She felt him put his hands over her eyes. "Where are you taking me?" she asked.

Shivaay laughed slowly in her ear. "What have I said about trusting me?"

Annie closed her eyes. They had been over this many times. He had promised that their relationship would not be like her parents. Her father had walked out on the family when annika was a young girl and never looked back. Her mother treated the event like it had been an early Christmas present.

Shivaay led her forward. "That's what I thought."
"But really, shivaay, where are you taking me?" annika asked. She hated not knowing what was going on, not being in control.

Shivaay didn't answer as he walked her forward.

Shivaay n annika had been dating for nearly three years now. Annika had never been in a romantic relationship before him. She had promised to herself that she would never fall in love and end up in a miserable marriage like her parents. Whenever she and shivaay had started seeing each other, she had to tell herself: "You are a lover. Borrow Cupid's wingsand soar with them above a common bound."

Annikablinked her eyes. "Shivaay, can you uncover my eyes?"
Shivaaychuckled. "You just need to learn to trust."
"You always say that," she whispered.

"Well, you do," he murmured. "I wouldn't let anything happen to you."
She sighed. "I know." She really did mean that.

Shivaay just kept walking. A few minutes later, he stopped. "Okay, I'm going to uncover your eyes for just a moment."
Annika looked around as her world became light. They were standing in front of shivaay's beat up car. She looked back at the small cottage. They had done so much work on the cottage over the past couple of years. She did have to admit it looked pretty cute.

Shivaay was rummaging through his pockets. "Darn it! I forgot it in the house. I'll be right back and don't you think about going anywhere!"
"Okay," Annika said as he darted back into the cottage.

Annika put her hands into her pockets and stared at the ground. She really wasn't the type of person who enjoyed surprises. Surely, after all this time shivaay would remember that.

A few minutes later shivaay emerged from the cottage. He jogged quickly down the path to annika. "I got it!" He proudly waved a medium sized piece of fabric in Emma's face.

Annika frowned. "What is that?"
He just smiled at her. "We can't have you see where I'm taking you, now, can we?"
Annika again frowned. Alec was really going all out on this. She sighed. "I'm not going to win this one am I?"
Shivaay shook his head as he moved behind her. "Nope." He brushed her hair to the side and doubled the fabric. Soon annika's world was back into the darkness.

"Can you see anything?" Shivaay asked.

Annika shook her head. It was a dark as her childhood home.

"Good," he said as he grabbed annika's arm and lead her to the car. "You can relax. I won't let anything bad happen to you.;
Annika put one foot in front of the other. She heard Shivaay open the car door.

To be continued
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