I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-1

Beautiful couple is shown who r sleeping peacefully in eo embrace..they r our sweet ,cute ,lovely adorable ragsan…sunrays disturbs ragini sleep..she opened her eyes nd smiled at her husband who looks so cute in sleep..she kissed his forehead,she about to getup ,sanskar who wakesup due to her movement,pulled her ,she landed on his chest..
Sanskar:good mrng baby
Ragini:good mrng my dear hubby..
Sanskar:where r u going without giving my mrng dose..
Ragini(widened her eyes):mrng dose..still u want..
Sanskar nodded innocently..
Ragini:u r not letting me sleep whole night..nd still(she glared at him)
Sanskar:what to do..its ur fault..u only tempting me..
Ragini:sanskar it had been 2years we got married..but u still behaving like we jst got married..
Sanskar(lifted his eyebrow):good idea
Sanskar:why cant we marry again..now we should start fresh romance..
Ragini:fine..but i dont want to marry you again..
Sanskar:u have no other choice baby..
Ragini:i dont want to..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:ok let me go
Sanskar(with innocent face,cutely):my mrng dose
Ragini smiles seeing his cute face..she hugs him nd pulls blanket over them..
Sanskar sits in dining..ragini came with breakfast nd served in one plate..they feeds eo…
Sanskar:ur face looking pale due to lack of sleep..take leave for ur work today nd take rest
Ragini:no need sanskar im fine
Ragini:fine..i will take halfday leave..
Sanskar (nodded,kissed her forehead lovingly):take care..im going to office..have ur lunch..love u..bye
Ragini:love u too
Sanskar leaves..
Ragini too got ready nd leaves..
She reached her office named sangini fashions..(she did fashion designing ,she own a company)..she sits in cabin nd lost in sanskar thoughts..it has been 2years ,sanskar love increases day by day..he loves her unconditionally..she was really blessed have a sanskar in her life..her thoughts disturbed by one of her employee..
Ragini:kya hua karthik bhai(employee, but she treated as brother)
Karthik:ragini meenu(his wife) is pregenent..i want to take leave today..
Ragini face fell hearing this..
Kar:u knw na these days r very special to us..i want to make mre special(it clearly visible how happy he was)
Ragini(controlling her sob):fine bhai u go..
Karthik thanked her nd leaves..as soon as..
Ragini burst into cry..she says y god y u did this to me..y u snatched my motherhood..(she cant be a mother)..i cant give this happiness to sanskar..what sin i did..y did u do this to me..she cries holding her Stomach..
Ragini was still crying thinking about he fate..she wiped her tears as she heard sanskar car horn..she washed her face nd plastered a smile…
As soom as sanskar sees ragini who opens d door asked concern..
Sanskar:ragini r u k
Ragini(smiles ):ha..what happened to me..im fine
Sanskar:y did u cried..
Ragini(bowed her head down):no..i didnt cry
Sanskar(lifts her head ,cups her face):look at me
Ragini nodded as no
Ragini could not able to control anymore..she hugs him tightly nd sobs..sanskar understands the reason for her cry..it pained him alot..but he was helpless..he controlled himself…
He (brks d hug nd wiped her tears):u knw i cant tolerate tears in ur eyes..but u r crying without bothering me..its hurting me dear. Plz stop na..
Ragini looks at his eyes those expressing concern ,care nd so much of love nd hurt in his eyes clearly visible.. She immediately wiped her tears..sanskar kissed her both eyes nd says we r enough for eo..she gives a weak smile…
Sanskar:if i see again ur tears..i will..i will(he was searching for words)i dont knw what i will do bcz i didnt think yet .
Ragini smiles a lil.
Sanskar:keep this smile Always..im living with this smile only orelse i wi..before completed his words ragini pecked his lips..nd nodded as no..
Sanskar(smiles):i will get fresh nd cme
Ragini nodded..
He comes to washroom nd stood under shower with closing eyes. .ragini crying face flashed.tears rolling down frm his cheeks..always her tears piercing his heart..
He hates the god for giving this much pain to his ragini…
Sanskar feeds dinner to ragini..he too ate himself..he takes her into their room by lifting in her his arms nd makes her lie on his chest.he caressing her hair..
Sanskar:ha tell ragini
Ragini:can u sing lori for me..
Sanskar smiles..he kissed her hair nd sings lori(im sry im not geeting any sng ,imagine sng as ur wish),while patting her back lightly..ragini hugs him tightly nd closed her eyes..they recalling their moments nd dozzed of..

Season1 link:
season 1
Surprised!!!!!hope it was not a bad..tell ur views…i will tell about their family in further episodes…
Shall i continue or not..

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  1. IQRA222

    hey lahari di this is iqra
    and di i am a great great raglak fan
    di i know you are a great ragsan fans
    di pls dont use raglak pics and edit them into ragsan it really hurts
    hope you understand what i feel and meant to say
    i dont want a fight between ragini fans
    just pls dont use the raglak moments for your cover pic
    pls its a requuest

    1. Lahari

      Hii dear..actually it is a swa____san pic too..its k i wont repeat it again as i respect raglak..sry

      1. IME

        Then also respect SwaSan
        Its ok if you dont like but Please
        It immensely hurts!!
        You can make a collage or something like that
        but dont edit SwaSan pics
        I request you pls dont!!

