PRECAP: everyone reaches aditya house and sees his mom and his wife which is pregnant and is close to delivery….
shriven confront his mom…. aditya says my wife is 8 3/4 months pregnant and maya is a foreign and indian person….
everyone leaves and meets at the airport…
kamani says aditya has a house in london and said to stay there…
pushkar: im still mad at him for getting married secretly without me…. acting like a baby
aditya comes there with maya his wife the model… which has a big baby bump….
shriven says where is ur mom? in a angry tone..
a: she is home but she is waiting for u all…i forgot to introduce u guys to my wife…
M: hi! everyone…
sumo and pretti says wow u r very pretty… aditya got lucky…
M: thx…
S&P: so do u do any job?
m: umm now im on house rest…. ummm i will be back on my modeling career very soon..
everyone says house rest?
M: umm pregnancy…. ( to let u all know maya is speaking half english and hindi since she is not very good at it)
a: maya is 8 3/4 months away from delivery
pushkar: bro! congrats why did u not tell me?
shriven: thought u weren’t gonna talk to him… in a happy voice
P: whatever…. he is my bestfriend i can’t stand mad at him…
kamani says u r very thin for a almost 9 moth pregnancy…
M: what?(she did not understand wht she said)
K : she said u don’t look 9 month pregnant
M: umm im wearing black clothes sooo…. make people look skinny… and yea… umm hold on i have a call…
aditya says who?
M: doctor?
a: give me the phone… i will talk to the doctor him….
shriven asks maya so…. where does ur parents live?
m: my mom is in new york her name is audrey and my dad’s name is sid
kamani says so ur dad is indian and ur mom is american…right?
maya: yea…
( guys im gonna call aditya …. aid… so i hope u guys don’t get confused)
adi comes back and says so…. shall we leave?
maya says sure….
they go into the 2 suv…. maya asks adi what did the doctor say?
A: that looking through ur medical reports…. u r stable for delivery and ur delivery can be premature….
M: um… being tensed
A: what happened? why r u sweating all of a sudden….
M: im scared…..
sumo comes there and says lets go…
they all leave and they reach adi’s house…
shriven says its maybe time to tell everyone the news….
sumo says everyone knows… what do u mean….
shravan not maya,adi,and nirmala auntie ….
sumo… suddenly??
nirmala comes there and says maya…. beta… we have to go to the doctor for the check up….
nirmala sees shriven and says who r they? adi beta?
nirmala recognizes summon and shriven and starts tearing up and says beta?
A: what?
n: nothing
adi says i will take maya to the doctor….
summon sees shravan’s reaction and thinks he knows…. summon holds shriven hand tight… and whispers to him what happened….
the servant shows everyone their rooms and n ( n stands for nirmala becuz of auto correct) says my son is married to sumo? and is happy and cries… shriven comes there from the back and says maaa…
aid comes there and says ma? how is she ur ma? she is my mom… what r u talking about??
A: tell him mom…
N: beta meet ur long lost brother….
shriven smiles…. but aid is mad and says u kept this from me?
maya is at the door and hears everything…. and goes to her room and says there is always a fight in the house…. summon comes there and says why is she tensed….
maya says because of my upcoming delivery and adi and shriven and mom ji is fighting at her room….

PRECAP: adi and shriven are fighting… maya is in her room going through labour pain…. sumo and pretti and pushkar comes there and pushkar calls aid… sumo and pretti help maya get up and…. aid comes there and takes maa to the hospital….

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  1. Marie

    It was a veryyyy nice ep maya….but I want shraman scenes….. 🙂
    Post ASAP ASAP plzz
    Lots of luv

  2. Nandini aka Nandu

    Ohh..getting exciting. Pls post soon dear. Much much love. Keep writing.

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Nice ep Maya .. bt ShraMan scenes r a must .. ok ..
    Post soon

  4. Ariana

    Adi Shravan fight!!! Sounds better than ShraMan scene. Kill tht Adi. But fine its not a love triangle so let him live. Next time pls put some ShraMan scenes. Post asap. Love u

  5. Neeti

    sry Maya di fr super dooper late cmnt, don’t get angry….
    really nice epi…
    bt bcs of ShraDi (Shravan and Adi), Maya was worried
    all dis is bcs of Nirmala I just hate her…
    pst soon
    lots of luv – Neeti

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