I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-2

season 1
Ragini waking up sanskar ,who was sleeping..
Ragini:sanskar wake up
Sanskar:kya baby..let me sleep sometime na..
Ragini:no u have to wakeup..we should go temple
Sanskar:ragini u knw i dont like all thesee…no use of praying him..
Ragini:plzz sanskar..
Sanskar:i said no..
Ragini:plssssssss..for me..(she pouts)
Sanskar( melts):fine
Ragini smiles..he gets up nd kissed her forehead nd goes to washroom..
They reached temple..
Ragini askd him to come inside..
Sanskar:u go ..i will wait here..
Ragini makes cute pleading face..
Sanskar:u knw how to melt me
Ragini smiles..
Both went inside nd stands in front of idol..ragini closed her eyes nd praying for sanskar hapiness..sanskar stood uninterested..
Pandit ji cme nd says u both looking ram nd seetha..ragini smiles..pandit gives aarti nd blessed them,have a child nd be happy..
Hearing this ragini eyes got moist..sanskar seen her..he clenched his fist nd shouts at pandit how dare u..he was scared..
Ragini holds her wrist nd nodded as no..
Sanskar:i told u not cme here but..u have seen na..
Ragini apologies pandit..
Sanskar:y r u apologizing him..he makes u sad..he should apologize u..
Ragini:sanskar plz..
She drags him to car..
Ragini:what is this sanskar..u should not have shout on him..he dnt knw about me na..
Sanskar:i cant spare whomever hurts u..
Ragini:im fine..leave it..u calm down..
She hugs him to make him calm down..after a while sansksr brks d hug..
Sanskar:r u fine
Ragini(with smile):ha baba..mein teek hu..
Sanskar nodded nd kissed her forehead..
Ragini:smile plz
Sanskar smiles
Ragini:chale..tdat saturday he na..we have to go to them..they must be waiting..
Sanskar nodded smilingly..
Ragsan reached one of orphanage..to spent some time with kids..
Whenever they entered all kids surrounded them calling didi ,jiju..ragsan smiles nd gives gifts nd chocolates to them..some of them drags ragini to play with them..same as sanskar..they played for sometime..
Ragini sees sabskar who was enjoying with kids happily..ragini smiles as well as small tear escaped frm her eye…
Choti:didi..y r u crying
Ragini(wiped it):no choti..im not crying
Choti:no..u r crying..i will tell to jiju
Ragini(stops her):no..choti..im fine..dont tell to jiju..orelse devil will come frm him..
Ragini:ha.when he was angry..he becme devil nd shouts..
He immitates him like he was scolding someone angrily..
They smiles..
Sanskar(who jst cme):whats going on huh
Chotu:didi said u r devil
Ragini widened her eyes..sanskar looks at her angrily(fake).
Ragini moves to him..
Sanskar(with cute face):mein devil huu????
Ragini:ha..u r my sweet devil
She kissed him on cheek..sanskar smiles..both looks at eo lovingly..
Choti/chotu(with closing their eyrs):if u both completed ur romance..shall we open..
Ragsan who r lost in eo cme to sense ..nd smiles..
They spend some more time..
Sanskar:ragini chalo..its time to leave..
Ragini face fell..
Sanskar side hugged her to pacify..she smiles faintly..
They leaves after bidding bye to them..
Sanskar:r u happy
Ragini:bahut(she hugs him)
He too hugs her..
Whenever ragini opened cupboard,one file fell down frm it
.she takes it nd about to open ,sanskar who jst cme frm washroom ,rushed to her nd grabs d file before she could open..
Ragini looks at him puzzled
Sanskar(giving a wk smile):vo..this file..this file..i..im searching for it since long..finally i got it..its important..
Ragini( smiles):k..give i will keep in ur files
Sanskar:n..i will..
Ragini:k..i will make dinner
Sanskar nodded..ragini leaves..sanskar takes a deep breath..
Sanskar:kya baby
Ragini:vo..suji maa called nd asjs us to cme..
Ragini:they want to see their son nd dil..
Sanskar:but i dont want to go there
Ragini:but i too want see all..plz we will go
Sanskar:im telling no..na..leave it.. im hungry cme we will have dinner..
Ragini:u go nd have..i dont want to eat..
Sanskar:angry on me?
Ragini turns her face..
Sanskar smiles nd lifts hee in his arms nd takes her to dining na makes her sit on
Ragini sits folding her both hands across her chest with angry face..
Sanakar served food in plate nd takes morcl..
Ragini:i said i dont want
Sanskar:then i too dont want
Ragini(still angry face):u said hungry.. u eat..
Sanskar:no..i will have when u would have..
Ragini:fine stay with hungry.
Saying she sits sternly..sanskar sits staring at her..5min passed..
Ragini grabs d plate nd feeds sanskar while glaring at him ,he smiles nd he too feeds her…
After had dinner..
Ragini:no reply
Ragini:i wont talk to u
Sanskar(drags her on his chest):really
Ragini silent
Sanskar:really u r not talk to me.
Ragini silent
Sanskar:im asking again..really u dont want to talk with me..(he knw she cant stay without talking to him )
Ragini( hits him on his chest nd hugs him):i hate u
Sanskar:but i love u mrs ragini sanskar maheswari..
He kissed her hair nd says good night..


  1. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome akka….loved it alot….what happen to ragu….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka…

  2. UF


  3. Aliyahillary


    |Registered Member

    too good n lil emotional feeling really sad for ragsan..seems that sanskar’s love is increasing every second loved their moments….update soon….tc…ummah

  4. Rakhi


    |Registered Member

    Sooooooo cute. Seriously, I had a smile on my face while reading the chappy. Loved it dii. Take care. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

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