PRECAP: adi and shriven are fighting… maya is in her room going through labour pain…. sumo and pretti and pushkar comes there and pushkar calls aid… sumo and pretti help maya get up and…. aid comes there and takes maa to the hospital….

at night
shriven and aid is not talking to each other and maya comes there with sumo and pretti…
N: aid u forgot!! maya’s doctor check up
a: oh shit!! i will call the doctor here… and maya is taking a nap… since the baby’s kick is hurting her….
shriven says since everyone is here i have to say something…. sumo is pregnant… everyone is happy
N: beta congrats!!
s: thx mom
aid gets angry and says congrats sumo… and gives nirmala a stare and also shriven and gets up and leaves to his room…. the doctor comes and says where’s Mr Aditya
aid comes down and says im here yea sorry i couldn’t bring my wife to the hospital… she was having pain…so

D: don’t worry…it’s fine… let me check the patient…
the doctor checks everything and asks maya on a scale of 1-10 how much does it hurt…?
maya says 8… shriven thinks will this same thing happen to sumo?
sumo is worried and scared about her pregnancy … aid sees Nirmala and closes the door…
shriven finds sumo worrying and has headache and says baby…don’t worry…
sumo: will i be able to take care of the baby properly?
shriven: u will be a great mother…!
aid asks so is everything fine….
doctor says to be alert this week… the premature delivery is soon… the pain is the uterus… so be prepared…
maya says is premature okay for the baby?
doctor: there have been many premature deliveries… don’t worry…. and Mr Aditya please try to keep ur wife relaxed… stress can be harmful….
maya is laying on the bed on her back and looking at the ceiling that has cute baby toys hanging…. adi says baby? take rest… we have to be prepared…

maya: is the baby room finished?
a: baby r u okay? we r deciding the toys to buy… the room was done long time ago…
M: huh? im getting forgetful…
A: i know… ur scared… don’t worry i will be beside u every sec until and during delivery….
shaman is passing by and says they r perfect for each other…
shriven replies but aid is mad at ma for some reason…
sumo: he is annoyed of the big secret his mom hided from him
shriven: lets forget about that….come,follow me
they go to their room and sumo sees heart shaped balloons and chocolates…
shriven says like the surprise?
sumo…. no… i love it!

shriven: so i have to tell u something…. mom said to stay here… and do not go back to mumbai….
sumo: why? ur business, house, everything there
shriven: well i can transfer business to london and the whole family will go there except for us and pushkar and pretti
sumo: but?
Shravan: the family will stay for few days…
sumo: so… the real question… why the balloons,roses,and chocolates…?
shriven: to convince u… so… what will we name our baby?
sumo says on the count 3 say a name for a baby boy…
shriven says rajveer
sumo says dev
they argue and they say ok? we have the baby girls name…
shravan: sonu
sumo: sonakshi

they argue again and sumo says her nickname can be soon and her first name is sonakshi
shriven: wow…. patni still smart hai…
shriven hears arguing noise… from Nirmala’s room and rushes there….it’s Adi and Nirmala arguing shriven interferes and says Adi! and raises a hand on him…. and TASH!!!
Adi says just because ur older than me… doesn’t mean i won’t do anything!!
Shravan: what do u have with me? im shocked as u r…. and stop arguing with ma….
A: why shouldn’t i? i asked ma overtime about my big brother and she would try to confuse me everyday… and change the topic… im older now!! it’s time to know… why did u have to confront….? why couldn’t she?

Shravan again raises a hand and this aid stops him and says don’t even dare to!!
they get into a physical fight….
maya wakes up because of the commotions and holds her baby bump and falls on the floor and is crying… maya starts having labour pains… somu and pretti, and pushkar runs to maya and helps her up… pushkar runs to Adi and says maya…maya is in labour…. Adi runs to maya and says remember the routine breathe in… breathe out…. Adi keeps telling maya to do what he is doing…. and maya follows him… she cries….
Adi takes her in the car and goes to the hospital…. maya is in lots of pain and suddenly cares for Adi seeing his injury on his head…dealing with the labour pain…
maya: ow! take a deep breath and says what?.. what happened to ur headd?
aid: nothing do the procedre and they reach the hospital and the doctor gives the suit to adi and says come fast… its a baby girl… we will name her Avantika…
Shraman feels confident of having the baby…. sumo says shriven? will i be able to give birth?
shriven: i will be beside u every second…

they all go home….

PRECAP: everything gets fine… aid and maya r shown playing with avantika…. and sumo haves labour pains… shriven takes her to the hospital…

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