I LOVE U Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-40)


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Laksh who was passing infornt of study room sees sanskar who was sleeping on sofa….
Laksh(comes to sanskar nd wakes him):bhai..bhai
Sanskar(wakes up):ha kya lucky
Laksh:y did u sleep here…
Sanskar(remembered last night):kuch nay
Laksh:bolo na bhai…did u fight with ragini
Sanskar:ragini was behaving strange…
Laksh(remembers swara told him she gets her memory back):i knw y she was behaving like this
Laksh(then remembers swara said that not told to sanskar):nothing i dnt knw…how should i knw(he said stammering)
Sanskar:u r hiding something…tell me laksh
Laksh:if i would told ragini will beat me
Sanskar:i dnt tell her…plz batao
Laksh:ragini got her memory back
Sanskar(happy):what really
Sanskar(he hugs laksh):im very happy laksh…but she didnt told me..
Laksh:she wants to tease u.
Sanskar:mrs sanskar maheswari u start this game i will end it…he smirks nd said to laksh dont tell to ragini that i knw this…
Laksh nodded…sanskar went to his room…ragini was wearing saree…sanskar goes to washroom by ignoring her which is shocked by ragini…sanskar comes out frm washroom he wears shirt then only he noticed one of his shirt button breaked…he takes needle,nd thread nd trying to sew but stopped by ragini who was seen standing there…ragini says i will sew…sanskar said no i will manage.. Ragini pulls d needle nd thread nd sewing d button..sanskar moves close to her nd slighly runs his finger on her bare waist…ragini closed her eyes..he moves even more close …ragini felt his hot breath on her face….sanskar smiles nd says in mind what u thought my queeen u only make me losose control..ha ha i too knw how to loose ur control….he snapped his fingers on her face which got her sense…sanskar asks y did she stopped sewing.. Ragini sees around nd thinks is it a dream…she smiles nd continue sewing…
sanskar( shouts): “ahhh”…
ragini : kya hua…
sanskar: dnt u knw u poked me with needle(while rubbing his chest)
Ragini(worried):sry sry
Sanskar:what sry…i knw that u hates me but i didnt think u can hurt me like this..
Ragini:no its not like that
Sanskar:no need to explain…saying he leaves angrily(fake)
Ragini(gets hurt):what happend to him..first time i saw that he was rude to me…how could he…
Sanskar left for office…ragini was thinking he didnt wished me gd mrng nd he got angry on me first time nd without informing me he left…y he was avoiding me….
Sanskar came nd getting ready….ragini was angry as he doesnt bothered about her…sanskar mbl rings he lifts d call nd talking.. ha darling im coming i will be in 15min bye baby…saying he leaves…ragini who heard this was shocked…ragini says who d hell is this darling..where r he going…
Ragini comes downstairs nd sees sanskar already left….ragini takes another car nd reached d place where sanskar is there by tracing his mbl….ragini gets down d car nd she walks few distance it was isolated place which is fully decorated….ragini was shocked she thought sanskar did for this that girl…
Sanskar(looks her):ragini tum here
Ragini(full rage):ha mein…whom u expected
Sanskar:what r doing here…go home
Ragini:no …where she was
Ragini:for whom u decorated all this..that girl
Sanskar:she already came
Sanskar:y…what u will do with her
Ragini:i will sqeeze her neck nd i will break her teeth…nd i will kill her..
Sanskar:y what she did..
Ragini:how dare she to come date with my husband…
Sanskar:but y its matter to u…u hates me na…she loves me alot thats y i commited with her
Ragini:what?u commited…she starts beating him with her hands while saying how could u do this…
Sanskar(stops her):y r u feeling this much…u must be happy na..i played with ur sister fellings..i ruined ur sister life..nd i want to ruin ur life..
Ragini:stop it…i told u all there bcz my memory loss .but now i got my memory..i remembered everything.
Sanskar:so u got ur memory back…
Ragini realized what she said..she bites her tounge
Sanskar:u got ur memory back but u didnt told me that…
Sanakar:k..but i cant reject her..i commited na…if i rejected she will feel bad..
Ragini(angrily):k go with her
Saying she sits on bench…sanskar smiles nd sits besides her nd noticed she was crying….sanskar feels bad see her crying…sanskar placed his hand on her shoulder…she jerks…sanskar drags her in his embrace nd hugs her tightly….ragini too reciprocated nd she was crying like kid…sanskar brks d hug…nd wipes her tears….
Sanskar:ragini stop crying..i jst joking.i jst ayed prank.dont u knw how much i loves u…i dis it for u only…
Sanskar nodded by bowed his head…
Ragini again beats him..
Sanskar:sorry dear
Ragini:what sry ha..i hate u..go to hell
Sanskar:its bcz of u
Ragini:bcz of me
Sanskar:ha…u want to tease me na by not saying about ur memory..so y i not…u only started…so i want to end it..now our scores wr equal..now no more angry..no more crying..only romance saying he drags her on him..ragini pushed him…sanskar asks kya hua…ragini said im feeling hungry…sanskar smiles nd takes her to table which was already arranged by sanskar…sanskar pulls chair for ragini nd asks her to sit..ragini nodded as no nd asks him to sit first…sanska sits…ragini sits in his lap…sanskar smiles..they had dinner while feeding eo…..

They reached mm…ragini about to gets down frm car..sanskar stops her nd lifts her in his arms nd carries her to their room while ragini staring at him lovingly…sanskar makes her stand nd looks at her intensily..ragini feels shy nd about to go..sanskar holds her hand nd pulls her…her back touched his front…he slowly removed her hair frm her neck nd kissed there…ragini gasped…he removes her pallu pin nd unwrapped her saree…he lifts her nd placed on bed…he starts kissing her feet to untill her neck….then he leand to her lips md bites her lower lip…ragini moans…sanskar says u knw how much i suffer these two months without…u make me cry these days…now u have to bear whstever i will do…ragini smiles…sanskar placed his lips on her lips nd starts kissing ragini too responds….they r kissing passionately while sanskar sqeezing her waist nd ragini passed her hand in his hair….after a while they brk d kiss..sanskar kissed her forehead nd said i love u..ragini kissed his chest nd said i love u too…sanskar asks her can i…ragini nodded positively…sanskar comes over her after removing their cloths…finally they make their love after long time feeling eachother….

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