shriven is in his room walking back and forth and smiles…. thinking about the night…. and remembers about his mom…
sumo comes there and says here is ur clothes,shoes,watch,and etc….
shriven says i don’t need to go anywhere today….it’s my day off…
sumo: oh…. at least change…r u gonna stay in ur night clothes all day?
shriven: no!

sumo: thought so….
sumo feels dizzy and sees everything blurry and hold her head…. shriven turns around and asks sumo if she is okay?
sumo: yea
shriven: r u sure? then why r u still here…i have to change…. or would u like to see the show?
sumo: disgusting! and falls unconscious and shriven picks her up and calls the doctor….
doctor comes and says congratulation ur wife is pregnant….
sumo is asleep…. shriven is happy and walks the doctor to the door… shriven comes back and sees sumo waking up… shriven says ur….ur pregnant!
sumo: what!

they hug and they get ready to give the news to everyone….
they go to pushkar’s and pretti’s house and sees the doctor check pretti and says congrats u r gonna be a father….
pushkar is happy and hugs pretti and sees shaman…. shriven says we got 2 great news in the same day…pretti is pregnant so is….summon!!
everyone hugs each other and says we r gonna go to london!
shriven says aditya is there so lets tell him to book a mansion house….
they all go to respective homes and starts packing everything to leave tonight…

PRECAP: everyone reaches aditya house and sees his mom and his wife which is pregnant and is close to delivery….
shriven confront his mom…. aditya says my wife is 8 1/2 months pregnant and maya is a foreign and indian person….

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