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hey guys! happy children’s day ti all,even if u r an adult,happy children’s day to ur heart (dil toh baccha hai ji xD) n the little child sill possessed by u inside….i m back with another OS..i had actually thought that i would never recieve even one comment for my work n rather get chamelis n champas..but i must say ur humbelness n tollerance level is high..not many people tollerate me :p ..anyways tysm…for the precious comments 🙂

n this one is ..
i was walking down the road continously thiniking “why”, bcuz this was the question everybody has started asking me whenever i talked about annika or whenever i used to show concern when she got hurt or when i m continously trying to apologise her n she isint aceepting….why m i feeling bad? why do i care?
omru says its luv..but i always deny this..is it really true?no shivaay singh oberoi can never fall in love…n with a girl who has not status,or no family or no blood..this is impossible!
bt she told me impossible mean it is poosible..i get hurt when i see her get a small cut also,i can sense her when she is around,i can forsee her being in trouble,i get affected by what she says n what she feels,i have started using a part of language, i say i dont want to talk about her but i continue talking about her 1hr,2hr or even more..i m postponing my meetings,i m visiting her everyday, n tht is all everyone says..but what is this?
is this really luv? i tried to find out…. over the past few weeks i didnt really meet her,i didnt think about her but i just asked my bodyguards to give me info after every 15 mins..WHY? because i was reading everywebsite,every book,every documentary,every interview that could tell me what luv is…infact this is a small thing,i have read n listened every shayari of om n have drunk rudra’s fruit punch for quite about 3-4 times…so that i can find out the truth…i recorded what i used to do when drunk n i got to know ,around 90% of the times i used to talk about annika…….n this is how i discoverd the truth n kept the bodyguards with annika..i kept them bcuz of the daksh n tia fiasco n moreover the dream tht has been ringing my sleeping bell…….n the bodyguards r actually not bodyguards as i knew even if annika would have liked to talk to me she wouldnt have agreed to the fact of bodyguards so they r basically spies…

omru enter room..
omru:shivaay shi:we need to talk!
omru:annika? shi:i love her!
omru:what did u just say? repeat again shi: i luv her, i luv annika!
omru: finally!we r so happy for u! shi:thanku! for helping me!
omru:shivaay! thats perfect…now u should go down fast n propose her! shi:what?she is down…??
omru:yes ..she is ..be fast..n dont make her wait..else u will loose.. (before they could complete shivaay ran)
shi:i m so happy to see u!
ann:its ok! i have escused u..now no need to say all this!
shi:whoa? really? ann:yup i did..n this is a small gift for u..
shi:thanku! but what is it for? ann:umm..i m leaving billuji..
shi:LEAVING? (he felt a stone hit his heart) leaving where? ann:delhi
shi:when will u come back..? ann:its forever?
shi:forever..what?why? ann:actually i have decided to set up my new wedding planning firm there..
shi:bt what is wrong with this place? ann:funding..
shi:i ll give u..fuding… ann:no billuji! i already have a loan of 25 lakhs n now more loan..? no.
shi:bt annika.. ann:billuji i consider u as my family..please dont make it difficult for me..
shi:oh..ohk(he was breaking inside.)….annika!whats that?
ann:what? shi:those bangles..
ann:ohh these… shi:yess! aint they the one which mallika gave u?
ann:yes..u still remember?
(shivaay dil toots) shi: so..umm…u love somebody?
ann:no..sombody loves me madly n deeply..exactly the way annika said… shi:ohh..umm..so u dont luv him?
ann: i love him? ofcourse..i do! i luv him as much as he does.. shi:oh wow! i m so happy for u.. (omru could feel his heart breaking)
anni:i m also.. (Shi cuts her) shi:so when r u getting married…?
annni:umm..(she gets sad)..probably after returning from delhi… shi:oh..ohk!
daadi:do invite us annika! anni:u would be the first one if it happpens,promise daadi!
shivaay just turns n goes inside,he feels totally broken for a while,bcuz the moment he realised his luv the same moment she went away…

om:annika u r going to delhi forever?
ann:yes om..forever
ru:bt di..u said to bhaiya tht u ll marry when u return?
ann:i ll return if he proposes…thanku for the sessions of teaching me luv btw…i never had any room for love in my life…bt u cleared the confusion n he forcefully made a room…n u both helped me identify his room…
omru:anytime annika…we r luck to have u…thanku for thinking twice before acting on seeing that video unlike shivaay..he would have been ..
ann: a jwaalamukhi oberoi? yes..he would..
omru:now the things r changed..
om: u ll get to know….

