I LOVE U Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-41) (Last episode)

Thank u so much whom ever commented on my ff..nd silent readers too..im sry if anyone dissappointed about ending..i dnt want to drag it more…

Nikki:im really sorry..u wishes me to write till 100 epi..but i unable to fulfil it…sry

All Parts here

Sanskar(kissed ragini forehead):bye
Ragini:sanskar this is d 10th time u r saying…go na
Sanskar(pout):i dont want to go office today
Ragini:but u said u have important meeting na
Ragini:then go
Sanskar:im not enough last night
Ragini(glares at him):sanskar
Sanskar:k let me kiss last time
Ragini:last time!
Sanskar:till evening…
Ragini:no…u go…she pushed him..
But sanskar drags her md pins her to d wall…nd start kissing her neck sensuously….
Laksh(outside of ragsan room):bhai..come..we should go for meeting
Sanskar:ha coming laksh

Saying he again start kissing…ragini said sanskar go..laksh was waiting…sanskar bites her neck…..he arranged his hair nd dress properly nd pecks ragini lips nd goes….
Laksh:what bhai…y r u taking tbis much time to come
Sanskar:bcz of ur laado
Laksh:what she did
Sanskar:she stops me…nd asks to not go office today..
Ragini(who was their back):achha
Sanskar(turned nd shocked):ragini
Ragini:ha..i stopped u
Ragini:no laksh i didnt..actually he only(she stops remembering their romance)
Sanskarinnocently):what i did
Ragini:kuch nay
Saying she goes to kitchen…before she enter kitchen sanskar came nd kissed her cheek nd said sry…ragini smiles…sanskar left for office with laksh…
After some time…ragini was in car going to nikhil home to ask that y he lied about sanskar….

@nikhil home
Nikhil opens d door hering knock…
Nikhil(surprised):ragini come inside
Ragini(came inside):y did u lied about sanskar nikhil
Nikhil:no i didnt lied anything…what i told u was truth
Ragini:shut up nikhil…i knw everything..i got my memory
Ragini:ha..now tell me y u want to separate me nd sanskar
Nikhil:bcz i love u
Ragini(stunned):what r u mad..
Nikhil:ha i mad about u…i loves u frm 6years…i think u forget about me..i proposed u when u r in +1 then im ur senoir..after u went abroad..im madly waiting for u…but u came nd married to that blo*dy sanskar..i want to separate u both thats y i did this..do u knw ..i planned to kill sanskar i made accident with his car..but u also be in that car…sanskar got saved nd u had memory loss…
Ragini(holds his coaller):how dare u to kill my sanskar…how dare u
Nikhil:relax darling
Ragini:jst shut up..i wont leave u…
Nikhil:i only want this…plz dnt leave me..i love u
Ragini looks at him disgustingly…nd jerks him about to go…nikhil holds her hand nd says no darling ..u wont go like this..how can i miss this chance…ragini asks what he meant…nikhil smiles evilly…nd said u told thst u want to marry me na..now i fulfill by marrying u..ragini says r u out of mind…i already married…dnt behave like a mad…nikhil says i already told thst im mad about u…i cant loose u…u dnt wry i will kill sanakar before our marriage…
Ragini slaps him nd says dont dare to do anything to sanskar… Nikhil drags ragini to room nd locked…ragini was crying…

Swara called sanskar who was in office…
Swara(tensed):hello sanskar
Sanskar:kya hua swara
Sanskar:ragini…what happend to her
Swara:idnt knw where she went….she told me she has some work she will be back in 30min…but it hasbenn 4hours..i called maa also ..maa said ragini doesnt come badi also…i tried to call her but she doesnt lift my calls…
Sanskar:k swara i will search her..he cutted d call…he told laksh nd leaves..

@nikhil place
Nikhil gave bridal dress to ragini nd asks her to change.. Ragini says no…nikhil shouts at her change…saying he leaves nd he noticed ragini mbl on floor he takes it nd sees missed calls by swara nd sanskar..he dialed sanskar no…
Sanskar:hello ragini…where wr u…u knw how much i was worried..
Nikhil:bas bas sanskar
Sanskar:who r u…where is ragini
Nikhil:u didnt identified my voice..
Sanskar(shouts):who d hell r u…
Sanskar:where is ragini…i will kill u if anything happend to her
Nikhil:she was getting ready for our marriage..dnt wry…i will not harm her as she is my love
Sanskar:shutup u bastard
Nikhil:dnt shout…u r d guest of our marriage come fast…

Saying he cuts d call..nd says come sanskar i will definitely kill u…he comes to ragini nd sees her she was not changed yet…nikhil says no pblm..i will marry u like this saying he drags to small mandap which he arranged few min before..pandit also there..pandit sees her nd says she already married she had mamgalsutra nd sindhur…nikhil says dnt wry pandit ji…i will remove it saying he holds her mangalsutra…ragini gets damm angry she pushed him with her full strength..nikhil fell on floor…ragini runs ..but she stopped by nikhil mens who r at outside his house…they drags ragini inside…nikhil says not that easy darling…nd he holds ragini again..nd about to touch her mangalsutra..out hero came while shouting nikhil name…nikhil mens stops him…but nikhil asks them to leave him inside..ragini sees sanskar nd calls him …sanskar sees ragini who was in tears…he gets angry nd nered nikhil nd asks him to leave ragini…nikhil says oh u came sanskar..im waiting for u…i told to ragini i kill u before my marriage…sanskar punched him nd holds his coaller…nikihil goons drags sanskar….nikhil takes gun which was in pocket pointed him…ragini was shocked nd pleaded nikhil dont do anything to sanskar….but nikhil shoot him but insted of sanskar ,bullets hits ragini who was came to save sanskar…sanskar shocked nd shouts ragini..nikhil also shocked…sanskar escapes frm goons hold nd neared ragini…ragini breathing heavily…sanskar eyes filled with tears…jst then laksh came with police..police arrest nikhil nd his mens….

