Love u ….swasan episode 14


Hey guys …I am really sorry for not being regular ..from now onwards I will be regular ..its really nice hearing that there r more fans for this ff ….
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@guest house ..
Its morning …
Swara and sanky were covered in blanket ..
Swara is sanky’s arms sleeping peacefully …
Sanky wakes up due to the light rays falling on his face …
Sanky smiles seeing Swara sleeping ..
He kisses her forehead ……

Sanky : good morning princess ..
Swara opens her eyes ….
Swara smiles
Swara : good morning prince ….
Swara : oh shit the time is 8:30 prince ..I need to get ready can I be so irresponsible ..
Swara jerks ..
Sanky : calm down Swara …don’t worry ..I don’t mind ..
He pulls her again ..
Swara : accha u don’t mind …but I mind …
She gets up and goes to washroom …
Sanky smiles ..
After sometime ..
Swara comes wearing
Red and black salwar ..its grand ..
Sanky gets memerised ..
Swara : if u r gonna keep on staring me like this when will u get ready ….
Sanky : I am staring my princess what is ur problem huh ))???
Sanky comes closer to Swara ..

They both share a beautiful eye lock ..
Swara : sanky first go and get ready ….
Sanky : no ….
Sanky pulls her ..he hugs her from back side ……
Swara : what r u doing …leave me prince …
Sanky kisses Swara neck …
Sanky : not today princess ..
Swara drags sanky to washroom and closes the door …
Swara comes out ..
Sanky opens the door and asks
Sanky : Swara towel pass Karo na…
Swara takes and gives the towel
Sanky pulls her inside ..
Swara : arrey sanky leave me …
Sanky : no ..I won’t …..
Swara : plz …plz ….
Sanky sprinkles water on Swara face ..
Swara : offoo !!! I can’t bath two times I am going ….
Swara leaves …
She slips
Sanky holds her and drags her …
He opens the shower

Water starts …..
Sanky pulls Swara to shower …..
Swara : hmm….see I am all wet now ..u ….
Sanky : its OK ..u look so beautiful with wet …
Swara blushes ..
Sanky : ha ha some one is blushing here ….
Swara : stop it sanky ..
Swara takes shampoo and sprays on sanky ..
Sanky : so u r testing me huh ….
Sanky takes gel and puts on Swara ..
Swara : sanky ???
Swara puts full shampoo on him ..
Sanky : now u r not gonna escape from me …
He pulls Swara and rubs his face with hers …..
Sanky kisses her neck all over
Sanky kisses her lips slowly which turns into hard ……..
He tightens her waist grip …..

Both comes out from the washroom …
Swara : I am really tired ..its all because of u
Sanky : what can I do princess ..u look so beautiful ..
Swara : sanky not again ….
Sanky : OK princess come let’s go shopping ..
Swara : shopping ???
Sanky : haan ..I want my princess to be loaded with dresses ..
Swara excited : really u r such a nice prince .
She hugs him …
Sanky : I am lucky to get a princess like u …
Swara : no I am lucky to get a prince like u ……
Sanky : shall we ..
Swara : sure prince ..
Both puts hands on each other and gets in the car …
@kapoor mansion ..

Varun enter Swara room …
Varun : sis ..where r u …
He checks everywhere …in washroom in balcony …
He sees a letter in table ..
He takes and reads it ..
The letter : I know I am hurting u all ..but I want to support the truth ….
I don’t remember who kidnapped me ..but I am sure its not sanky ..I know him very wellll …but u all opposed him because of me …
Even I tried explaining u all …but didn’t believe me ……so I have to take this decision ..
I will be safe need to search for me .
Sorry ,
Swara .
Varun : how could u Swara ….
Varun informs this to his parents ..
They were hell shocked .
Meeta : where is my daughter ….she cries …
Rishi : don’t worry we will find ..let me first inform to all ….
He informs gadodia and maheshwaris
They were also shocked ….
@shopping mall
Sanky : so princess ..u select some dresses I will also select …OK
Swara : done ..
Sanky sees dresses which r really expensive …
Swara sees the opposite sides …
Maheshwari , gadodia and kapoor arrives …in shopping mall ..
Varun : in this mall only the security said they r …
They check everywhere ……..

Swara and sanky were discussing about dresses
Varun and avinesh sees them …
They go towards them ..
Swasan are shocked ..
Varun : Swara …..
Varun hugs Swara ..
Varun cries : Shona ….u scared me how could u …why did u take this decision …..huh ???
Swara was numb
Avinesh was angrily staring sanky ..
Sanky was furiously staring avinesh
Varun : come let’s go home …..
Varun takes Swara hand …
But Swara doesn’t come ….
Varun : Swara come ..

