Hey guys I am back again . I know you are quite frantically upset with me but darling I even missed you a lot. I think I hav a craze on raglak and ragsan maybe bcaz I always love trju but that doesn’t mean I don’t love swara Ulf belly. She is sweet in her way. K stop jeez I am boring you. Let’s see if you like my second os on raglak. Love you guys—————————————–

A room is shown which is filled with darkness only moonlight floods in through the window which falls on a beautiful face. The face is angelic . Anyone can fall for that face just at one sight. But there is something missing and that is her smile. She was a girl full of life, happy and contented when everything changed meeting him -the dark s*xy prince . She lived her life like no one but her heart broke and now she is sitting there with hope that her dark prince will someday acknowledge her. Yes he will , this determination has made her stay with hope for completely 8 months after her marriage. The girls hears the opening of the door then her face is shown which has come back to glow like fireworks her eyes twinkling and then her lips are shown which are just sweetly luscious . And we see her she is ragini.
Ragini:are you okay …… plz listen r u drunk.plz speak to me its haunting me plz plz . (She sobs )

Guy:just stay away from me you nymph b*t*h woman , I hate looking at your face.
The girl heart again breaks but she composes herself.
Rags:r …… r u ….Dr…drunk (with sobs)
Guy:oh stop crying baby it’s me who should cry and yes I am drunk. You know I hate you and I will tell you a truth . U know I hate you n can never love you its only for di I do this all acting .

Rags:I know that but plz tell where were u I was so scared (with courage)
Guy:you really want to know?
Rags:y…yes….yes I wanna know.
Guy:k listen I am gonna tell you today a truth and that is I love someone else… you wanna know who is she?
Rags is broken but she asks
Guy:oh babe it’s kava u know her right,I love her but u r an obstacle in our path , I wish you left my life then I would rest in peace.
Rags cries but holds him and takes him to his bedroom and lies him there and removes his socks and leaves to the terrace.

Rags pov:
Main Haar gaye. I lost everything . The person I love I trust loves someone . He hates me , I could tolerate that but I can’t tolerate that his heart belongs to someone else. I am lost in the deep passage of my life where I can fing only darkness. I stayed her tolerating his anger, his hate. I can tolerate everything but not this. Rags cries out badly. Y god I met him , y did u do this to me? I was happy with my life . I had everything in my life and what I did not I never bothered about it but today u made my stand in a path where I have nothing but to give him happiness and choosing my darkness over his happiness. And I will do it. Rags goes to fb

rags was a fun loving caring beautiful mature and a woman both with beauty and brains. She was the only daughter of her single mother janaki digit. She was never bothered about her dad as she had asked this question to her mother one day.
Rags:Maa Y do u love that man still k ow knowing that he left u n me for some other women?

Janki:rags the answer is simple. Rags I loved shekhar with my heart but he loved sharmistha n when I knew I left him not he . I asked him to marry Sumi bcaz rags love can never be taken forcefully. Love is a wonderful feeling where people can die for their love just to give them happiness. I loved shekhar and that’s what my heart knows.
Rags:Maa if love us such that it gives pain then I evil never fall in love with someone.
Janaki:ragu ur wrong, actually love is wonderful feeling, even pain in love is beautiful and ya I wish you fall in love with a Prince who takes your breadth and heart at one glance.
Rags:k bye Maa I am going to office.
Fb ends

Rags:who knew that my life would change . Ragini did it life will change. The woman who was the best fashion designer whose mom was her world her mom her inspiration. Everything changed.
Rags went to her office on her way to office she saw s temple and stopped her driver. She climbed the strep.
Rag:oh god my only wish is that my mom should be happy and no poor child should suffer. Plz always keep my mom happy. I don’t know why mom emphasizes that I will love someone but if that happens then let my Prince get all his happiness.

This is all listened by a woman who sees ragini and follows her to get info. She reaches rags office and sees how people greet her and how friendly she is.
Woman*to herself):this girl is perfect for chote , but I should still clarify.
The woman goes inside and asks something but suddenly falls down . Hearing the commotion rags comes and checks . She scolds them for looking at the woman and not helping and asks to call the doctor. She picks the woman and mskes her sit.
Rsgs:di r u fine? What happened?
Woman (in mind): she really I’d beautiful and has a golden heart.
Woman:nothing dear just fatigue.what’s your name?
Ragini:ragini dixit.
Woman:oh nice to meet you I am khushi raizada.

