
Swara : I know that’s y I left my whole family for u ….
Swasan keeps face on each other …
Suddenly some goons come ..
Swasan look at them
Goon 1 : handover swara and leave …
Sanky with anger : no .
Swara : sanky let’s leave …
Sanky : Swara stay there …
Swara stays quiet ..
Goon 2 : so u won’t leave …
There r 12 to 15 goons
Sanky beats everyone harshly and furiously ..
Some holds Swara .

Swara : leave me ….
Goon 12: sir said not to hurt her …..but …
Sanky : leave her ..
Some catches sanky also ..
Swara : leave him ..I will come with u ….
Goon : r u sure ….OK then kill him ….take her to car ..
Swara : I said I will come then y …
Goon : its our order ..
Sanky : Swara don’t go ….no problem whatever happens to me but u be safe ….
Swara : sanky ..she cries ..
Swara : who sent u all
Goons : ur brother and father
Swasan were shocked ….rishi and varun comes from the car ….
Swara : bhai …… ..
Rishi : Swara u r good girl come with us ..leave her ….
Swara : OK dad I will come but plz leave sanky …..plzz she cries ..
Varun comes and hugs Swara
Varun : Swara leave him …he is not good for u
Swara : plz bro leave him …she begs
One goon takes knife and goes towards sanky …
Swara cries : no no no ..
Sanky tries to escape ……..
The goon stabs knife …
In ……………….

Swara ..
Swara comes in middle …..sanky : swaraaaaa
Varun cries : Swara …Swara y did u went …swaraaaaa..
Rishi : Swara …..Swara ……my daughter
Swara bleeding
Swara with pain : don’t……touch……me dad ……and bro………..sanky…….take care ……of ……urself…… I don’t …..know ….I will……be …..alive…or ..not ….but marry someone and be happy

Sanky crying : no don’t say that Swara I want u back Swara ….come back ..
Swara : my ….dad…and ….brother …killed me
Varun : Swara Swara …don’t say that
Rishi : Swara no don’t say that ….he cries
Swara closes her eyes -.
Rishi : let’s take her to hospital ….

Precap : what will happens if the family members know about the incident ??
Swara haterdness gets more towards her family ….swasan moments

How was it guys ..hope u all like it

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