love is being with u……(promo)


okay so this ff will start on 13th may till then i have decided to give 2-3 promos so here goes the first one
a girl who is the ruler of the whole collage is introduced…..yes it is swara , walking in heels with a pink dress and blue bag…..she clashes in boy whois handsome and rich ….and they both start fighting on the first day
laksh maheshwary:
pet name; lucky
status: rich, lives in mansion
hobbies: playing football, looking handsome and impressing girls
2nd year in collage about to end
neighbour to swar

swara khurana;
pet name: shona
status: not as rich as lucky but lives in mansion
hobbies: saves girls from lucky , plays tennis, stylish, good in studies too
fights with laksh
neighbour to lucky
1st year in collage about to end

another girl is introduced in a long skirt and top; with books in hand….she is tanu….topper of class
and a fun loving boy is shown that is rishi….even he is flirty
tanvi verma;
she is shy and swara always helps her
status: rich
does not have mother
hobbies: reading books and studies
new in collage

rishi singh bedi:
fun loving always joking
friends with swara
not good in studies
status: rich
hobbies: plays football; lucky and rishi r in same team

swara’s sister is introduced…..she is our fav ishani
its ishani’s engagement but not with ranveer
its with a boy sameer
she likes sameer but she has started feeling something for her boss who is none other than ranveer

ishani khurana
status; same as swara
passed from collage and works in waghela industries

rangeer waghela:
boss of waghela industries
he cares for employees and feels something special for employee ishani’
satus: very rich
rishi’s big brother

rishi is attracted to tanu
ranveer ishani feel something for each other
swara laksh start fighting

so guys tell me how was the promo and do u want to add any other pair from other serials

Credit to: sanika

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  1. where is ragini & sanskar ?

    1. Do u want ragsan anjaly

  2. Plz do ragsan as well

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