I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(episode-22)

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Sanskar wakes up with beautiful smile on his face…he comes out of d room nd peeps into uttara’s room for ragini but ragini was nowhere in room he comes to hall nd hw wondeered no one is there nd he went to kitchen nd finds ragini alone she was mixing dough for paratha..sanskar moves to her nd hugs her frm back nd says good morning..ragini turns at him Thank u so much for ur lovely comments friends…….

Sanskar wakes up with beautiful smile on his face…he comes out of d room nd peeps into uttara’s room for ragini but ragini was nowhere in room he comes to hall nd hw wondeered no one is there nd he went to kitchen nd finds ragini alone she was mixing dough for paratha..sanskar moves to her nd hugs her frm back nd says good morning..ragini turns at him nd she too wished him…sanskar asks where is maa ,badimaa nd all…ragini says they went to temple…sanskar says oh that means we got some time to romance saying he holds her waist nd moves close to her ,ragini stops him by placed her hand on his chest nd says swara was here only..sanskar looks around nd asks where..she went to talk maa ,papa…u should leave ,she will come anytime..k give me a kiss then only i will leave…ragini smiles nd kissed his cheek ,sanskar smiled ,he pecks her lips nd goes..while ragini blushing..
Sanskar comes to hall md sees laksh was there..laksh looks at sanskar nd asks bhai y did u came frm kitchen…sanskar says vo..vo i jst went to ask coffee..laksh nodded…
Swara came to kitchen after talking…after a while swarag came to hall with coffee nd gave to sanlak…laksh sips nd says laado today coffee was very tasty that means u didnt made it na…ragini glares at laksh
while sanskar chuckles ,then ragini glares sanskar nd she moves towards sanlak nd snatches 2cups of coffee…laksh asks are laado what r u doing…swara said she only
made it…laksh said but she dnt know na how to make….ragini said i learned it 30min back only frm swara nd i made it for u both but u make fun of my coffee….laksh moves
towards ragini nd said areh laado u learned it with in 30min,u made very tasty yar u r great nd he tries to take his cup but ragini
doesnt give..laksh said k sorry my dear laado nd he holds his ears…ragini smiles nd gave coffee to laksh….swara smiles seeing raglak…sanskar asks where is my
coffee…ragini goes to room without answering him…sanskar looks at laksh nd says u made her angry but i was punished…laksh smiles…sanskar went to ragini who was sitting on bed…sanskar asks what i did laksh is d one who said like that….ragini says u too laughed at that time ,really am i that much bad in cooking..sanskar says areh laksh was jst
kidding,u know na i will take even poison also with ur hands…ragini stops him by placing hervhand on his lips nd hugs him nd said i love u..sanskar too hugs her.. after a
while they brk d hug ,sanskar goes to get ready for office while ragini went to kitchen…

Ap ,suji nd all came frm temple nd all sitting for breakfast..swarag served them….sujatha sees d all items nd says to laksh ,laksh ur wife made all ur fav items..swara ws shocked as she dont knw about that jst she normally made it..laksh smiled at swara who was nervously smiles…they had bf nd sanska leaves for office with dp ,rp…