Ragini was on stretcher..holding sanskar hand…sanskar holds her hand tightly nd says nothing happened to u im here na..ragini smiles weakly…she was taken to room but she was not leaving sanskar hand…doc asks her to leave but she doesnt…doc removes his hand frm her grip…sanskar comes out frm ward….already all family mem r there…he hugs sujatha nd sobs…y maa y god always gave pain to ragini…how much will she suffer me..to saving me she got d bullet..i dnt want to loose her again maa…if anything happend to her i will die maa..i will die…he was sobbing…sujatha caressed his hair nd wipes her tears nd says nothing will happend her ur love is with her na nothing happend….

After 10days….
Swara:maa u made all her food na..
Ap:ha i made it…
Sujatha:i also made her fav kheer
Ap:did u cleaned their room
Swara:ha maa i cleaned
Laksh:maa bhai called..they r coming..
[ragsan wr coming frm hospital..after ragini recovery]
Ap smiles nd asks to sujatha bring aarti taali…
Ragsan came nd sees ap suji swara r waiting for them holding aarti…
Ap gave aarti to them….they gets inside nd sits in hall…all r happy …ap calls them for dinner…ragini sits…swara feeds her kneer…ap feeds another item..then sujatha…then laksh…nd they r fighting to feed her.. Ragini was very happy seeing her family love towards her…nd how they cared for her when she was in hospital…a happy tear escaped frm her eye…
Ap(noticed her tear):what happend ragini..y r u crying..
Ragini:im very lucky to have this lovely family..
Ap suji dp rp:we r very lucky to have u as my bahu..
Swara:no no im very lucky to have best sister..
Laksh:im very lucky to have laado as my bestie..he side hugs ragini..
Swara pushed him nd she hugs ragini…sanskar jst seeing all this smilingly…..after having dinner sanskar went to his room while ragini was talikg with swara in hall….

After sometime ragini went to room nd finds it was dark…she calls sanskar but doesnt get response…she switched on light nd surprised to see room which is decorated with rosepetals…some of rose petals flowing on her then she noticed sanskar
Who was on his knees…ragini looks at him surprisingly…
Sanskar:shhhh..he holds her hand nd says when i saw u first time i fallen for u…i still fall in love with u…u r the source of my joy,the center of my world nd the whole of my heart…u r the last thought in my mind before i drift off to sleep and the first thought when i wake up each morning…if i know what love is ,it is becoz of u…u r my world…i cant love without u even for 1sec…i love u…i love u mrs ragini sanskar maheswari…will u be forever with me…..ragini who was teary eyed makes sanskar stand nd gave bone crushing hug..nd says i love u too..i love u so much….sanakar too hugs her tightly….after a while they brk d hug…sanskar wipes her tears nd kissed her forehead….ragini too kissed his forehead nd says thanks for coming into my life..thanks for filling wonderfull memories in my life..i promice i will never ever leave u….they hugs they wr happy in eo embrace…..


how is d last episode guys…actually i thought giva a tragic end…but last min i changed as happy ending….i will come back with hamko tum se ho gaya pyar ff….love u allπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜


  1. Vk

    Awesome episode…..Will u plz write season 2 for this ff…Becoz I will miss this ff alot…This is one of my favourite ff so plzzzzzzz try to write second season

  2. nikky

    plzzzz waiting for him ko tumse ho gaya hai par don’t ditch us be regular hope we get intro tomorrow then apologies granted OK but love u


    Hiiiii I’m RITWIKA…… I was a silent reader……but i just love ur ff…..I’m sad that it ended bt its OK ……because the ending is very sweet……
    Plz come back soon….waiting for new ff ……

  4. Akhi vkapoor

    If possible make a epilogue too dear making ragini and swara pregnant 😜and sanlak suffering bcz of their moodwings ahh plzz of possible make this

  5. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Fabulous Mind Blowing
    Loved it to the core
    Will miss this ff alot
    Thanks for such a ff Dear
    It was really an Amazing ff
    Come back with another ff Dear

  6. Hemalattha


    |Registered Member

    amazing ending dear.really going to miss your ff.waiting for another ff from you.will you give us ff like this one.stay blessed.go ahead with another ff.all the best.

  7. piya

    I am also a silent reader but I read your all ff love vs trust,your this one and also remaining two I am your soooo bigggg fan I just love your writinggggggg end is sooooo superbbbbb dear take care love you loads

  8. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous dear….happy ending…loved it alot….thz s one of my favourite ff dear..I didn’t expect u end it soon…plz come back with season 2….waiting for ur season 2….takecare dear….

  9. Richa19


    |Registered Member

    What an epic journey it was… I was in love with ur ff.. But yeah of course somewhere I’m sad that it is ending but everything happens for good so expecting some more goodie goodie ffs from u…. N thank u so much for this ff!!! Love you dear… Take care!!! 😘😘😘😘

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