continuation of my ff
shraven takes sumo to his hotel room…
shriven is drunk so is sumo they get romantic with each other
(guys sorry autocorrect for shriven)
shriven kisses sumo…. shriven stops and says no…. i won’t kiss u… u hate me
sumo: no… i don’t hate u!
shriven and sumo goes on kissing
shriven takes off his shirt…. sumo falls over shravan
they get intimate….

they pull the blanket over them and they fall asleep…
in the morning
shriven wakes up and sees sumo sleeping peacefully
shriven gets up to go to the bathroom than sees lots of messages from aditya
S: why is he texting her?
shriven goes thru her phone and sees aid’s and his moms photo
s: this can’t be true!
mere ma is alive!

sumo wakes up and says i have to tell u something…
shriven is lost

Precap: sumo is pregnant! shriven is happy and sad to know his mother is alive….

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