———–shivaay hugs omru..
i was very very sad by the fact ttht she was leaving thus i hugged my bros n let out my emotions…i must say i have got the best brothers in this whole world…they calmed me down in some time..or i should say i was stronger…bt they were holding their heads…i wondered why n i asked them..they pointed towards the clock..OMG! i..its 5:00…it took them 5hrs to make me quiet..
shi:now what should i do..
omru+daadi who enters: STOP HER FROM GOING!
daddi:dont put ur grand fathers name in mitti..jaa mere ishqbaaz show ur true colours…

at car
shi thinks..wait a sc!why hsould i go n stop her n propose..she should..i m shivaay singh oberoi i wont go n propose her..huh..

2 days pass…

omru:go shivaay go!go shivaay go! go shivaay go!

when shivaay reaches at annika’s place…
he tries to speak ..
i..i..i want to wish u happy journey..!.
annika face palms..n askes him to leave..after having a fight…
shivaay gets angry
—- 2 days pass…

omru: go shivaay dont come before confessing ur luv ..

he reaches..n says..
i..i..i love annika, the fact tht u excused me ….i mean i..i love… i love the gift as well annika..
annika throws water on his face..they fight
n shivaay gets angry

shivayy:yes i told her i luv the fact tht she acceptd my apology n i told her i loved the gift..
omru:go out! didnt we ask to confess luv..
shi:u asked to talk about luv or should i say ,say luv n i did tht…..

—2 days later, annika was finally leaving

omru:shivaay,annika is leaving..
shi:then let her,she should have understood me! huh..
omru:u have gone out of ur mind…
shi:its not me ..its her..
omru:do u even realise the fact tht she is goign? go shivaay propose her!!
n they take his lappy..n kick his picchwaada with his laptop..
shi:aauch! shut up u both
ru:ek shayari..
ru: chale gaya hai laptop ka time,chale gya hai laptop ka time,…ae shivaay bhaiya! ab jaldi bhaago kyunki ho gaya hai annika didi ki train ka time!
shivom:kabhi toh dhang ke maar liya kro rudra!

shivaay ws leaving…
daadi:ae billu,agr meri bahu aur apni dulhani ke bina kadam bhi rakha,toh teri khair nahi..mere pass bhi chameli hai!
shi nods n run…
(PS i frogt to mention tht shivaay first thought tht she luvs someone else n thought if she is happy he too should….bt then omru clear his confusion a bit saying tht she said she is going forever n she said she will come back n marry..tht means she is not marrying)
at railway station,
after searching in all delhi trains..he finds annika outside the railway station ,she was getting late for train..n he thought he had lost her forever…
annika! shivaay shouted…
annika palti….
shivaay: i luv u annika!
annika:what? say that again?
shivaay:why does everyone asks me to repeat this again..
annika: bcuz u talking abt luv is a rare thing..
ann:m getting late bj!
shivaay:ohk , i luv annika,i luv u alot!
ann:thode zyda amotions ke saath bol lete toh maza hi aajaata..

