I love u Sanskar (Part 1)


Hi guys , before u criticize me I would tell you that this is a rewritten story of a malayalam film Ormayundo we Mukham. If u are interested then read. And if u like it Do comment.

The story first shows Swara, a sand artist doing her program. When she is on her way home, she meets with an accident which leads to memory loss that can allow her remember anything for just 24 hours. She keeps a memory book where she jots down all her memories. Then we meet Sanskar, a young businessman who also suffers from temporary memory problems. His mother Sujata get annoyed with him and asks him to marry a girl, Kavita, whom he doesn’t like. Angry with his mother because of this, he and his grandmother make a plan.

The plan is that he will say that he is in love with another girl and the next day they are going to have a date. The next morning he goes for a walk around the city instead for a date. He then meets Swara and watches her sand art and memory show. They fall in love. Swara does not write her memories in her memory book as she thinks if they are real soul mates then this magic will happen. The next day they meet, but Swara does not recognize Sanskar. Then Sanskar, his friend Laksh and Swara’s sister Ragini make up plans and at last he succeeds. He tells his mother that he loves Swara and then brings her to Sanskar’s House. There they realize their love for each Other. But the next day Swara forgets him, but reminds herself about him after reading her memory book. She then says that they can never stay together and so tears his memories from her book. They go their separate ways.

Later Gautham is travelling to the USA for a meeting, and he meets Ragini at the airport. She says that Swara is fine. She then shows him the video of Swara’s program. He sees that the pictures drawn were related to him. That moment he abandons his trip and goes to watch Swara’s show. When she sees him there, she gets emerged up and draws her image with inner strength. But when he asks her whether she remembers him, she says no.

Sanskar returns and then sees his mother in the auditorium. His mother asks him to turn back. When he looks at the screen he sees Swara drawing his face. Sanskar runs back to the stage and asks her “whether she really does not know him.” She replies that “even without knowing who you are I used to draw your pictures.” Then they understand that even though she forgets everything after 24 hours, she will never be able to forget him as she loves him. Then they marry and live happily ever after.

Credit to: Gayathri -

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  1. Nice

  2. Nice are you a malayali

  3. nice!!! so gayathri r u a malayali??? well am a malayali!! i have this movie. r u studying??? in which class???

  4. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear.. Me too a malayali

  5. Jwala

    hey I’m also a malayali.. but I’m not getting this film

    1. Vineeth and namitha parmod’s film

  6. Amazing

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  8. This is a story of a malayalam movie right????

  9. This is the malayalam movie story ORMAYUNDO EE MUGAM

  10. Sorry guys but this an OS

  11. Divya shankar

    In kannada we hv film called simpalagi love story it’s award winning more than its love v/s full of dialogue in tat hero is advertising owner for one shooting he decide to go for madkeri she has sister she is anchor in fm she loves one boy tat boy also stay in madkeri so sis told his brother to c dis boy and on way. .so he agree while shooting he c a girl love at first sight then after tat he came to c sis lover Thier he is a same girl which he c in morning..later no one in their home only dis girl is their Thier friendship grow heroine has lover but breakup hero love also break up..later they both confess dis..actually heroine told she is sis lover sis but later he came to know she is unknown later he loved her..then love story happenS one night..when morning heroine gets up she didn’t remember anything she has a disease she didn’t recognise hero but c show tears in hero eyes hero decide to go back to his place.when he was going she comes and slap him and say..I know I hv made but wat to do I hv disease actually i.m ur sis lover sis friend i.m patient i came to her for regular check up tat time I got a phone call she told ur coming so try to fleRt u then later by ur behaviour I fall for u..then morning when i c ur tears I can’t tolerate daily I keep camera in my shirt button when I c tat vedio which I spend last night is d memorable.. u told I will be Thier till d end of our life ..he told I will be Thier even in ur delivery time. .its entertainment film sakathag ide full of dialogue if u know kannada u tried to write dis story it’s quite similar don’t make both have same disease u make only one dr..pls update first part soon..

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