Sanskar came frm office nd see all r in hall ,but ragini was nowhere…sanskar in mind ragini was not here means she must be in our r uttara room ,he feels happy as he gets some privacy to spend with ragini…he goes to his room nd doesnt find ragini…he checkes uttara rm nd swalak rm but no where…he comes to hall nd goes to ap about to ask ap goes while saying i have work in kitchen…he goes to suji but suji also goes while saying ur papa was calling..he goes to laksh ,laksh also excused himself while saying i got a call..sanskar was irritated as no one tells about ragini…finally sanskar stands in middle of hall nd shouts loudly plz anyone can tell where is ragini…all r laughed by seeing his
frustration…laksh moves towards sanskar while laughing ,he says bhai cooldown ragini went badi…sanskar says badi??but y…ap says shekhar came nd took swarag to their home ,they stay there till marriage…sanskar asks what???till marriage…ap says dnt worry they will come tomorrow for ragini mehandi…sanskar goes to his room nd called ragini but she was not answering his call..he gets fresh nd takes his car key nd drags laksh with him…while ap asked where r both going…sanskar replied we will be back in 30min…
In car laksh asks bhai where r we going…sanskar says badi..sanlak reached badi…sanskar knocked d door swara opens d door nd sees sanlak nd asks u both r here this time(rememer it was night)…sanskar said vo..laksh wants to see u thats y we came ,laksh looked at sanskar shockingly…swara imvited them inside …laksh asks about sheksumi..swara said they went to out of town for some work…sanskar eyes searchinig for someone..swara noticed this nd says ragini was in her room i will call her…sanskar says i will go…swara smiles sanskar went to ragini’s room…swalak wr alone..laksh said bhai lied he only take me here …swara said i knew it..nd they become kept silent…
Sanskar comes to ragini room nd sees ragini who was jst comes out frm d washriom wearing bathrobe…ragini was shocked to see sanskar there nd asks what r u doing here…sanskar closed d door …nd moves towards ragini who was stepping back..he pins her to wall nd asks y u didnt imformed me that u r going to badi..ragini said i called u but ur mbl was not reachable…sanskar asks what is d need to came here…ragini says papa took me what can i do…sanskar asks how can i stay these 5days without u…ragini smiles nd hugs sanskar nd said only these 5days after that i will never ever leave u…he too hugs her back…ragini brks d hug nd says now go i should change dress…sanskar said u r looking beautiful in this saying he moves close to her neck nd kissed…ragini said sa..n..skar pl..z go let.. me change..sanskar says i will hepl u saying he holds her waist tightly nd abou to untie her bathrobe knot..ragini stops him nd pushed him..sanskar asks y did she pushed him…ragini says i will change myself u go…sanskar says no i wont go…ragini says k u stay here saying she takes her clothes nd went to washroom…sanskar shouts this us not fair…ragini smiles…after changing she comes out nd sees sanskar was sitting with pout..ragini goes to him nd pecks his lips while saying sorry..sanskar smiles nd they both went to swalak…they had dinner there nd sanlak leaves to mm..

@ragini room
Ragini was lay down on bed nd remebers ragsan miments..then she gets a call frm sanskar..Sanskar:reached
Ragini:k gud night
Sanskarr:im not getting sleep
Ragini:but im sleepy
Sanskar:k give me my gd night kiss then
Ragini:i gave it na
Sanskar:i want one more
Ragini:she kissed him(in mbl)
Sanskar :i want one more
Ragini gave another kiss
Sanskar:one more
Ragini: sanskar!
Sanskar:u gave two kisses those r fod my cheeks..give for my lips
Ragini(smiless) nd gave another kiss..
Sanskar:for my neck
Ragini gave another kiss
Then sanskar gave a kiss nd says it is ur beautifully belly…ragini blushes..after some romantic talk they dozzed off…

Guys i want to tell u something,i was using coverpics those r not my edits…actually i take it frm TEVAR(RAGSAN) FAN PAGE..im very thankful to them by givinng such beautiful ragsan edits…


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  1. Sreevijayan

    Awwwww..very sweet update dear……

  2. Ragsan scenes are super….waiting for next part soon…

  3. Ragsan scenes are super….waiting for next part soon…super..

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    Super super super amazng…..ragsan moments r wonderfulllll…..m reallly in love wid dis sanskaaar 😛 …ragsan rocksss…waitng impatiently for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed sweetheart 😉 happpy vala diwali?????????☺☺☺

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    so sweet

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    Awww soo sweet hope swalak will also blossom

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    todays episode was diwali bonazza i loves it a lot ragsan scenes were awesome and happy diwali to u too enjoy a lot

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    awesome….ragsan is so cute…

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    awesome superbbb dear…loved it core….ragsan scenes r so cute and sweet….waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…

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    Finally they are together. Lovely

  15. happy diwali and best scene amazing ragsan bonding next part soon

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    awesome loved it to the core

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
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    Ragsan were Amazing cute and adorable
    Please end the awkwardness between Swalak
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