Swara : no I won’t bro ,.,.I can’t ,,.
Varun : come Swara ….do what I say …..I say it for ur good ..
Swara : bro can’t u see I am married ..u can’t take me like this (with tears )
Varun and avinesh was shocked …
Varun : what …
Sanky comes in front
Sanky : yes we r married ..she is officially Mrs sanskar maheshwari …
Varun holds sanky’s collar ..
Varun : what u did with her ..u gave some type of drug to her to say yes ..huh ??
Swara comes and takes varun hands ..
Swara (with tears) : I said right ..he is husband and no one has rights to touch him ..
Varun : Swara ..u r supporting the one who tried to harm u. ….
Swara : y can’t u just understand bro …he is not one …..
Varun : its OK I file divorce u just sign and come with me Swara ..
Swara : no bro this I won’t listen to u ..
Varun was shocked with her behaviour

Sanky was surprised seeing her behavior towards varun as she loves her bro more than her ..
Varun : Swara ..
Swara : enough is enough bro ..I don’t want any relations with u all ….u r not believing me …rather believing other …….
Varun : Swara u r in a wrong path …
Swara : I know u say for my good ..but in this matter I am saying u r in a wrong path …
Swara was almost in the verge of crying ..
Avinesh : as a brother …plz come home don’t stay with him …..he is harm u ..
Sanky stares angrily at avinesh
Swara : I don’t need others go involve in my family matter ,…
Varun gets angry .
Varun raises his hand ..

Swara was shocked ..
But sanky holds his hand ..
Sanky : bro ….listen she is my wife and no one has rights to slap her or touch her ..
Varun gets more angry
Varun : u shut up OK ..Shona I am calling u for the last time ….
Swara cries : can’t u hear what I said just now …..
Varun gets angry and leaves …followed by avinesh …
All family members gather ..
Meeta : Swara . (Cries )
Swara : ma …
Dp : what did u do sanky could u marry her without my permission
Sanky was numb …..

Rishi : Swara …come we will go home …end relation with him …
Shekhar : haan Swara …even u r like my daughter ..he is not the correct person u think ….
Mishti : haan Swara …he forced my son to marry u …he doesn’t love u ..he will ruin ur life …..
Swara was just standing still ..
Uttara : I shouldn’t say this but bro has changed …Swara bhabhi plz listen to ur parents ..
Swasan were shocked listening that from uttara ..
Laksh : as a friend I am saying this ….move on u come home ,,,,,,……
Sanlak look at each other
Avinesh smirls and smiles evilly
Ragini : Swara ..he is spoil ur life …he gave me many rules and told me to stop my job ..
Whole family was shocked

Swara stare at sanky
Sanky nods yes ….
Ragini : I am telling this for ur welfare …
Ap : be a good girl and come with us Swara …..
Swara sees sanky ..
Swara goes forward ..
Sanky eyes were filled with tears
Sanky in mind : u also don’t trust me Swara …y god …
Swara goes a not forward but stops
Swara with tears : did u all finish saying can I say
All look at her
Sanky was surprised ..
Swara : dad what do u think that u all will mind wash and I will come …no …dad ..the meaning of marriage doesnt mean u can break whenever u want ..its different …its a heritage for girl I think u know ..

Shekhar uncle …sorry papa ..u said I am ur
daughter don’t u trust me ….huh ?? When u trust ur son ..why can’t me …
(Shekahr was numb ) mishti aunty I know about my husband whether she loves me or not …I don’t want anyone to explain
And uttara how could u ….I thought u r at least there for u brother ,,..(uttara with tears )but even u didn’t trust ,,,…….relations are build on only trust not by words ,……but I trust sanky more than u all ..(sanky looks at her with love ) Laksh even u …..
He is ur brother not any stranger looks like that u r saying something to ur stranger …
And ragini ..I don’t know much about u …but what u said is correct …he forced u to leave ur job ….that’s because he wants someone who cares for his mother ….because he said me that Dp uncle doesn’t treat ap good(Dp looks down)(ap was surprised) he wants a girl who can take care of ma ..that’s it ..its not wrong ..
U could have said that I will take care of mom and job both …but u didn’t say right …(ragini was embaressed ) ( sanky was shocked seeing Swara )
Dad u said me end relation with him right …..OK …..

Whole family was shocked and sanky was too much shocked ..
Swara : I mean ..I will end relation with u all ..I don’t want the family who don’t trust me …who don’t consider me and especially who oppose my husband .from now on we r separate its our lives …I don’t want anyone to interfere in our family matter …good bye .
She takes sanky and leaves …..
Varun was on verge of crying
Meeta runs to car …
Whole family was shocked seeing Swara behavior …
Rishi was angry and shocked …
All leave …………….

Precap : sanky care increases towards Swara ………family drama ………..rishi becoming negative

Credit to: Dolly

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