shivaay: u know how bad i m at emotions expressing!
ann:vo toh hai..u r not just bad,u r vaaheyaad
shivaay:vaaheeyeaad??! language annika..whats tht by the way..
ann:umm..a..vulnerable.. shiv:u called me vulnerable? (annika learnt english crash course in 1 month while she was away from OM n shivaay was apologising her)
ann:toh vaaheeyad nahi toh kya romantic bolu? shiv:haa!
ann: u r vulnerable ohk? aapko kitna time laga bone mein ..u cam after 2-2 days n said silly things..b
shi:kaha toh sahi naa kam se kam… ann:vaise point toh hai bj..
shi:hey dont call me tht!
annika:ohh,bj..aap bhi naa bj, aapka toh sahi mein kuch nahi ho sakta bj,aap naa bass bj-bj kehne waalo se irritate ho skte hai bj..vo bhi saare vo nahi jo aapko bj bole, sirf meerko hi mana krte hai bj kehne mein..huh! ik ik ab aap yeh kahenge tht bj is a special name tht daadi has given u,n only daadi cn call u bj…bt bj is better bj,but how do i make u understand? cuz u urself r a bj..n u r not going to listen to me..so i wont call u bj,ohk bj?
ann:what? shi:15 times u called me billuji… ann:haa ik u r a calculator singh oberoi..bt u know what billuji sounds cute…n much more cute when u make this pout face (she says by pulling her cheeks)
shivaay blushes n says oh! ohk! this is so embarassing…
ann:bt bj… shi:again?
ann:yes..again n forever… billu ki shaadi hogi,billu ka sehra sajega billu ghodi chadhega..bilu! billu!billu!billu!
n someone on outside railway station byechance throws water on them…
they should have shouted on him but they start laughing..
shiv: shaadi..? seriously?
ani:why u dont want to marry me? if u dont then tell me..i m not tht type of girl who will do anything before assurity ofmarriage…
shhi:should i take this license of doing anything(he smiled tedhaly)
anni:haww! cheapde shivaay! (annika blushes hard)
shi:shivaay! if i knew u would say shivaay if this happens,i would have done this long time ago(he said encircling her waist)
ann:we r at a railway station..
shi:say that again!
ann: what? shi:shivaay! with an addition of i luv u..
ann: i dont luv u shivaay!
shi leaves her…
shi:ohk then when is ur train leaving ?
ani:u dont want me to stay?do u?
shi:yess! i dont…
ani: i knew..bt omru had informed me this..so i postponed it for tommorow…
shi:really? n how did u know i would want u to go? though i want u to stay as well..bt..
anni: for u my dreams n happiness both r imp..n u know how much independent i have been n how much does standing high means to me..
shi:n how much do u want not to be called as a ‘gold-digger’ in front of any1.. !
anni:yes..exactly! i knew it!
shi:so when r u coming back!
anni:As soon as my company value becomes 10 crores…
shi:if u hear my piece of advice..ur company’s value is more than any one can earn in a single lifetime..
anni:haha..dont take it tht way round…cuz if u do then i would have to say that this company is only affordable by shivaay..n earnable to only one man,n i dont need to name tht man..do i?
shi:yes u have to.. say the name..the REAL one..
anni:u can do anything for me to call ur name..isint it? shi:yup tht is why i m shivaay singgh oberoi..
anni:then mr.shivaay singh oberoi let me tell u tht man’s name is billu..
shi: oh really(he said getting closer)
shi: then u dont know my ways to get my things out…i can do anything to get what i want…
annika:oh really? u r such a cheapde,billuji…we have reached to the beach n catch me if u can..
as the sun sets..shivaay runs behind annika..n after 5 mins of hardwork he finally catches her showing ‘gudhiya ke baal/candy floss’..
n as soon as annika finishes eating…shivaay catches her..n they r very close…
annika: u r so nasty bj
shi:this is just the starting….bt it would be better if u call me with the name..dad-mom had set..i mean u know,they might have thought something before naming me this for the rest of my life or should i say my whole life..
annika:u r such a cheapde shivaay! shivaay! shivaay!shivaay! n now can u leave me till marriage..
shi:leave u? never..

—they eat dinner… n next day when annika is leaving shivaay dosent realise tht he is holding her hand n not letting her go inside the train..
ann:can u please leave me now until i come back..
shi:leave u? never bcuz i didnt grab ur hand to leave it later..
ann:but i need to go!
annika points towards their hands..
shivaay suddenly leaves… n the trains starts moving..
shivaay n annika see each other as annika moves.. shivaay turns around but annika finally shouts “i luv u shivaay,alot” n gives him heart whelming smile…

now it has been 1.5 yr..annika company is renowned nation wide….. n in this duration annika n shivaay have met thrice..now annika is back to mumbai..to organise shivaay’s wedding with her,ofcourse…
n then they happily lived ever after ..
n the end cuz i m bored writing now…
i have thought to write an FF named RAGE..do check it out when u r free n when i have updates it…
this was some random stuff…bt the ff is going to have some serious things…n i ll give an intro first,to u know,just know ur suggestions..
bt right now, i just hope u like this one!
n ty for reading..accha n btw..is this os good to make another part of it..wedding one n the stronger bond one? do u think? do tell me n do comment anything–i would entertain it even if u throw those champas n chamelis..as this os didnt have a story as such

thanku again!
lots of good wishes n luv

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