sorry guys i have to change the pre cap of the last ff…. since i got a new idea….

Everyone is sleeping…. just then sumo gets a call from maya…
sumo: i thought u came home already why r u calling me at 3am in the night
maya: sumo… (cries) Aditya…
sumo wakes up shriven and puts the phone on speaker…
shriven: what happened to Adi?
maya: Adi got shot… trying to save a kid in a hijacked resturaunt
shaman: what!! we r coming… stay there

maya: please bring avantika
they call pushkar and pretti they tell them everything… they go to the hospital
at the hospital
they see maya and maya runs to them and hugs them
the doctor comes out and says he slipped into a coma
maya cries and they console her…. sumo feels pain on her stomach
sumo waterpipe broke and shriven calls the doctor and says what happened?
D: she is going to be in labour…. she is having contractions

guys its short because the next ff post is gonna be really long and plaza comment if this fanfiction change is okay???

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  1. Sharmansangel

    It was short but nice

  2. Ur story is awesome. ….plz post it soon
    ….n get well soon adi…hope sumo gets a baby girl this tym also….

  3. Marie

    It was good…… 🙂 post ASAP

  4. Nikita

    it was good.
    post soon

  5. Very nice pls post soon

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey nice i liked it and do u write ff for other shows also? I think i read ur ff b4 but i don’t remember 😛

  7. Ariana

    It was a nicenice thrilling epi. Excited for the next part. Post soon

  8. Neeti

    woh so short bt dats ok
    sry plss forgive dis Leeti (late+Neeti) if u want u can always taunt me calling me Leeti bt forgive me plssss
    epi was a dhamaka Adi got shoot and slipped into coma oh no
    Sumo s delivery hope it goes well
    plsss pst soon and bara wala so I can cmnt big
    sry again
    lots of luv – Leeti

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    It was nice ..
    Nd sorry for being late ..
    Take care ..

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