Hii iam back with another part..

"Stay here. I'm coming around to get you."
Annika  nodded.

A few seconds later, she heard him open his door and, then, close it. The next thing she knew her door was open and he was helping her out of the car.

Annika really wanted to see where she was. "Can I take this thing off now?" she asked.

"Nope," shivaay said, popping the "p."
Annika let ahivaay walk her forward. "You are really going all out on this."

"I'm still not telling you," shivaay  said. "Watch your step. There's a hole here."

Annika took a few careful steps forward. "You know, if you would just let me take this thing off, then I could see where I'm going."

"Not happening."

"I could fall and break something."

"Still not happening."

"Are you even one bit concerned about my safely?"

"Can't you just trust me enough?"
Annika didn't answer.shivaay did have a good point with that one.
Ahivaay kept walking her forward. "There are steps coming up, about three of them."

Annika nodded. "Okay."

"I'm not going to let you fall," shivaay whispered.

"I know." Annika did mean that. She knew he would hold her up, just as she would do for him.

"Okay, steps are right in front of you."
Annika put one foot up and climbed onto the step. "How many did you say there was again?"

"Three," shivaay answered. "They are close together, so get ready for the next one."
Annika did so. Shivaay never let go of her the entire time. Together they made their way to the top just like they had done so for the past three years.

"You know it's been a whole five minutes since you've asked me," shivaay pointed out.

"Asked you what?" annika asked.

"If you could take the blindfold off," shivaay replied. "You were asking about doing that every thirty seconds."
"I did no such thing!" Annika exclaimed as she heard a door open.

"Sure you didn't," was all shivaay said.

"Well, I didn't!"

Come on." Shivaay took her arm and lead her through what she thought was a doorway.

Annika didn't say anything as she heard the door close behind them. "What we doing?"
Shivaay pulled her to the right. "You will see."
"Please, just trust me on this one, annika," shivaay pleaded.

Annika sighed. Why didn't he just give up on this game? He was probably wondering why she just didn't go along with it.

"Annuka, guess what?" Shivaayasked.

"What?" Annika asked. She wasn't also one for guessing games.

"It's time for you to take that off."
Emma hadn't even been aware that they had stopped moving. "What?"
"You heard me."
Annika reached up and pulled the blindfold off. She blinked and looked around. They were in a large, empty room that was filled with different coloured balloons. There were neon and dull balloons hanging from the ceiling, the walls, and on the floor. She blinked, taking it on in

To be continued

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