I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-9)


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Episode 8

its 12:15,sanskar woke up for water..he drank water nd he looks at bed nd sees ragini was not there,he checks washroom,he searches whole house but he doesn’t find her…he was tensed nd thinks where is ragini,is she left me,no no she cant..his thoughts disturbed by some giggling sound..he looks at main door nd sees raglak r coming frm outside…..sanskar moves towards them nd hugs ragini,ragini was shocked,laksh smiles nd coughs..
sanskar (brk d hug): where wr u both went..
laksh : we went for have ice-cream
sanskar: ice-cream,!! this time.r u mad lucky
laksh :ur wife only asked me bhai
ragini :i want to eat ice-cream,so i only asked to laksh
sanskar :k but u should have informd me that before u leave
ragini :i didnt thought that u woke up
laksh :u both should argue here, im sleepy,im going to my rm,gud nyt…
laksh left,ragsan too went their room….
sanskar: dnt do it again,if u want eat anything,u should tl me first,i will come with u
ragini :but i dnt wanna come with u
sanskar:k atleast u should inform
ragini :if not
sanskar :if not,u have to bear d consequences (he gives a naughty smile to her)
ragini understands nd says k i will tell….sanskar smiles,they dozzed off…

ap calls all family mem to hall..nd tells some puja is there in house for family health nd happiness,nd ask them all to get ready…..all r nodded…ragini got ready nd went down,ap asks abt sanskar,ragini says he was getting ready….ap nodded, it has been 30min,sanskar doesn’t come yet ,laksh went to call sanskar,nd sees he was working in laptop..laksh says bhai what r u doing,all r waiting for u,lets go down,sanskar lucky u go,i have no interest,laksh drags sanskar ,without listening him…they goes down,ap asks ragsan to sit for puja,it will be good for newly wedded couple,ragini nodded,but sanskar says i wontsit,nd i dont believe this… saying he left to rm..ap,sujatha feels bad,laksh consoles them,while ragini goes to rm followed by sanskar…ragini asks sanskar now u r happy ..sanskar looks at her ..
ragini:what do u think of urself ha,y dont u understand other’s feelings,u r always make them cry,y cant u see their pain…what du have problem to sit for puja…they they’re doing all these not for them,its all for us,for our happiness only..i know it is d waste of time to tell about all these,u cant understand..saying this she leaves….sanskar thinks about raini words…ragini went down..pandit starts puja,ragini sits,pandit asks where is ur pati,jst then sanskar came nd sits beside ragini..all felt happy while ragini looks at him with disbelief ,sanskar says dnt look at me like this,ragini turns her face…after sometime puja gotcompleted,ragini gives prasad to all…..she came to sanskar ,sanskar says i dont want,ragini takes one laddu,nd put it in his mouth forcibly,she was about ti go,sanskar holds her hand nd asks i want o one more,ragini says u said u dnt want,sanskar says now i want,ragini handed it to sanskar,sanskar takes it nd feeds half laddu to ragini,he eats remaining…ragini jst stares at him,..

Epi ends..

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  1. Ragsan scenes are cute

  2. Sindhura

    The way he married her nay be wrong
    But he loves her a lot
    Awe so cute

  3. Hahaha Sanky is unbelievable…… But love him…..sooo cute Ragsan…..awesome episode…..
    Keep rocking dear……

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  5. So cute..

  6. Silent_writer

    Suprb lovot

  7. Sreevijayan

    Awwww..i want ragsan to fall in love soon

  8. awweee how romantic

  9. Awesome!!!!
    Can’t wait to see when the family finds about what Sanskar did.

  10. Nice epi…ragsan scenes are so cute….

  11. Super episode.. Sanskaar is so caring person…ragsan scenes are awesome.. Waiting for next update…

  12. Rafeee

    superb really cute

  13. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Ragsan were so cute and adorable
    Y he is hating his family
    Waiting for the next one………………

  14. Nice…..

  15. Akshata

    awesome, loved ragsan

  16. Loved it to d core

  17. Ragz_teju


  18. Malika

    Superb. Yes I really want ragsan to fall in love soon. Wow sanskar love ragini. Really love their scene just omg. Update soon. Can’t wait for next ep

  19. Hemalattha


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