everyone comes at the hospital
Adi is happy and goes inside…. and holds avantika
Nirmala comes there and Adi comes to the door and tells the nurse to not let anyone come inside without my permission…
Nirmala is about to enter as soon as she holds the door handle the nurse comes and says sir… said not to let anyone enter the room….
Nirmala: please he is my son and i just want to meet my granddaughter and daughter-in-law… please ask him!!
nurse: fine…
the nurse comes inside the room and Adi finally gives up and lets her enter….
N: maya u did good…. can i hold Avantika?
M: sure… being interrupted by Adi….
A: later… let maya and Avantika rest…go look after ur other son… ur so called shriven beta
they all go home and maya is discharged
shriven and sumo are together and hugs each other….
Shravan says sorry to Adi
Adi says it’s ok….
they all hug…

9 month leap
Adi and Maya is playing with Avantika
maya is shown wearing a pink jumpsuit with a pink crop top hood and nude pink heels and Adi wearing a black suit and black jeans, black shirt…
sumo is wearing a tight red long sleeve dress and her big baby bump showing and shriven with her decorating the baby room…
pretti and pushkar is also there and pretti is wearing a blue maxi dress with a cardigan and pushkar feels bad for her….
Pretti leaves seeing the baby’s room finished
pushkar runs behind pretti…
pretti cries and says i cant even handle a baby that has not even come in the world…
Pushkar: it isn’t ur fault… whatever happened had to happened
Pretti: i lost the baby… i lost the baby.. and cries…
sumo comes there and says there will always be another chance… and u will have avantika and everyone…
shriven comes there and says pretti… and hugs her… pushkar tries to keep his emotions inside….
maya comes there with Avantika and heard everything and says me and Adi r going on a date soo…can avantika stay with u?
pretti wipes her tears and says sure… and becomes happy again and Adi sees that from the door and Maya starts leaving then stops and says u r a great mom! u handle days alone to take care of Avantika… but there is always another chance…
pretti puts down avatika on the bed and gets up to hug maya… they hug

PRECAP: puskar and pretti is asleep… but maya and Adi comes back from their dinner date and sees Avantika missing… sumo starts hiding her labour pains….

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  1. Neeti

    hey Maya di, hw are you
    wowww Shravan and Adi united
    bt Preeti lost her baby, oh no so sad…
    Sumo is hiding labour pain…why..????
    Avantika goes missing, oh no
    will they blame Preeti, does Shraman have to lose their baby so many ques
    plss post soon
    and yeah I have posted my ff based on a real story, pls read that..oh sry forget to tell name the name is Why did you leave me (Edkv)
    luv u by by- Neeti

  2. Ariana

    wow wonderful epi. feeling sad for Preekar. And the precap!!! I’m so excited abt it. Wht will happen? Worried abt Sumo. Fingers crossed. Post asap. I must read the next part before dying. So pls pls pls pls post sooooooooooooon.
    Love U

  3. Marie

    Hey maya…!! Great ep…!! I loved it OMG adi n Maya’s daughter is missing?? Oh no!!
    N y is she hiding her labour pain y….!!!!! O myyy so many questions..!!
    Plz plz post ASAP ASAP !!
    Ok take care
    By by

  4. Nikita

    Great episode !
    Adi and Shravan united finallyy..
    but adi and maya’s daughter missing? SHIT !!
    N why do sumo do this?
    plz post soob

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Fantabulous ep ..
    Luv it ..
    Nd the precap..ohhh !!! What is gonna happen next .. waiting..
    Post soon ..

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