Ragini:oh ur arnav raizada wife right. Let me call him.
Khushi:how do u know him?
Rags:di I was the designer who designed your clothes for if wedding and that’s when I met him.
Suddenly a boy enters with rage. He looks like Greek god all dark and looming ,s*xy and hot. All girls are looking at him except rags who is busy talking with khushi.
Boy:di (worried) r u okay? How did u faint?U should be careful?U know u scared me?
Rags is looking at the guy without blinking. Her heart beat increases looking at how close they are? She falls in love with him .
Rags:excuse if u let her speak then only she will reply.
The guy turns and looks at rags.

Guy pov:
Oh my who is she. She is beautiful and angelic . I have no words to describe but I should always be careful .
Pov ends.
Guy: excuse me miss who r u to interfere?
Rags opens her mouth wide open.
Rags pov:

How arrogant rude he is. He is asking me who I am in my office? Huh crazy guy.
Rags pov ends.
Khushi :chote this is how u talk with people, apologize to her bcaz she helped me.
Guy:di plz don’t call me that in public plz.
Rags tries hard to stop her giggle.
Guy: actually I am sorry and thanks for helping. Hi I am laksh maheshwari.
Ragini:hi I am ragini dixit. So here in my office is the most eligible bachalor, famous industrialist cum b ussiness man and also a worried anxious brother laksh maheshwari.
Laksh smirks:oh thanks for the intro miss ragini, who is a woman with beauty and brains, a deadly combination, a famous fashion designer, CEO of janaki designing a woman with whom boys are mad to go around like puppies but she never gives a shot to them and also a very young succesfull business woman.
Rags is all blush and both raglak laugh.
Khushi is watching them keenly.
Khushi then brings a marriage proposal for ragini who accepts readily as she has fallen in love but everything changes at her wedding night.
Rags is sitting wait Inc for laksh . Laksh enters all angry and pulls ragini roughly.
Rags:laksh whsf r u doing?

Lakdh (angry):u know I thought u were a good woman but I hate u .I hate u . U know I just married you for di . It was a deal not a marriage bcaz I hate marriage and love.
Rag is all broken but she compromises and is determined to stay .She always suffers from lakshya hate and harshwords but never tells anyone. They prevent to be a good husband and wife in front of family and society. Di decided to give rags 50 % of the company shareholders. Laksh hate increased even more as rags came even I to his working space but rags involvement was a great help to laksh . His company reached new heights and laksh soon was friendlier. Rags was happy as laksh treated her as a frnd. But after k avya came again laksh turned his usual mode hurting ragini.
Fb endsends

Rags : I wil, give you happiness laksh , I will give you what you want , I will take all blame on myself so di doesn’t doubt you. I wish you get happy after getting divorce. Rags cries silently. LSKDH I LOVE YOU AND I AM STUBBORN TO GIVE YOU BACM YOUR HSPPINESS.
Next morning
Laksh wakes up and finds on his table two things written.
Laksh smiles but then remembers rags and kavya’ and his depression turns a grey and he shouts.
Laksh:ragini………ragini where the he’ll r u?
Rags suddenly comes out from the washroom in a black Saree. Water drops falling on her face and her waist has some water drops. Laksh is unable to take his eye off her.but gains his consciousness as ragini turns and looks ag him
Rags:what u want laksh .Plz don’t scream
Laksh:where is my breakfast. It’s on the dining table.

Rags:laksh I am going to maa as I miss her . I promise I will tell di.
Ragini (in mind): laksh this is the last time you will be unhappy. I promise I will bring ur smile back
Lakshya usually looks at ragini .
Lsksh then leaves for office and he reaches his office.here rags leaves for her mom house.
She calls laksh on the way.

Laksh:ragininy do u wanna spoil my day.
Rsgini silently sobs
Rags:laksh what I am going to give you will make ur day even happier.
Laksh:any surprise from you makes my day unhappy
Ragini:laksh listen a parcel wil, come and pls look at it and don’t throw it.
Laksh receives the parcel and opens it and is shocked.

Guys I am so sry for the half update but sry I will post this is in 2 parts as I am he’ll tired . So sry

Precap:what’s there in parcel, what has destiny decided about raglak. Where is rags going?

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