      2. IQRA222

        lahari di thanks a lot for considering my request
        that is too nice of you!!<3 <3

  2. Asw

    Amazing continue keep going ?

  3. Sreevijayan

    OMG..so excited for season 2..loved it bt feelng bad for them….

  4. Sindhura

    Treatment can help ragu na poor baby..


  5. Lovely7

    Happy for second season?
    One of my favorite ff

    Feeling bad for ragsan

  6. Aliyahillary

    wow lahari didn’t exected this thank you so much and you should surely continue….’ve seen many stories after a happy ending in season 1 they start the sory of their chilren in season 2 and at a stage it becomes boring glad that u didn’t choose that one and it seems interesting…….

  7. AMkideewani

    Superb continue dear I love it???

  8. Awesome plsss continue

  9. Its awesone its one of my favourite ff tnk u for season 2

  10. Neptune

    hey lahari i want to request you one thing please please please don’t edit swasan pics…it hurts us so much.
    they are not just pics for us they are very close to our heart. please yaar it breaks our heart seeing them edited.

    you don’t like them it’s okay but atleast don’t edit them.
    please dear it’s a humble request…..

    1. Hey Neptune……. Why r u wasting ur time. They will never understand our feeling. Everytime they edited swasan pic & we requested them. Bt whats the result? They always edited swasan pic. They never feel sorry for that. At first i used to feel hurt. But now i feel pitty for them. Dont be hurt sweety. We have our sweet memory,our original memory. Bt what they have? CHORi ki khushia.

      1. Hey dear plzz we ragsanites also respect other couples and about this editing
        I would say only one thing that dear it is just a ff plzz dear this place is for writing only
        I humbly request you to plzzz don’t drag the pic editing matter as in reality there are so less ragsan pics that we have have to edit other pics but plzzz dearie don’t take this to ur heart even we respect not only swasan but raglak also
        sorry if it still hurts u

      2. Dear plzz look these couples were created by CV’s and the show was also ended by CV’s only , so neither are the couples permanent nor is their chemistry
        So editing pics hurt , I agree but this is not chori ki khushiya
        Our love for neither helly nor teju is less we love them from the core of our heart
        We respect them also but it is said na the best songs are autotuned
        You did not disagree to vidya vox’s or shirley setia’s autotunes but u think swasan’s pic edition was wrong???????????
        Why so???????
        plzz I don’t want to argue just tell u that we shud not bother much about these fictional couples whom we have never met also

      3. A12345

        Ha chori ki khusiyon mein khush hai tho… ?tho yahan comment karke kya faaida??

    2. A12345

      I would hv not opposed u… Bt sometimes it hpns… Many does the edits.. U hv many ff and you hv your original memory so u should not poke your nose here..

      1. Lahari

        Thank u naymaz nd aliya for supporting..ignore them

      2. Neptune

        see i am talking in a very polite language so i expect you to do the same. if not then please first learn how to respect others.
        i have just requested her nothing else… have i bashed her?? have i used harsh language no naa then why are u using.

        and you can use raglak pics too why do you just use swasan pics….
        i have not told anything else

    3. Neptune

      and naymaz sorry but you are wrong dear you are using a wrong example here. just put yourself in our place and see.
      teja had done many shows and even varun so you can edit any pics then ewhy do u always edit swasan pics….
      they are just fictional but are really close to our heart and you know that too….
      everything is unique and every memory too so please don’t spoil it. it’s just a request from us…

      1. ok dear I understand it and from next time we will take care
        but plzzz don’t misunderstand us we are not against swasan or anything lyk that
        Hope u understand dearie
        u know na i luv u a lot as u r my sissy’s fav writer 🙂

  11. Awesome

  12. Shrilatha

    Akka love u for this thank u so much for this and yes I loved it….it feels so good…

  13. Asra

    awesome akka…loved it…

  14. awesome loved it.update soon

  15. Amul


  16. Akankshanna

    Awesome…. Is it relates to season 1as u gave link… As usually asked

    1. Lahari

      Ha dear..it is a continuousion o season 1

  17. Awesome dear
    I loved it

  18. A12345

    Glad that u r back.. Hehe… M really happy….
    And abt the part its really awesome… Loved it yay….??

  19. Wow u started this story now only am came from school

    1. Lahari

      Yes dear i started


    Dear lahari
    I really like your all works.becoz I love RagSan.jab RagSan swaragini ka lead couple nahi ban paaya thab main wo show stop kiya.aur main is ff ka season 1 bhi bahuth baar pad chuki hu.i really love it???

    All the best take care??

  21. Raguzz01

    Superb…… Continue…..

  22. Happy to see this ff back, amazing update dear. Feeling bad for Ragsan

  23. Wow amazing

  24. Rakhi

    Bad? It’s awesome dii??? Superb. Loved it a lot. Sorry for commenting late. I just now saw the link. Thank you for the season 2. Love you dii

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