Hey guys here first part let us
see what destiny paly a game


Oh my god why my scooty again
got repaired i am very angry on you
god why you always did to me.Ok ok
i agree this time my scooty didn’t
repaired but the petrol is over.If
you really care me then atleast my
scooty stop near my house only na.But
it stop atleast 10 km distance.There
is no petrol bunk near this road.Where
i can get help god.Please please you love
your child so please help me god a girl
was murmuring herself with adjusting her

She then saw a car which is near
a tree.She excitedly ran towards
the car.I know god you always fulfil my
wish thank god atleast i ask lift for
some distance.

But what she saw the scenario is
shocked.She went near the car then she
saw sanskar lying in pool of blood.
She then placed a hand on sanskar and

Sir please getup hello sir please
getup but she didn’t get any response.
She then take a water bottle and
sprinkle the water on sanskar face.
Then she shaked sanskar continously.
After sometime she look around and see
the road if there is any vehical coming
but there is no one in the road.Suddenly
someone place the hand on that girl

She scaredly turn her face there is
sanskar standing near her.She was shouting
sir please dont kill me i was the one
who helped you i mean just small help i am
the one who sprinkled the water on yourself.
She then talking sanskar and asking stupid
questions like sir you are alive or not.
Because you lost lot of blood but you
standing steadily.If you are alive or
i see a ghost.sir if you are ghost will
you drop me home because my scooty petrol
is over and ghost have lot of powers i know
i read lot of books.

Even there are good ghosts are exist.
I helped you so you will also help me.She
was speaking like crazy girl.Here sanskar
got irritated and finally shouted at the
girl.will you please shut your mouth for
one second shouted at that girl.She then
placed a finger on her mouth and slowly
said i am sorry ghost.

Sanskar got irritated and pinned her
on car.She then wided her eyes.Then sanskar
said if you speaking anything then i will
definetely kill you.She then kept quite.

Sanskar asked the girl do you have
phone? but she didn’t speak anything again
sanskar asked but there is no response.He
angrily asked why you didn’t speak anything
damnit.She said innocently sir you only
told me to keep quite but when i was quite
then you told me to speak now what will i do
can i speak on not?

Sanskar again got irritated but calmly
asked that girl will you give me your phone because
my phone was damaged.She then take her phone
and give to sanskar.Then sanskar called his
body guards and told them to come here.After the
call he gave the phone to that girl.He didn’t gave any
damn and searching first aid kit in his car.After
finding he was trying to bandage himself.But due
to injury on his hand he cannot done bandaging
so that girl helped him for bandaging.After some
time there is lot of cars come there and many
bodyguards are surrounding sanskar.There was
something cooking in that girl mind.She said
sanskar you use my phone so give money for using
my mobile or drop me at home.

Sanskar take his credit card and gave
to that girl but she said i didn’t want
credit card.I helped you so you also
help me will you drop me at home said that

Then sanskar and that girl was sitting
in the car but that girl was speaking
continuously sanskar got irritated and
shouted if you speak any single word then
i just throw out of my car said sanskar.
She again placed a finger on her mouth.
After seeing that sanskar smiled without
his knowledge.After sometime they reached
that girl house.

Then she stepped out of the car and
moved to her house.Sanskar called that
girl and said don’t you thank me for
helping you.That girl said to sanskar
i also helped you so it is equal.After
that she moved to her house.

Sanskar shouted crazy girl what
is your name? she replied my name is

Sanskar and swara second meeting.

So guys tell me whether you like this
update or not.

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